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WHY you’re SINGLE! [Download] 11 Evan Marc Katz Secrets…

Why you’re single right now may have little to do with your job title, looks, style of dress, the way you walk or look at a man.

In fact this post with suggestions from a world-renown online dating/relationship coach will shock you.

Any of my midlife female readers (mostly in their 30s or 40s), who

are looking for suggestions how to find the right man for you, have come to the right place for some answers.

You may not like the painful insight though. [Because according to the renowned female dating/relationship coach Evan Marc Katz] you may need an adjustment in mindsetthat’s why you’re single.

[I know that strikes a nerve because it suggests your actions and attitude may [at least partly] explain why you’re single, but I’m just the messenger.]

I am NOT a dating coach, but I have read a lot of material by Evan Marc Katz. Some of this includes the e-book his team sent me to review “Why He Disappeared“.

Here’s the thing, though. Thousands of strong, successful women just like you have credited Evan’s advice for showing them how to find Mr. Right.

Millions of Happy, Midlife Single Female Evan Marc Katz Clients

If you’ve read/listened to any of Evan Marc Katz’s material (blog, ebooks, podcasts, audio books) he hits you right between the eyes with some direct, no-nonsense advice. His suggestions challenge women like you who want a HAPPY long-term relationship [which could lead to marriage] to take responsibility to find a compatible man right for yourather than complain that there are “no good men out there”.

Over 9 million strong, successful female readers regular visit his site for advice. Many of them buy his books and take his one-on-one coaching. The comments from [mostly happy readers] his blog post drape the bottom of his pages- reaching 200 plus at times.

So if you are looking to find the right guy for you then these secrets from Evan Marc Katz [might] explain why you’re single still.

BEWARE: These suggestions are not for the weak of heart. If you are open to and feel you may need to make a change in order to find true love- then read on.

Attractive qualities BRING people together. They don’t KEEP people together- Evan Marc Katz (on his website).

Who Should Read this Post that Suggests Perhaps Why You’re Single

Single women typically over 30 who want to know how to find the right man for a fulfilling, long-term relationship. Women who are tired of dating selfish and inattentive men. And for those who are open for a new way of thinking to approach dating in order to make this happen.

…AND Who Should NOT Read this Post

Single women typically over 30 who are set in their ways and don’t want to change. Women who will only settle for men who fit their strict list of criteria (tall, handsome, successful, popular). And those of you who want dating to happen naturally and do not wish to take responsibility for finding your right match based on a compatible personality.

[**if the latter describes you then I suggest you do NOT read this post- you will not like it, it will offend you.**]

why you're single still

Why do so many women turn to Evan Marc Katz for answers? What makes him different than other online relationship coaches?

How I Created this List of Evan Marc Katz Suggesting ” Why You’re Single “

I researched Evan Marc Katz’s advice from the two books his team sent me to review and his different blog posts. I then rephrased some of his points that either stood out to me or I read in numerous comments/testimonials. Then came up with my own list based on those findings.

[wpsm_highlight color="yellow"]**These are only some of his secrets. You can find many more in his e-book that I mention at the bottom of this post.**[/wpsm_highlight]


11 [Painful…but Truthful] Secrets from Evan Marc Katz that Explain [ Why You’re Single Still ]

11. You don’t understand how your actions look to potential dates or men you go on dates with…[AND fail to understand how you scare quality men away].

10. You assume a man who takes you on a smooth, fun date and night filled with chemistry between you too signals a great partner- Mr. Right…[BUT fail to realize great COURTSHIP doesn’t equate to LONG-TERM COMPATIBILITY.]

9. You blame men for being pigs (and yes, many are, I agree with you). You don’t get why they don’t see you as a “fine catch”. Then point out all the reasons it’s their fault why you can’t find the right man for you…[BUT you don’t take enough responsibility for not choosing the right guy nor accepting the right ones.]

8. You think you understand what men [you’re interested in] want and all their intentions and feel you are a good listener to his needs…[BUT you actually don’t-nor do you want to learn.]

7. You focus on the great guy who got away, the ex-boyfriend or husband and wonder Why He Disappeared…[INSTEAD of getting back into the dating game.]

6. You accept conditional love where you put up with issues that bother you to the core because you hope someday he will finally change and provide the love you need…[INSTEAD of holding out for a man who offers you UNCONDITIONAL love.]

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5. You desire someone better than your last partner, a man who is passionate, decisive, energetic, driven…[BUT you fail to realize the emotional price that comes with dating strong, successful men and feel disappointed once you date one. Many tend to maintain a very busy schedule to keep up with their career’s demands, travel out of town frequently, can be emotionally inattentive and bossy. They don’t have patience to listen or pay attention to what matters to you most- many prove to be selfish.]

4. You look for an Alpha dog, successful man because you are a strong, successful woman…[BUT many powerful, successful men are not looking for their equal- they want a low key woman who soothes them after a hard days work, not who challenges them.]

3. You carry a list of qualities you look for in men (like his type of job, his circle of friends, his style of clothes, tall, dark, handsome), you compare that list to all potential suitors and all men who take you out [INSTEAD of looking for the right man for you who you will get along with best].

2. You think great chemistry with a man determines a great partner [INSTEAD of paying attention to compatibility].

1. You want the guys who don’t want you [INSTEAD of the men who do want you].

**BTW click here to [DOWNLOAD] this list ” Why you’re single” and save it for later reference if you’d like.**


“I Want to Find the Right Man for a Long-Term Relationship. What next?

I understand if you are not ready to get serious in a relationship right now.

Maybe you recently got divorced or cheated on.

Maybe you truly would rather stay single for now.

BUT if you’re tired of wondering why you’re single still and desire a long-term relationship then see why other women are ordering Evan Marc Katz’s book “Why He Disappeared” from the page mentioned below

I invite you to check out my review of “Why He Disappeared” that has answered the question thousands of women search the internet for answers to: “Why you’re single still.”


⇒Click here to read my review of Why He Disappeared by Evan Marc Katz.⇐

(OR read my  review of “Believe in Love” and learn how to build your confidence to get back into the dating life so you can find your soul mate.)

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