#1 Way to Stop Depression Naturally FAST [NO Pills, NO Doctors]

So you wonder, “Can you stop depression naturally?


How fast?

That depends on how badly you want to end your depression in my opinion.

For me this self-help technique helped me defeat sadness in just a few weeks.

I credit this depression-busting technique as the number one reason how to get over depression naturally WITHOUT PILLS, HERBS, STUPID QUESTIONNAIRES aimed to diagnose serious mental problems or USELESS PSYCHOLOGIST ADVICE.

Oh, yes, I took pills for awhile too.

The psychiatrist kept “trying out” new pills to see what worked.

The last pill I took was  Zyprexa. All in all I believe we tried around 7 brands. Zyprexa blew up my weight over 30% (I am and always have been thin) and gave me pain in my nipples (I’m a guy).

These side effects were enough to push me to finally decide to get off ALL pills and decide to defeat my negative thoughts head-to-head.

Sound familiar at all?

Many years ago I fell into a deep depression. I felt hopeless in my life because I wanted a purpose to fight for. No idea where my career headed. Then add in the stress of my rocky marriage and the feeling that I would forever remain stuck in a rut chipped away at my brain every day.

I thought my life would always suck and then I slipped quickly into a deep emotional pit with no desire to even climb out.

Often lying on the floor or oversleeping with no end in sight.

But I escaped that emotional pit.

You can too.

And I will show you one technique that can lead you back to happiness.

[Fast Forward to the Present]

Stop Depression after an Affair: How I Avoided Infidelity from Ruining My Life with CBT

Depression found another opportunity to take another swing at me not too long ago.

Just a few years back, but a long time after I ended my deep depression from my first marriage my second wife cheated. She eventually abandoned me to live a better life in a big city with better man (being sarcastic, of course)

Luckily for me I had already experienced how to use this technique to stop depression dead in its tracks before even beginning to take over my emotions.

I launched this site shortly after to help others avoid depression after going through an affair.

Without the help of CBT- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,  I don’t see how I could have survived the emotional pain from the affair.

But I did it and I will share here one way how.

Funny thing is I didn’t even know about the technique, but I was doing it.

I hadn’t read any material on it, nor the book I recommend at the bottom of this post.

What is the #1 Secret to Stop Depression?

With the techniques of CBTCognitive Behavioral Therapy.

This form of self-therapy helped me take ownership of my own thoughts.

No more feeling down and then ruining the rest of my day.

Cognitive behavioral therapy claims that dysfunctional negative thinking affects mood. In the case of a depressed person, the faulty, negative ways they look at something happening in their life deepens their sadness, thus keeping them stuck in the depression.

CBT trains them to recognize when those negative thinking patterns begin and replace them with more objective ways to see life which in turn lead to feeling happy.

James Gordon, a self-treated depression sufferer who defeated it and went onto help thousands of others, wrote on page 15 of his renown book “Destroy Depression” how he learned to shift his emotions and thoughts slightly enough to turn his fears around and push himself down the path to happiness.

According to Gordon’s research (and from my own experience) depression stems from a negative thinking cycle where the negative feelings begin which then leads to forming false negative opinions which sadden you more and result in self-defeating actions.

And then the cycle begins all over again.

stop depression naturally fast

Can cognitive behavioral therapy help you end negative thinking patterns?

Negative Thinking Cycle Example

James shares this all-to-familiar example of how someone who suffers from depression might call into work and stay home.

You wake up thinking how unhappy your life is (once again). You then falsy imagine how awful your day at work will be. So you then call in and miss work.

Shortly after you make the call you begin to falsy picture how your co-workers will judge you for missing work, how useless they think you are and how they they’d work better without out you.

Now you begin to falsy imagine getting fired.

In reality they might worry about you, wonder how seriously ill you feel.

But you made up all those negative thoughts.

I experienced the same thing. At that time I felt ashamed of not obtaining the career I wanted in my life at that point. I felt I let my wife down and would never find out what I could excel at. (BUT I WAS YOUNG. How did I expect to find my calling without enough time?)

I thought things would never improve, and I continued to beat myself up.

Once I recognized that I had control over these false thoughts I began to adjust them.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Exercise #1: Deal with Infidelity

Let’s discuss an example many of you reading this can relate to: how you feel after you catch your husband or wife cheating on you.

Step 1: Feelings

Your initial faulty, negative feeling begins: Feelings of rejection, betrayal, loneliness and self-doubt.

Step 2: Thoughts

The negative thought that results from the feeling above:

“He cheated so something must be wrong with me. And so he must prefer her over me. I bet no one loves me because if he doesn’t like me than no one does. Looks like I’ll end up alone the rest of my life. How can go on the rest of my life without a partner.”

Step 3: Actions

Then finally the self-defeating action you choose to make next based on the thoughts you chose to made up.

You beg your spouse to stay because you can’t stand the thought of ending up alone. This makes you look desperate which then pushes the betraying partner further away. As they retreat more you feel more desperate and begin to choose even more detrimental actions like telling him/her it was your fault they cheated.

The more you believe your faulty thoughts, the more destructive actions you take and you drift into depression as feelings of helplessness and hopelessness set in.

Instead you could replace the incorrect thoughts from Step 2 with more accurate and constructive ones that change how you feel and allow you to take action that can lead to feeling happy.

Same Example as above but Ending with Healthy Actions

Step 2 Thoughts

Healthier, More Constructive Thoughts Instead

“He cheated so there must be something wrong that’s bothering him. How would cheating solve this problem. It’d only make things worse. He needs to handle whatever bothers him on his own. I imagine he may not be ready to work with me to figure out our next step together right now so I’ll wait until he’s ready.”

Step 3 Actions

Place the Power in Your Hands, Feel Confident Not Sad, Stop Depression from Starting

You don’t beg your cheating husband to stay nor do you ask him to tell you he still loves you.

Instead of looking for sympathy which places him in position of power, you show him how you will not put up with the disrespectful behavior. You remind him that he chose to cheat. You then say something more powerful that won’t slip you back to Step 1 of where you soak in sorrow.

“I never thought you would choose to cheat. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of things bothering you which you must deal with on your own. At this point I don’t trust you so if you’d like to stay together then come to me when you’re ready to figure out what we can do next. In the meantime I will consider my options of my next move.”

Now he fears losing you, feels like he needs to earn your trust again and begins to doubt the other relationship rather than see it as an escape route. And you feel in the driver’s seat.

10 Real-Life Scenarios that Cognitive Behavior Therapy Can Help Stop Depression…or prevent it from starting

Reverse the Negative Thoughts for the Following Examples.

Don’t allow yourself to sabotage your goals, dreams and happiness.

1. Times of Unemployment

Fear of losing money or can’t take care of your family. Feel left out and falsly think every one is better off than you.

2. Relationship Break-up

Feels lonely and vulnerable.

3. Child Leaves for College

Fear getting older and your child will need you less.

4. Transplant to New City/ Country

You feel out of place like you don’t belong.

5. New Job/ New Promotion

You feel overwhelmed with new responsibilities.

6. New Career Search

You feel stuck and bored/ you want to earn more money.

7. Dating Again

You want to date again, but don’t feel confident.

8. Losing a Job

Feel worthless, fear not wanted by employers.

9. Financial Emergency/ Loss

Worry about not recovering the funds or not having the funds to pay for something you look forward to like a trip, -house or new car.

10. Physical Change

Balding, gaining weight, etc. Worrying people will judge you or look down upon you.

Special Note to Patients Using Anti-depressant Medications (ADM)

This article is an opinion, not professional advice. Unless instructed by a doctor DO NOT get off your medication. Studies suggest everyone responds differently to getting off anti-depressant medications

Check Out this eBook to Help Stop Depressionor prevent sad thoughts from turning into depression

I think you will like this eBook I found.

As an owner of a website I benefit from receiving free eBooks to review.

While I don’t like every book I read, I do come across some that I personally feel can make a difference for you my visitor.

At the time of writing this post I recently received a free copy of a book that shares 7 natural ways to get over depression.

I like the straight forward advice and the fact that the author personally struggled with depression in his life. Much of his recommendations (much of it backed on the research he claimed to conduct) seem spot on from what helped me break out of my depression and help me avoid it after my wife cheated.

Yes, I would receive a kickback if you bought it, but know that I would never endorse crap.

I still despise how the doctors shoved expensive pills down my throat.

So if I come across natural ways to fight depression- I’m all for trying it out.

Many of the 7 steps outlined in the book I have personally tried myself and know that many professional sources recommend them too.


Click here for more information on the 7 steps to get over depression fast without pills or cookie-cutter therapist advice like I did.

If this eBook sounds like it could help then download it and start reading some of the techniques to stop depression naturally within the next few seconds.

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