My Infidelity Story

This is my infidelity story.

Affair D-Day 1: My Infidelity Story

my infidelity story

Don’t let the affair take your happiness.


Nothing but a stare.

What else could I do, but stare? There it was.

It’s what every married man dreads. It stared back at me. Challenged me.

The room fogged. My mom blurred. My sister blurred. Every one blurred in the packed room. Aunts, uncles, grandparents. Laughter dimmed. Vanished in my mind.

Heart beat. I heard my heart beat. Nothing else.

I’ll never forget that moment.

What did I do to deserve this?

Would I ever recover? Would all my dreams disintegrate?

The glow from her phone gravitated my face toward its two-inch screen like a tractor beam. It grabbed both ears and yanked down to the coffee table.

The texts…

Him: “Honey, can’t wait to see you in NY tomorrow.”

Her: “Miss you too. xoxo”

Most cheaters catch themselves. Months, years pass. No detection. She (or he) plays off your loyalty.  Plays off you, your belief that they, the cheating spouse, would join hands and walk down life’s sandy beach for eternity together.

That’s how they win. Until…



They slack. Their comfort of avoiding your suspicion betrays them. They slip up because they stop paying attention to details.


Accidents is how loyal spouses like you find out about your cheating spouse’s affair.

My Infidelity Story. What is Yours?

My wife’s affair rocked me to the core. And what happened since then inspired me to help others. People like you. Infidelity and affair stories litter the internet. Hundreds. Thousands.

What she did. Or what he did happened and you will not change that.

Knowing how they did it. When they did it. Where they did it. How often they did it does not really matter, does it?

It will not make the pain go away.

But you need to talk it out. I did.

Tell Me Your Story

If you don’t want to talk with a close friend or relative then talk to me. Fill out the form below.

You can also me directly at (only if you wish to connect with me regarding something related to recovering from infidelity or catching a cheater- NO SOLICITING!)

Or please tell my community of visitors who suffer just like you. Look at the bottom of each of my posts. I will be adding a question. At least take a peek at the question at the bottom of each post. I invite you to respond.

I invite you to look, at least look for curiosity’s sake. Then choose if you are ready to respond. Maybe not today. But bookmark my site or subscribe to it. Then return later to share your feelings when you are ready.

My Infidelity Story- the Other Story

As irony has it. Some call it karma. I once stood on the other side of the infidelity fence. I cheated on my first wife years before. Maybe this the universe returned the favor to me. And yes. I justified my reasons. Like all cheaters. It was about me. What I needed.

And I needed out.

The hidden thoughts and misunderstandings. Words unsaid. Hurt feelings. I didn’t handle them well. I usually remained quiet. Didn’t state my opinion enough. She never held back though. Two different communication styles. One solution.

And here’s the solution.

Cheat. Find someone else. Get out of the relationship.

And out I did get.

Who knows where it would have ended up had I asked for help. Help to cope. Most likely still would have left, but more peacefully. And without ripping my first wife’s heart out.

The First Way I Can Help You

So at it turns out, the misfortune of my choice to cheat provides me the chance to advise you how to catch a cheater and to determine if your spouse is the worst kind of cheater.

I can help you repair your marriage too.

Give you a glimpse of both the cheater’s and the betrayed spouse’s mindset.

Repairing the Marriage After the Affair or Moving On Alone

These really are your only two choices you’ve got.

My infidelity story begins and ends differently than yours perhaps, but common ground exists in all affairs. How we handle our own personal infidelity story is the key. is not about any one solution.  It’s about healing. Healing in the way that makes sense for you and your situation.

If you recently discovered his (or her) affair I recommend you read my post about the first step to affair recovery.

Repairing the marriage after the affair may not be the answer. Not the answer if you married a serial cheater.

It could be the answer, however, if he (or she) truly just acted out of character.

People make mistakes in the heat of the moment, don’t they?

Whether you decide on repairing your marriage after the affair or moving on alone. I promise to write something that either helps you or inspires you. Preferably both.

Bookmark for Updates

I did and am currently doing some extensive studying on how others are repairing marriage after the affair. Please check back for updates.

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 My Infidelity Story D-Days 2 and 3

Oh, yes. Then there was 2 and 3. Sequels to my horrific first D-day . I will write about them either in my new ebooks or in the my email updates. Click the “Click to view free Download” button above to receive email updates and the free ebook.

Thank you for listening to my infidelity story and letting me help you survive the affair.

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