17 [Simple] Female Flirting Body Language [Secrets] to Attract Men

Men might get upset if I let out these secrets to attract men through female flirting body language moves can cast a spell on us and render us helpless (or maybe they’ll celebrate).

One of the Biggest Secrets to Attract Men

Men know the score. We know that women own complete control of the battle of the sexes.

But do you know it?

If you only knew the power you possess to cast a spell on any man and make him chase you WITHOUT EVEN SAYING A WORD– that’s right, no talking, then you probably would never fear using female flirting body language again.

You’d never fear using the powers to get their attention again and then sending him the signal that it’s safe to come talk to you.

And once you read them you can start practicing them immediately.

“How Do You Not Know This?”

I’m stunned to read all the comments in blogs and ebooks from online dating coaches (like Evan Marc Katz and Marni Battista) suggesting how women feel intimated to make the first move.

It utterly shocks me to read this.  And if other men read the same things I saw, they’d stand jaw-drop, speechless too.

It doesn’t matter how helpless you feel right now about your ability to attract men or how you think men see you. All that will start to change after you read this secret scroll post right here.

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 Yes, Men Start with Physical Attraction, but…

You and I both know men prioritize looks first then personality second, but remember this: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.  And according to Evan Marc Katz how you make them feel once they get to know you matters most about long-term relationships.

This article provides dating coach backed tips to get the ball rolling, to get him to talk to you . Your personality and how compatible you both are for each other is the REAL SECRET. Evan Marc Katz reveals how to set yourself up for success with your personality in many of his eBooks I have reviewed.

In fact, if you would like to understand what motivates men to make the decisions we do then I highly recommend reading my review of his most popular book “Why He Disappeared”.

The book has inspired thousands upon thousands of other women going through the pain of understanding puzzling men. Click here to watch Evan’s video.

I promise you that men are NOT as picky as you think they are regarding looks. They crave attention and acceptance. 

Men fear rejection more than they let on. Men will talk themselves out of approaching you if you do not meet them half way.

I have seen good-looking men (men that even other men know are handsome) crawl after who most would consider average-looking women because these women understand men. Women who understand these secrets to attract men will never run out of choices of who to date.

Handsome (seemingly untouchable men) chase after women with little make-up and bodies with extra padding just because these women understand the powers of flirting.

In this article we will spotlight the powers of female flirting body language secrets to attract men.

(--Only ONE in a THOUSAND--) Women Know this Answer...

*Do You Understand How Men Fall in Love?

Have you ever met a man who you can’t stop thinking about, gone out with, made passionate love to, exchanged hot texts, had long heart-pounding phone calls with then…suddenly he disappeared?

I guess I don’t have to tell you that most men seem like puzzles.

It’s a constant guessing game to understand men and how they really feel about you.

female flirting body language

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Okay, back to female flirting body language…

A funny thing happened.  I am not a dating coach (far from it), but I researched dating coach blogs and got tired of the usual regurgitated, misunderstood female flirting body language tricks, so I decided to describe them in my own words.

They’ll stun you!

While I did reference what the relationship experts suggest, I decided to go mostly with what I like women to do that releases tension and lightens my fear of rejection. Basically my own experience what women have used on me.

Most expert relationship coaches claim the key to flirting is to remove fear of rejection: invite the man to approach you.

So I know you will like today’s list so please help me and fill out the quick poll and share your brief comment at the bottom of this page before you leave.

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 [The Basics]: Secrets to Attract Men

  1. Capture his attention.
  2. Send signal that it’s “safe to come over”.

The direction our eyes and body face, and how close we decide to stand to someone tells a man how comfortable you are with him.

[WARNING: No one single form of body language releases enough tension to make men to approach you.]

Combining these female flirting body language maneuvers will provide you more success.

Reference this rating scale for each body language secret on the list.

1-10 Male Turn-On Scale: (1 Ice Cold, Basically a Turn Off 10 Red Hot, Male Magnet Turn-On Move)

Keep this in mind when flirting with men. Your message to him must scream “Yes, do not fear me, I like you, I want to talk to you”.

17 Female Flirting Body Language Secrets to Attract Men[WITHOUT a Single Word]

female flirting body language biting lower lip

1. Self-Touching [8]

When you play with your hair, touch your face or ear lobes you tell us we turn you on. We like the reassurance that we attract you to the point you feel nervous. Combine that with a head tilt, eye locking and smile and we lose feeling in our limbs. Good job!

2. Moving into Our Personal Space [7] 

Sirens go off in our heads, dogs start barking when you move within a 3-foot imaginary circle around us. This tells us that you do not fear us and you enjoy being close. If you are shorter than us and gaze up, lock eyes and smile, then start walking away while looking into our eyes a split second more butterflies may just start flying in our stomachs.

3. **Holding Eye Contact [10] 

The key is “holding” the eye contact. If you drop the look too soon we think you accidentally glanced at us and didn’t mean it. A killer female flirting body language maneuver- holding eye contact, smile, raise eyebrows. 

4. Holding Soft Touch [9]

Again hold for a second. If you gently touch us (shoulder, arm, back, hand) we think it was an accident. But nothing calms us men more than when you gently touch us, which we interpret as a signal that it’s OK to advance. You like us and we make you feel comfortable. (WOW! I just had a flashback to all the moments when women did this to me.) This is as cute and romantic as it gets for us guys. Why not a 10? You must combine a holding soft touch with looking right into our eyes. We’re still afraid to advance. We think it was accident.

5. Walk Away, Peek Back [8]

“Did she just mean to look at me? Wow, I guess she did!” That’s what we think when you gaze up at us, then look back. Come on, you’ve seen that one in the movies. You know better. Than why don’t you do it more often? Now if you just added a wink and smile. Bite your lip too and I would pass out right on the spot!

6. Top to Bottom Scan, Repeat [9]

Eye lock (in case you haven’t figured it out by now eye locking is the number one female flirting body language move- combine it with all the other moves), gaze down, gaze back up lock eyes again. You are definitely checking us out and chances are we will make the next move.

7. *Rising Sunshine Smile [10]

I love this one! Lock eye contact for a second. Once you realize he’s looking, slowly transition from small smile to strong ear-to-ear smile, while never breaking eye contact. At first we thought you accidentally happened to look at us at the same time we looked at you. Then the slow rising smile distinctively affirmed you enjoyed looking at us. Huge turn on. Thank you!

8. Toying with Objects [8]

More nervous behavior that we may interpret as a sign you like us to the point you don’t know what to do. The object doesn’t matter, but whatever you hold in your hands while looking at us.  Of course, you do this while holding eye contact.

9. Touch Lip with One Finger [9]

We look so good you could taste us (OK, a little exaggerated).  Another nervous movement we interpret as a way to say you approve of us. And, yes, again you guessed it, lock eyes with us. Please.

10. Body Direction [6] 

By itself it means nothing, but everyone faces the direction they want to go. If you face the exit while looking at us then we assume you do not want to be around us (unless you need to leave), but if you regularly face us, especially if at first when I catch your eye contact you face another direction then adjust, I subconsciously feel you want to look at me.

11. *Tickling [10]

If you treat me like your little brother or guy friend, or do this with many other guys in front of me then no, this means nothing, but if you portray other strong female flirting body language moves from this list then yes, I think you like me. Only the most confident women who understand men are brave enough to do this. Looks play a little role in this, if you are average in the looks department and you pull this maneuver on me, you might as well put a collar and leash on me, and take me for a walk. You own me. (There’s been a woman at work doing this to me, um, yeah, she’s got my attention).

12. Uncrossing Legs [7]

This is more of a subconscious body language maneuver. When you cross your arms or legs you tell us that you are protecting yourself from us. You don’t feel comfortable or perhaps safe. The signal we receive is “please go away”, however, when you do the opposite it tells us, “you do not threaten me”. By itself it doesn’t send the signal to proceed and to go talk to you (you might just be moving your leg because it fell asleep), but combine that with twirling your hair, a sunrise smile, locking eye contact and touching your lip with one finger and it’s light out, but my guess you won’t go that far unless we in turn send you a signal that we like you first.

13. Purse Handling [7]

Clench your purse tight and in front of you and it means you fear us. Lighten your grip, move it to your side and even let go (if seated of course), lock eye contact and smile and we know the coast is clear to go speak with you.

14. Head Tilting [8]

As cute as it gets. You are in no rush to walk away. It’s like you tell us, “I like looking at you so much that I am locking my head in position to gaze at you.” Definitely a turn on. You basically say, “I don’t even see the other men in the room right now. Of course, if you and I are already friends, then I would not see a head tilt as a form of flirting. If you like me, this will not tell me enough how you feel about me.

15. Raise Eyebrows [7] 

Now combined with a smile then yes I think you send me the signal that I attract you, but raised eyebrows alone just act as a nervous twitch.

16. Bite Lower Lip [9] 

Similar to head tilting, biting your lower lip for us men acts as a supplementary female flirting body language move that means you like us so much that you start running out of signals to send us. You caught eye contact, smiled, touched your hip and the sequence continues- you then bite your lower lip. Another man favorite!

17. Ass Grabbing [10- what did you expect?] 

Woah! Went a little far here, but I certainly got your attention. This move should not be used to get attention a new guy’s attention. This one’s for the guy you’ve been already flirting with. This is the icing on the cake.

Female Flirting Body Language Moves Summary

The power is in the combination of body language moves, but I hope you enjoyed the list. Invite us to talk to you. Of course, the strongest men do not need any clues, but then again I want you to pick which men to talk to you.

These moves will help you attract the men you like. Signal to them you are attracted to them and that they have no reason to fear rejection WITHOUT SAYING a single word, which in turn LESSENS YOUR FEAR of REJECTION TOO!

A win-win for everyone.

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