11 Everyday Places to Meet Single Men [TODAY] Women Over 40 Dating

Who said dating has to be stressful? For the women over 40 (or 30) dating who think there’s no good place to meet single men, think again?

Try these unique or specialty places where you guarantee yourself to meet single men, where you asking for advice/help or a general question would seem normal and the would have to stay in one spot for 3 minutes or more.

Please don’t guy out of your way if you have no reason to.

Instead create a win-win situation where  you wanted or needed to go anyway.  So if you don’t meet someone this time, you still got what you went for.

Of course, since you want to meet SINGLE men, remember to look for the wedding band first.

11 Easy, Best Places to Meet Single Men Today  [Other Than Clubs]

1. Apple Store (or technology store)

Technology attracts men.  Shopping for a new laptop?  Ask the handsome, well-groomed man for his opinion of which one he’d choose between two.

2. Airport Boarding Gate

Your goal is to meet someone who lives in same city (trickier if you live in a touristy place where everyone comes to visit). Look for a man who wears something that provides a clue that he’s from your city (local team hat, typical local attire). Need a simple conversation starter? Just ask about local, current events.

3. Dog Park (or any place common for walking dogs)

Certain cities love dogs. In Californian cities, it seems like everyone has one. As simple as it gets. They have a dog, you have a dog. Hopefully they play nice and greet each other. This break the ice. Compliment or ask simple questions about him to start some dialog.

4. Professional Sporting Event

Slap a high 5 when something good happens, or better yet talk trash if he roots for the road team. A little sports smack talk eases right into flirting. Then shoot random questions in throughout the rest of the game.

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5. Wine Tasting Bars

There’s a place in Winter Park, Florida called The Wine Room- great place to mingle with locals. I’m sure other cities have something similar. Wine lovers enjoy talking about wines they’ve tried. Ask someone to try one and to give you their opinion. Offer to buy the tasting or better yet ask them to try yours- I promise you this would turn a guy on quick.

6. Farmers Market

More common in big cities. I’ve attended one in SF and another in SD. Easy to strike up a conversation with a guy about strange fruits, spices or ingredients- especially if it’s his booth.

7. Whole Foods Market

Between virgin coconut oil, organic local honey and a variety of strange fruits and vegetables I’m sure you’ll find something interesting to ask. Or ask him to reach for the top shelf to pull something down for you. Then ask what he knows about the product. Anything to get the ball rolling.

8. Starbucks (duh!)

I ran across this easy-to-follow list to meet single men at coffee shops. Find a way to start a conversation. Ask to plug in your computer if they sit by the outlet, ask if they use the computer for work or pleasure, say how interesting that sounds then keep asking questions. If they are interested they’ll keep talking.

9. Subway

Not the sandwich shop. No, I’m referring to public transportation.  Ask for help or recommendations to strike up conversation. Try these examples: Ask for their favorite restaurant, ask for dir


ections or make an observation based on what they are wearing. You gotta act quick, the ride is short. Introduce yourself and ask for permission to “friend” him on FB (to contact him later). Then hope his last name is not Stratavinski, or some other odd last name, so you can spell it. Then again you might have asked him where he works and match that with his first name. (No stalking, though, please!)

10. Meetup Events

Every hobby under the sun exists for Meetup groups. Meet single men from all kinds of hobbies and passions: wine lovers, dog lovers, guitar players, artists or people who want to practice a second language. Meetup is not for designed specifically for dating, but you will inevitable meet single men open to meet women over 40 dating right in your own city.

11. Visit Different Bakeries/Convenience Stores/Local Boutique Cafes or Shops

By visiting different local spots you will increase the amount of people you meet. Furthermore, local family-owned businesses attract the same people over and over. You’ll feel more comfortable opening up to familiar faces. One of my cousins met someone this way.

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[Tips] to Ease Into the Conversation

Men get just as nervous as you do when meeting the opposite sex.

Playful, friendly and happy are the keys.

Follow up the conversation starters with more easy-going questions and flirty banter.

So he claims not to know which laptop is faster when you shop at Best Buy. Follow up with, “Oh, I bet you do know. You look smart, what do you do for work?” And whatever he does for work tie that into why he should know the answer.

And then that’s the moment you introduce yourself, “Hello, my name is Susan”. Smile big, nod your head, look at him in the eyes.

Flirting can be fun and simple.

And us men love fun and simple. Flirting is key to breaking the ice.

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best places meet single men

Can you really meet single men around town during daily routines?

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