Consider Dating Again…After What You’ve Been Through?

No one gets married to divorce. And certainly no one gets married to get cheated on. But if you end up single (or are single now) would you consider dating again?

Some of you will have no problem answering this.

Others will struggle.

The idea of leaving your past and starting over is scary for some.

But the thought of staying single pushes most of us who have experienced divorce, infidelity, spousal abandonment to seek true love.

Yes, the thought of the next person losing interest and leaving creeps into our minds, but should that stop you?

Learning the nuances of courting, flirting, texting, kissing, sex and dating in general may intimidate you, but would you fight through these fears to find the one thing that mattered most to you…a soulmate?

You and I both thought we had found our soulmates: someone who offers unconditional love.

Or perhaps you just want companionship for now, nothing deep.

Hopefully you have reconciled (or will reconcile) with your spouse or significant other.

If you do not, then inevitably you will have to consider the decision to seek a relationship or remain single.

What is your current relationship situation?…

Which Relationship Situation Do You Find Yourself In Right Now?


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Consider Dating Again? Check Out My Posts Below…

My blog here has evolved over time into a resource to deal with cheating and infidelity and finding new love.

Since I do not see myself as an expert I recommend many guides, videos and eBooks for all my topics, but currently all my posts were developed and written by me.

The struggle for me personally to deal with ending up single is real after my last wife left. I love meeting new women, but I loved her and felt fulfilled. However, dealing with the reality that she is gone has propelled me to write as a form of self-therapy, but also to help others find love and sort through the confusing feelings.

I have a lot of work to go to write about love, relationships and dating, but please feel free to read what I have completed below.

Most of my dating-related posts focus on women, simply because there are more trustworthy, wholesome resources for women out there.

Finding wholesome resources to recommend for men is a challenge. Most of what I have come across is smutty and disgusting, focusing on picking up women for sex. If you are a man who is considering dating again after divorce please take my short poll at the bottom.

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If you find yourself single again or on the verge of it please share your feedback so I can start developing new content to help.





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