7 Secrets to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

So you want to catch your cheating spouse because you suspect they are having an affair?

It’s an awful feeling to be cheated on, to experience the loss of being abandoned and betrayed. The worst part is you don’t actually have proof, but you just know they’re up to no good.

We talked about 7 ways a cheating spouse hides their secrets. Now you want to learn how to catch your cheating spouse in their tracks and it will involve waiting for them to make a mistake.

All cheaters get tired of the lies and the second life. Eventually they slip up and that’s when you catch them. Your objective is to make life difficult to cheat and create as many opportunities to help make them screw up.

Just one warning. Be mindful of circumstantial evidence. You must have strong evidence or get your unfaithful husband or wife to confess to their affair. Only then will you begin to have peace of mind that you can move on with your life.

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7 Tips to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

1. Make excuses to enter bathroom while your spouse is texting their lover

If your spouse can pretend to have to use the restroom you can pretend to need to get inside too. Catch them in the act. Watch them squirm as you barge in. Watch as they scurry to close out the text conversation. “So what’s bothering you honey?” They might even leave the conversation on their phone while in haste to put their phone down.

2. Make excuse to call them at work or stop by

So they claim to work late tonight. Why not make an excuse to stop by with food or any reason, just be creative. The thing is your spouse won’t be there to receive your surprise meal. “How was work honey?” Watch them squirm as they make up a lie.

3. Be unpredictable

The cheating spouse needs to hide their tracks and the best way to do that is to avoid predictable patterns. As it turns out the best way to force your wayward spouse’s hand is to be unpredictable yourself. Send texts and call them at different times of the day.

There’s only so many times they can make the excuse to not answer you. Furthermore, be sporadic enough and your wayward spouse may accidentally text you instead of their lover. Gotcha!

4. Use varying questions asking the same thing- Catch them in a lie

Police come back to the same questions over and over to see if their suspect changes their story. Ask the same question in different ways and you just might get them to slip up.

5. Make excuse to stop by the same place your spouse claims to run an errand

Your unfaithful husband or wife wants to claim she is thinking of the family, but that’s just the cover up to escape participate in her affair.

6. Know their friends, remove excuses to run off with their lover

To say they are hanging out with their friend will be difficult if you personally know that friend. If their friend is always obtainable to you then your spouse cannot hide behind them as easily. Furthermore, treat them well and they may help you in the future. The guilt of knowing their friend is cheating on you may weigh too heavily one them, then they may just reveal the secret to you.

7. Trap Them With Their Own Phone

Cell phones hold more secrets than any other device. This is how I caught my wife cheating. Give them the opportunity to text their boyfriend or girlfriend, preferably while watching a movie on the couch or in bed.

When they fall asleep they will leave their phone unattended and forget they were having a conversation. Now you make the excuse to use their phone. Using their phone to take a picture is a great, believable excuse.


Wanna be an expert at catching someone in a lie? Study lie detecting and body language techniques. There are great books out there written by ex CIA agents and police investigators.

Again your job is to make life difficult for your spouse to cheat. Create traps in which to catch them in the act.

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