Evidence of Your Cheating Spouse: In The Car

Need Evidence? You suspect your husband or wife is cheating?

I’m here to help. My misfortune and bad choice to date a married woman in the past gave me the experience to help teach you today the cheater’s mindset.

Ready for a shocker?

Most Cheating Is Done In and Around Your Home.

From my experience I can tell you that cheating in itself is exhausting since you have to plan your dates ahead of time and take many precautions to ensure you cover your tracks, but in the end you mostly stick around the most accessible places.

So today I will reveal how to uncover their tracks in the car and what to do with it.

3 Most Common Types Evidence Cheaters Leave Behind

  • Daily supplies
  • Gifts
  • Souvenirs 

Rather than just have a fling with their lover they will seek to set up some types of routines. Your spouse might need to stock personal supplies at their lover’s place so it’s easier to spend time with them.

It’s also emotionally exhausting for cheaters to be away from their lover. So they tend to keep personal items as souvenirs somewhere around the home to feel a connection with their lover.

Best DAYS to Search for Cheating Evidence in the Car

Be ready to search your suspicious-acting husband’s (wife’s) car the following days they make plans to spend time away from your home. This allows them to make believable excuses to cheat. And it’s also most likely when they will leave items behind.

  • Whenever going out with their friends.
  • When running some strange-sounding errand.
  • Staying late at work.

If you share the car it will make it easier to search for items since you won’t look as suspicious checking. If it is solely their car then you will have to find an excuse or an opportune time to check like when they are in the shower or on a long walk, getting dressed for work or working out- but be quick!

PLACES to Look for Cheating Evidence in the Car

  • The trunk. It’s the easiest place, even under the floor covering where the spare tire is. My ex would carry her clothes to change into for our dates, items she wanted to leave at my place or gifts for me.
  • Console Between Seats/Glove Compartment/Under and Between the Seats. This would be best for items to be left behind by mistake like receipts for gifts, places of dates they went on.

My ex once left a receipt for massage treatment in the car she bought me for my birthday and her husband found it.

OTHER Evidence Your Cheating Spouse Might Leave in the Car

  • Colognes
  • Perfumes
  • Body splashes
  • Bracelets or necklaces

You will eventually find these gifts for your cheating spouse’s lover hidden in the car. Want more FREE tips on how to catch a cheater. Sign up to receive my personal email updates and get your FREE survive infidelity ebook by me. Or place your email in the box at the top of the navigation bar on the right and receive your FREE gift ebook.

BEST TIME OF THE DAY to Look for the Evidence in the Car

The same night they return from one of the above mentioned nights out check:

  • Once they hit the shower
  • Or the very next morning

A cheater wants to make sure the coast is clear when they return the items to their hiding spots in the house. They may not have that chance while you are around.

Plus remember the key to catching a cheating spouse is finding their slip ups- those moments they get lazy.

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