Infidelity: How to Survive Your Spouse’s Affair

Survive Infidelity: What are the Odds?

You got married because you wanted to live many long, happy years with your spouse. Never in your wildest dreams (or nightmares) could you have imagined your spouse cheating on you with another man/woman. But…

BAM! It happened. And your life seemed to spiral downward at an accelerating rate. Thoughts raced through your mind…survive infidelity


Your husband lying about late night shifts at his job…instead he’s sneaking off like a snake to his mistress’ house.

The life your cheating wife invents about leaving on a routine business trip…instead she’s living up the nightlife with her “boyfriend”.  Then she sleeps over night at a ritzy hotel with him while you watch the kids back home.

And the time your husband gets close  (too close) to your best friend and they sleep together those nights you take the kids to an extra curricular activity.

It makes me sick just writing this.


  • He says you are no longer attractive.
  • She says she no longer sees a future with you.
  • He says she understands him and you don’t.

What ever happened to those romantic first years when she would excitedly jump all over you when you got home from work? Did he just step in a time machine and jump back to high school to live the single, fun life?


  • What’s wrong with me? Do women still like me?
  • Will I end up alone? Will I be alone forever?
  • How could he be so selfish?


My name is Orlando and I know how you feel?

I was on cheated on by my wife. When I found out it was one of the worst feelings I’ve gone through.

Right after discovering her outrageous act I searched for answers and tips.

I will share what I found with you. I’ve been piecing my life back together, changing the way I see marriage and life. Since then I have felt empowered and experienced much relief.

The fact that my wife cheated on me is not what makes my story unique.

What makes my situation (regrettably) unique is that I have been on the both sides of cheating.

I had an affair on my first wife. This was NOT a good choice. (Regardless of how difficult our marriage was- and that I felt depressed).

BUT it allows me to help you. I can reveal the mindset of a cheater and how to deal with a cheater (a person who is not strong enough to deal with their relationship or personal issues).

I am NOT a psychologist or professional therapist. My tips and information are meant as supplemental help, but it is NO substitute for professional recommendations.

Will your spouse cheat again?

How will you know if your spouse will cheat again?

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What to Do if You Just Discovered Your Spouse Committed Infidelity?

For now, do not make any hasty decisions. Do NOT think about the future. Your feelings are raging and raw. Let’s just take a timeout.

Please do NOT do anything NOW that you could regret later. Your spouse made a bad choice. Do NOT make it worse.

Let me help you through this. Please take a peek at my eBook I made for you, “Infidelity Survival Guide: 10 Tips How to Survive Week One”. I put in many long hours to create it just for you.

You can request your copy further down on this page.

And do not worry it is FREE. Just fill in your email in the right side bar and you will gain instant access to your book.

But before you set off to read that check out this…


  • 32% of men and 21% of women commit infidelity at some point in marriage
    (Tafoya & Spitzberg, 2007)
  • 57% of men who committed infidelity in any of their relationships
  • 54% of women who committed infidelity in any of their relationships
  • 36% men and women had an affair with a co-worker
  • 35% men and women committed infidelity on business trips
  • 2 years average length of an affair
  • 31% of marriages that continue after a spouse caught cheating.

My Free Ebook [Download] on How to Survive Infidelity (Right) After Discovering Your Spouse’s Affair

Infidelity Survival Guide: 10 Emergency Tips to Survive Week One

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(% of people who have confessed)

(source: AP, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy 9-8-13)


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Infidelity First Aid Kit
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