Lack of Empathy and Narcissism: #1 Serial Cheater Traits?

Lack of empathy has no place in your relationship.   It drives many married people through all the stop signs that crash your relationship into an affair. A routine lack of empathy is also a major red flag your partner could be a serial lack of empathy and narcissismcheater- a person who commits infidelity repetitively over and over again without remorse.

Lack of empathy is one of the 9 serial cheater profile traits from my main post

It still burns my heart when I think about my wife’s second life in New York she conducted behind my back and her lack of empathy towards my wrecked feelings.

I did everything I could to give her a comfortable life. She begged me to let her take numerous getaway trips to visit friends in New York and claimed these mini-vacations helped relieve her depression.

She missed her family and big city life back home in Tokyo she would say. They were excuses to flee into her lover’s arms. Then she sneaked off to move in with him.

How Lack of Empathy WILL Destroy Your Relationship

A Gut-Wrenching Confession of a Serial Cheater

Empathy is a foundational piece for building healthy communication. To empathize is to understand and care how your actions and words could affect your partner’s feelings. So if your man has empathy for your feelings then he would make adjustments to benefit your well-being.

Empathy allows him to see through your eyes and understand what is important to you.  He would care for your wants and needs and this would strengthen the bond between you both.

He would understand you are a team and would see you as one instead of two separate individuals living separate lives like roommates.

Please ask yourself, if your partner shows a lack of empathy then when things don’t go well, will he (she) still support you?

Do you feel like roommates or a teammates?

I ran across this post written by a self-proclaimed, female serial cheater.

You will be shocked reading this article to see just how far to the extreme someone with a lack of empathy will go. It may be difficult for you to stomach reading about this absolute disregard for the social norms accepted by society.

Serial cheaters view life simply as a “dog-eat-dog world”, it’s ever man for himself and displays a warped sense of entitlement to enjoy life.

Check out this post about this sick serial cheater’s lack of empathybe prepared because it’s sickening!

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Could Your Husband (Wife) be a Serial Cheater?

How Lack of Empathy Plays a Role in Narcissism and Sociopathy.

Of course the purpose of this post is to discuss severe cases of personality disorders as they may lead to chronic cheating which will help you decide if it is worth pursuing help to maintain the relationship or not.

Reminder: the content in this blog is meant for inspiration and is designed to be a resource. It’s designed to help you survive the horrific experience of infidelity. Consider seeking advice from a professional online relationship coach or therapist. One  I recommend in particular offers a 48-hour turn around for affair-inflicted marriages (85% success rate). Either way I would highly consider interviewing several before handing over your hard-earned cash. Find the one that makes you the most comfortable. And if you recently discovered your spouse’s affair then it will help you to know the first steps survive infidelity.

You wonder if you married a serial cheater, right?

Does your partner show many (not just some) of these signs of two major personality disorders which display a complete lack of empathy towards how you feel?

Antisocial Personality Disorder (sociopathy, psychopathy)

This disorder characterizes someone who has a complete lack of empathy or regard for the rights of others. They lack responsibility to refrain from violating others’ rights in pursuit of fulfilling their own pleasures and needs.

Now be aware that individuals that suffer from this disorder run the gamut of backgrounds and lifestyles.

An example of narcissistic behavior could be your co-worker Bob who has an inflated sense of self-worth. Bob enjoys using fancy words to confuse you because he enjoys making you feel stupid. Then there’s the extreme case of criminals who torture and kill in order to feel the rush of mad power over their helpless victims.

Signs of Antisocial Personality Disorder

  • He rejects the social norms of culture and society.
  • He gets in trouble with the law.
  • She is belligerent to follow rules, regulations and what others see as normal to coexist.
  • She is compulsive and cheats others on purpose to gain advantage over their them.
  • He acts on impulse for instant gratification.
  • She does not think about the consequences of his actions.
  • He has little concern for your well-being.
  • He lacks responsibility to maintain his daily life routines such as work, finances and cleanliness.
  • She lacks empathy, is not remorseful to hurt someone’s feelings.
  • He causes physical damage or steals from others.

Do You Think He/She Will Cheat Again?

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder 

People with narcissistic personality disorder demonstrate a high sense of self-worth. If you think your husband shows signs of narcissism then he will display a lack of empathy to others and desire a lot of attention and admiration.

Don’t be fooled.

He has severe insecurity problems and masks his sensitivity to criticism. He expects special treatment because in his own mind he is a celebrity.

Does your husband or wife show these traits or behaviors on a regularly to you and others?

  • She displays an inflated sense of self-worth and infatuation for recognition.
  • He seems to have a never-ending desire for attention, love, power, success, to feel beautiful and receive admiration.
  • She desires elite status in the high society and believes to be more important than those around her because of her uniqueness.
  • He needs to feel like the VIP and receive special treatment for no apparent reason. He displays an overwhelming sense of self-entitlement.
  • He’s often jealous of others who have what he deserves.
  • She’s condescending to others and attempts to take advantage of people for personal gain.
  • He sees life as a “dog-eat-dog world”, “every man for himself”, “only the strongest survive”.
  • She’s not remorseful, is unsympathetic and displays a lack of empathy towards other’s needs, wants and feelings.
  • He fantasizes about others taking advantage of him because he thinks they’re jealous.
  • She can be whiny, edgy, irritable and arrogant.
  • He always thinks he is right and always needs to win the argument.
  • Your husband is not intuitive towards his own feelings.
  • He is a terrible listener, finishes your sentences, jumps to conclusions.

The list of narcissist traits is long. If you believe your partner could suffer from narcissism then you must read this article about narcissistic personality disorder.

My Wife’s Signs of Lack of Empathy

Repetitive cheating while still asking for my help, no help from her when asked for it, her needs to live her life while no regard for mine

Is my wife a narcissist or sociopath, maybe? As of the current date of this post she has abandoned me to live her dream life with another man in her dream city in pursuit of her dream career. I would not wish what happened to me on any of you, but that is why I am here today writing. You deserve hop and feel safe. Let’s get back your happiness.

Know the signs of lack of empathy and all the other personality traits of a serial cheater profile.

Here are some of my wife’s signs of lack of empathy:

  • After I caught her twice cheating she continued to ask for my help to land her dream job, e.g., write her resume, retrieve documents needed to prove right to work in the US
  • When I asked for help in return around the house she would not do it, yet ask for favors from me
  • She no longer proactively looks to please me, but yet proactively asks for favors
  • When I say she hurts me there’s no reaction, just a stare, no apology
  • She tells me what she wants in life, but no longer shows interest in mine
  • I proactively look for ways to help her and she takes advantage of it

I don’t know how you feel, but my idea of marriage is we are a team. We are one. We encourage each other to achieve our goals and to pursue happiness. When the tough got going she decided it was easier to leave.

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Your spouse’s lack of empathy and his/her narcissism will not break you if you choose to fight to protect your integrity, regain your confidence and inner strength.

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