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Risk Taker: Serial Cheater Trait?

What do a risk taker, a public person with power and status and infidelity have in common?

Do successful people love to cheat?

Is there really a Cheating DNA Gene?

There’s actually a study that suggests powerful people cheat more than everyone else?

So what really is it about Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwartzenegger, ex-New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Jesse James, Ashton Kutcher and an endless list of other high power famous people that led them into an affair? The age old question, “How does someone that seems to have it all decide to enter into a marital affair? Risk taker is one of the 9 serial cheater profile traits from my main post.

Cheater Profile: Your narcissistic husband lacks empathy towards your feelings. How big of a red flag is this?

Do you gamble? I certainly do not, it’s not for me. I mean I enjoy a good thrill from time to time and I can be spontaneous. Nothing too crazy, but I’ve booked a cross-country get-away trip last second, I’m comfortable approaching a pretty girl in a store , but the thought of losing money in a second, no thanks, not for me.

So why would a celebrity or politician who is highly visible risk losing their relationship and killing their reputation? They seem to have no fear of getting caught, but they always tend to repeat the familiar line: “I am sorry for those I disappointed. I acted out of character and made a big mistake. I realize I have to earn everyone’s trust back.”

The Risk Taker Cheater Mindset

So what does this all have to do with you? Most likely if you are reading this I am going to guess that you are not married to a celebrity. You might, however, be married or dating a man with money or in a high-level position. Or perhaps you suspect your wife is cheating with a successful businessman.

And how beneficial would you find it to know the red flags of a risk taker- a sensation seeker? Some studies suggest a manager at a higher level management position is more to have an office affair than a regular employee.

More evidence surfaces every day which leads to the belief that personality is the key ingredient which leads cheating. A risk taker is just one of those traits on the cheater profile to help identify serial cheating men and women.

However, every cheater is different and some cheaters truly just act out of character. You could avoid many headaches and save time if you knew who to avoid or dump from learning the cheater profile traits.

Let’s look deeper at the risk taker trait.

risk taker flirting boss

A risk taker crosses boundaries in workplace.

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Power, Success and Infidelity: Connection Between a Risk Taker and Infidelity

My intuition about high achievers who enjoy the hunt for women outside their marriage led me to do some checking around the internet.  I personally find it hard to trust people with power.

Maybe it’s because of some of my experiences (at least what I’ve heard through close friends) about married people in positions of power. They seem to enjoy flirting more than most. Just watch the news.  There seems to be a connection between power, risk taking and infidelity.

He’s addicted to sex. Does your husband have a compulsive sexuality disorder?

Study Links Powerful People to Infidelity

With a little digging I uncovered a document posted on the internet regarding a psychological risk taker study using a survey of 1561 professionals that determined people in powerful positions within companies and other organizations are more likely to engage in infidelity.  They also have an increased intention to engage in extramarital affairs than those not in these roles.

The study found results lending to the idea that in order to hold a position of power you got to have a high level of confidence. This high self-esteem inflates your own self-worth and boosts the courage necessary to approach someone outside the marriage.

Shocker: High Power Women and Infidelity

Another study (Joris Lammers, Monique Pollmann, Janka I. Stoker, Jennifer Jordan and Diederik A. Stapel 4/11) proposes that both women in high power positions are just as likely to engage in extramarital activities as men. The more independence and confidence in oneself the less desire to be intimate with the same person.

Successful People and Flirting Techniques

And yet another study claims your overly confident husband tends to be more comfortable confronting strange women. He perfects his flirting techniques like sensual eye contact, charm in order to invite himself inside a beautiful woman’s personal space, humor and displays self-assured posture. The status and high self-esteem facilitate “pick up” skills.

I mean it all makes sense. In order to hold the position of mayor or CEO you don’t rise to the top by accident. There are unique characteristics that allow you to handle the stress of making big decisions. These positions require an egocentric or voracious personality- the perfect recipe for a risk taker.

Genetics Linked to Risk Taking…Just When the News Couldn’t Get Any Better

Can a risk taker control themselves? Is it part of their mental makeup? Here comes some more good news (sorry for the sarcasm). Yes. Apparently researchers at Binghamton University of New York discovered that about half the population possess a distorted DRD4 gene.

Another study discovered that low levels of the enzyme monoamine oxidae A (MAO-A) which regulates levels of neurotransmitters in the brain like dopamine, can aid someone to be a risk taker (Myers, 2006). In 1971, psychologist Marvin Zuckerman found a link between the MAO-A and people who seek thrills. He called this phenomenon sensation seeking. With high levels of dopamine a person used to living life on the edge is more likely to engage in risky behavior like reckless sexual activity. They do not fear consequences.

When you combine that with some of the traits listed further up here in this post such as a “lack of concern for consequences” it becomes really easy to understand the president or a CEO of a company would struggle to refrain from questionable decisions. Bill Clinton definitely comes to mind here.

Cheater Profile: Will his sex performance insecurity lead him to seek an affair?

How Do You Deal With Your Risk Taker-Narcissist Spouse?

Do you know what it’s like to love someone so much, but they are just emotionally dead? In the car they gaze out the window with a zombie-like stare, you go out to dinner and the night is filled with empty silence.  The evening does not end with a goodnight kiss. Recently, though, I broke through. I finally succeeded to at least understand my pain.  I got her to look at how her affair and narcissistic selfishness crushed my heart. If my wife can show some empathy then maybe your wife (husband) can too.

I just read the best article I have come across on how to deal with a narcissist. In this article you’d be surprised about the advice Dr. Malkin suggests about self-reflection to determine how a caring person allows themselves to accept bad behavior from the narcissist spouse. I definitely identify with the insight he provides. I often ask myself what would happen if I stopped giving. However, the proactive recommendations are the most valuable.

He advises you must explain to your husband (wife) how their affair hurt you. Then they must show remorse, take responsibility for their choice to cheat and be open to change. If they do none of these then there is no hope to save your relationship. Sorry. It may be decision time for you. It was for me.

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What Scares You Most About Your Risk Taker, Flirtatious Husband (Wife)?

Share your opinion in comments below.

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