Set a Trap to Catch a Cheater in Their Lies

To set a trap in order to catch our cheating spouses in their lies we must first understand our objectives.

Our goal is first to identify red flags of behavior that seems suspicious then to identify patterns of that behavior. On-going patterns are important because they are more likely to catch the cheater in a lie rather than a one-time incident that could just be a coincidence (they actually were working late).

Once you believe your partner is cheating you will set a trap for them to fall into then allow them to proceed with the pattern of strange behavior until you’ve caught them a few times. There are many simple ways to set a trap and catch a cheater without hiring an investigator.

5 Lies, 5 Ways to Set a Trap

set a trap to catch cheating spouse

Set a Trap to Catch a Cheater

1. Lie: Working Late Again

You can set a trap by checking the mileage on the odometer of your car to measure the number of miles it takes to complete a round trip to their job then by monitoring their mileage several times after they claim to be working late.

Once you have identified a pattern of a significant amount of miles driven, then you have reason to believe they are not at work. In a sneaky way ask questions to determine that they do not have to travel off site for their job. You want to set a trap that they claim they are at their work location and not working off site.

“I’m sorry you had to work so late. I bet that stinks. Are you working on a big project at the office?” Once they claim to be on working on location you can make a visit to drop off food next time. When you discover they are not there you have a legitimate excuse to ask where they were.

2. Lie: Driving on Business Trip

Determine the exact location where they are going as best you can. Try to find the address. You can set a trap by using a GPS logger. These devices log your cheating spouse’s driving path and interface with Google Maps. Once you know the location they went to you can also use Google Earth’s satellite images to zoom in on the location. So if they went to someone’s house you could see it.

These devices are small, half the length of a pen, so you can hide them easily in their car. You can buy them online. After a few “business trips” you can determine if your cheating spouse is visiting the same place. If you are bold enough you could go there yourself next time while they are there. Either way you know they are cheating.

3. Lie: Working on Computer Late (in locked or closed office)

If they have a pattern of working on the home computer late in a room far from the bedroom, you could set a trap by hiding a digital recording device in the room to catch them whispering on the phone. Test the device beforehand to determine where you need to place it in order to hear it well. Ask him/her if you should wait for them in bed or are they are going to work on the computer later. Turn it on and hide it before you go to bed. Make sure the batteries are strong. Once you catch them talking on the phone or Skyping the first time then record a few more times. Then reveal what you have found to them.

4. Lie: Picking Up Shift/Working When Supposed to Be Off

You can use his/her cell phone records through your carrier’s website to set a trap. Once you notice strange phone numbers appearing start recording a log. Determine a pattern of short quick calls to the strange numbers just before and longer conversations after they claim to be working.

Record the days of the week and time they occur. Once you have a pattern there’s a good chance they are with their partner during the times between the short call (when they are telling their partner they are on the way over to meet them) and the longer calls (after they left and are saying how much fun they had and how they hate to leave them).

Now you know the pattern, the excuse t work and the day of the week. Call them when you suspect they are with their partner and not at work. If they routinely do not answer this is a sign they are with their partner and afraid to answer to give away their whereabouts.

You can do a few things to find out whose number it is. If it is a land line then doing a reverse look up online will give you the address. If not, then either call the number yourself or have a friend do it. See if someone of the opposite sex answers, then hand up. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to set a trap.

5. Lie: Working Late/Picking Up Shift/Running Spontaneous Errand

You can also use bank account or credit card transactions online to set a trap. Look for transactions at gas stations that are very much out of the way of where he/she claims they go. Check for gifts for the opposite sex like flowers or jewelry for women and sports tickets or men’s apparel. Not to mention you can check the car for left behind receipts for these same items.

Keep a log of where he claims to go and once a transaction appears very much off the path of where they claim to have gone you can ask them about it. Have multiple examples before approaching them.

It takes courage to set a trap in order to catch your cheating spouse and even more to approach them after you have caught them, but no matter what it will take courage to move forward as you determine what you want to do once you have proof they are indeed cheating.

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