“Why He Disappeared” Evan Marc Katz Review: Scam or Legit Advice?

why he disappeared review

Can Evan Marc Katz’ “Why He Disappeared” help you understand men?

 Title: “Why He Disappeared”

 Author: Evan Marc Katz

 Overall Score: 9/10

What benefit does the book promise to you?

To provide a male perspective about what men want from a relationship and provide you tips which will give you the best chance to determine who is boyfriend material and how to go from date to relationship.

Who does Evan Marc Katz claim benefits from “Why He Disappeared”?

  • Middle-aged women in late 30s, 40s who have experienced men leaving them after a long-term relationship or seemingly to connect after the first few dates.
  • For single ladies active in dating game, but who either keep meeting the wrong men or the right ones slip away.
  • Single women willing to take action to learn why men pull away by understanding what men with true feelings want.
  • Women who seek true love but fear the roller coaster ride of connecting with a man just to see him walk away shortly after.
  • You should read Why He Disappeared if you are open to learning why you have given your heart to the wrong man.

Who is author?

  • Evan Marc Katz proclaims to help strong, successful, smart women understand and connect with men.
  • He boasts over 9 million blog readers, 50K plus newsletter subscribers and 50k plus FB followers.
  • Authored several other popular dating books including, “I Can’t Believe I’m Buying This Book”: A Commonsense Guide to Successful Internet Dating” and “Why You’re Still Single?”
  • Appeared on multiple mainstream media channels such as CNN, Times Magazine and New York Times
  • Launched his own dating profile writing website.
  • Provides one-on-one, personal coaching


From the title I expected “Why He Disappeared” to show women how to get their ex back. Makes sense, right?” He left, why did he leave and how do I convince him to come back?

Alright, so that is not what this book is about, HOWEVER, Evan shares women dating advice from his male point of view and what men want in a relationship.  He clearly states several times early on that men actually do wish to commit to relationships provided their girlfriends make them feel comfortable being their natural selves.

Placing the responsibility on women to understand men rather than both sides understand  each other will strike a nerve for many readers. (After all relationships should be 2-way streets).

In other words, women need to do all the work to enable the relationship to start because, historically speaking, men will not do much of anything to understand how women think (at least Alpha males).

Evan writes in a matter-of-fact manner and does not hold his opinion back.

After reading the book from cover-to-cover I found it difficult to disagree with any major issues. That’s tough for me because I describe myself as opinionated and find something to argue about (not sure if I should take pride in that quality or not).

His tips do offer a glance at a man’s mind when dating and you will no longer (at least for a time after reading the book) see all men as pigs if they don’t call back, rather you will understand he had a legitimate reason.

The reason doesn’t matter, instead that you only need to concern yourself with how to give yourself the best chance of connecting with another man by understanding what pushes him away or attracts him to you.

Ready to purchase a copy of “Why He Disappeared” by Evan Marc Katz? Above “Overview” explanation good enough for you?

Click here to download the eBook from Evan’s site. Start learning his secrets to understand men better within seconds from now.

10 Best Tips to Help Men Commit, Become Your Boyfriend in “Why He Disappeared” by Evan Marc Katz

  1. The #1 reason men WANT to commit .
  2. Impressive Resumes (tall, successful, athletic, smart, age range, financial status) VS Compatibility Values
  3. What makes men want to change?
  4. What creates disconnect between men and women? The traits you value in men NOT the same traits he values in you.
  5. Examples of conflicting wants between his clients and their boyfriends and exes [case studies].  How they confuse men and push them away.
  6. The reason women’s past relationship experiences sabotage their efforts to find quality men.
  7. Men Misconceptions: the reasons men driven by feelings to enter long-term relationships. Hint: It’s NOT by women’s success, strong opinions, Body type and Looks.
  8. Settle Down VS Play Around: When men change from wanting excitement, variety and irresponsibility TO love, security, excitement and family
  9. How and when what you say and do emasculate a man and belittle him.
  10. The paradigm shift that puts you in control of your love life.

Likes and Dislikes

I did find it difficult to argue with any of Evan’s major points, however, no book is perfect. But this book will definitely ruffle your feathers if you describe yourself as opinionated.

But you know what? Self-help books show you the “how-tos”, “to-dos” and “not to-dos”. Meaning, this is about taking action, not becoming a bystander.

You want to stop feeling sad, then Evan wants to help you identify and solve the problem. If you want a shoulder to cry on then he clearly states that you came to the wrong person.

His no-nonsense advice sheds new light on major men misconceptions and how to understand the real truth behind men’s disappearing act.

Here’s what I liked and a few things I did disagree on (ok, so I found a few things- again, no book is perfect)

  • Research-based advice
  • Case examples from his coaching clients
  • Some online profile coaching tips
  • Understanding the difference between being right vs being rude
  • Simple-to-Understand Sections: Part I- Why He Disappeared During Your First Date; Part II- Why He Disappeared During Courtship; Part III- Why He Disappeared From Your Relationship
  • Difference between what should be VS how men actually think and act
  • His “How to Connect with Men Checklist” on pages 52, 53
  • His “Disconnect Checklist”
  • The advice how to turn a bad date into a good one on page 54 (What happened on his first date with his wife
  • Why he’s nice to you but still disappears on page 65
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages to dating an Alpha Male
  • How to Land an Alpha Male and How to Scare Him Off

  • Don’t completely agree with a point he makes on page 84 on how he advises to wait to have sex before a man commits. This could backfire since some men are turned on by the challenge of persuading you to have sex and creating the illusion they wish to commit to a relationship.
  • Title, “Why He Disappeared” somewhat misleading despite providing powerful tips to attract and find boyfriend material
  • Book benefits action-oriented women, does not provide passive advice.
  • Intended for women who ready to go on numerous dates before finding Mr Right

Top 10 Evan Marc Katz Quotes in “Why He Disappeared”

  1. “You might want to date a male version of yourself-taller, richer, smarter, stronger- but the alpha male doesn’t want to date himself.”
  2. Date 1 is when you should be laughing and bonding and learning things about each other. It’s not where you test his husband-worthiness by challenging him about his views on feminism. Even if he passes your test, you end up failing.”
  3. “Your sole responsibility before having sex is to figure out if he’s interested in you or in sex.”
  4. As men, “We don’t know what we want exactly. All we know is that we’ll know it when we see it.”
  5. The next guy has nothing to do with the last guy.”
  6. “Instead of trying to change your man to suit your every emotional need, figure out which kind of man has issues you can handle.”
  7. “Accepting imperfections is one thing; being a pushover is another.”
  8. “There’s a big difference between a man who verbally abuses you and a guy who is a good boyfriend even though he doesn’t make a big deal about your birthday. You dump the former. You keep the latter.”
  9. If you’re tolerant of his flaws and intolerant of his lack of effort, no guy will ever disappear on you again.”
  10. “The only things that reveal how a man feels about you are time and effort.”


Is “Why He Disappeared” by Evan Marc Katz worth reading?

Does Evan shed new light onto the secrets to attract high quality men?  Will his advice keep the alpha around long or would you just be better off tossing his book on top of the other virtual pile of ordinary books?

Do you really want to know the reason your last man or the last guy you felt true connection with on a date left and never called back? Just lost interest and disappeared up in smoke like magic?

Or would you rather know what quality men want from a relationship so you can find true love again?

The quality man that will call you more, want to spend more time together with you, remain exclusive to you, say he loves you more and plan for the future.

If that’s what you desire then that is what Evan Marc Katz claims his book “Why He Disappeared” will teach you?

Scam or legit?

Final Score


Buy Evan Marc Katz’s “Why He Disappeared”

This is not for every woman, but if you are open to suggestions how to better understand why men choose to commit in relationships and you are willing to take action then try Why He Disappeared out.

Download “Why He Disappeared” and start mastering his dating secrets RIGHT NOW.


why he disappeared review

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