Why Men Pull Away from Relationships (and the #1 Secret to Make Him Commit)

Why do men pull away after getting close?

FINALLY you thought you hit the jackpot…

…you thought that you had found “The One”, your Mr. Right

…after numerous DEAD-END Relationships…

BORING DATES with weirdos…

…you found the elusive PERFECT GUY

…Or did you?

Something changed, didn’t it?

That SICK FEELING started to bubble in the pit of your stomach.

  • Suddenly he STOPPED RESPONDING to your texts as promptly (or at all).
  • He now LOOKS AWAY when you speak.
  • He rarely COMPLIMENTS or FLIRTS with you.
  • He even CALLED OFF a dinner date because he said he was TOO BUSY.

He NEVER was too busy to spend time with you before!

What Does This All Mean?

What Makes Men Pull Away after Getting Close to You? 

Did you do something to push him away?


Before we look at THE SOLUTION of how to turn the tables and GET HIM TO COMMIT and DESIRE YOU more than anything else in his life…

FIRST…review the top reasons men pull away from relationships.

Run through my list of 10 Things You Do to Push Him Away.

Warning! Proceed with Caution

These reasons are NOT for the weak of heart.

They cut right to the core of why most men pull away after apparently falling in love.

This list dives much deeper into the problem of what scares men away and causes men to not to want a long-term relationship.

The Good News

Now matter how much it may hurt to read this list there is a solution.

You can learn how to turn the tables and get him to chase you (my interview with dating coach Ashley Kay).

But if you’d rather skip the painful part and jump right to the #1 way I have researched to get a man to obsess over you then [Click Here].

10 Things You Do to Push Him Away…the Scary (but REAL) Reasons Why Men Pull Away after Getting Close!

It’s pretty simple.

It comes down to one of two things.

You either do NOT understand MEN’s needs or you do not understand HIS needs.

You only understand YOUR needs (whether you wish to admit it or not.)

1. Timing: There Is Something More Important to Him

While he does value love and relationships, something else matters more to him and occupies his mind day in and out. He doesn’t appreciate feeling pushed to commit to anything long-term right now.

2. You Make Him Feel Bad about What He Wants

He dreams of achieving specific life aspirations and goals with or without you. And instead of supporting him you put him down.

3. You’re Too Opinionated

Somewhere along the line you thought men like tough-minded and decisive women. But you don’t know when to stop sharing your thoughts and opinions. HINT: When he doesn’t respond to your comments- he probably does not like what you’re saying.

4. You Exaggerate and Bash Him

His one little decision now to enjoy himself now in your opinion means that he will make colossal mistakes later and ruin both your lives. Maybe he wanted to spend his hard-earned income on a new car or stereo. That doesn’t mean he will blow all his money on useless toys. Give him a break.

5. He Feels that He Cannot Be the Best Version of Himself Around You

Ever notice how you act and feel differently depending on who’s around? He does not feel comfortable being the version of himself that he likes best- he must hold back because you do not like that same version.

6. Your Needs Come First, Second and Third

He knows all about what you want most in life…because you tell him all the time. And you both discuss how you will work together to make those goals come to reality. On the other hand, he feels like his dreams come a distant fourth place.

7. You Get Your Way with Him through Guilt

Internally you learned that convincing him that what’s best for you is also best for “us”. You shoot down his ideas and when he disagrees or says “no” to you then forcefully get your way rather than negotiate a mutually beneficial solution.

8. There is Someone Else

Yes, you’re stunning, but you just don’t get his emotional needs, but someone else does.

9. You Don’t Like Yourself: You’re Unhappy with Your Life

Yes, a boyfriend can make life more enjoyable. But your relationship only makes up a slice of the pie, not the whole pie. In short, if you come across unhappy with the rest of your life, miserable, and have no other goals and aspirations to live for then he will not enjoy being around you.

10. You Lack of Understanding of “The Hero Instinct”

Of course, you can learn how to turn the tables on him..if you only understood what HE WANTS from YOU that will drive him to desire a long -term relationship with you…

There is a PRIMAL NEED HARD-WIRED inside him that will STRENGTHEN your relationship…if you know how to tap into it.

It will get him to commit to long-term love because of the OVERWHELMINGLY GOOD FEELINGS you will give him.

Only ONE in a THOUSAND women knows this SECRET how to tap into the power of this need to please women that is trapped inside ALL Men’s DNA…

It’s called the Hero Instinct.

And it is the #1 secret male-mind hack that I have researched that makes him feel uniquely special to you and literally will get him to run to you whenever you want.

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why men pull away after getting close turn tables with the hero instinct

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