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You control how your new life alone looks after an affair.

You’ve decided your way of surviving infidelity is to move on and find a new life alone.
Nothing to feel ashamed of. Surviving infidelity means something different for each person who experiences the pain of extramarital affair. Some decide to fight for the marriage because the victimized spouse believes their cheating husband/wife made a one-time slip up. I can tell you as a former cheater when you meet the wrong person at the wrong time anything can happen. Sparks fly, emotions ride high. Or maybe your cheating spouse contains cheater DNA, they display the traits of a serial cheater.

Either way you’ve decided you do not want to stick around and waste your time with someone you no longer trust. What’s the point of sticking around just to chance they’ll do it again.  Maybe you believe there’s someone else out there better for you and that really in the end you don’t need anyone to live a great life.

When someone compatible comes along then you will deal with it then. For now you have so many things to look forward to with your new found freedom. Time to do the things you could never do because of the restrictions in your marriage. Hope these original and unique anecdotes to rediscover an exciting new life alone help you with your journey.

Fresh, New Posts and Ebooks to Help You Recreate Your New Life Alone

I will add new posts regularly to provide tips to get past the affair in ways you may never have thought about on your own. Likewise I would love your ideas too. We will always travel down the road of affair recovery even if we find Mr./Mrs. Right again. Once the trust is broken you realize your happiness will never depend on someone else.

Happiness is your responsibility. Do not overburden someone else with it.

Please share your ideas and thoughts at the bottom of the pages in the comments field after the “Related Articles” section.

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