Online Affair: 3 Top Warning Signs

online affair

Online Affairs: 3 Warning Signs!

How dangerous is an online affair to your relationship? Let’s look at it. The greatest threat to a couple’s relationship still points to co-workers, friends or neighbors. The internet is a tremendous temptation, however, to start and develop close relationships with someone of the opposite sex despite the lack of face-to-face contact. Carrying out an online affair is rapidly growing popular.

In fact, many marriage counselors are reporting a spike in visits to their office for therapy every year due to affairs over the internet. When you sense that your spouse has started a cyber-affair, you have a few strategies to choose from to catch your potential cheating spouse. The first thing I would recommend is study some proven techniques that work at how to catch a cheating spouse. Here are some red flags your spouse might be involved in an online affair.

Online Affair Warning 1: Increase Need for Secrecy and Privacy

When someone starts a cyber-affair they need privacy and time to interact with the other cheating partner. They obviously will need to hide in order to make this happen. Be alarmed of the following activity:

  • They use the computer in a less visible area of your home.
  • Your spouse changes the password on their computer.
  • Your spouse becomes angry or irritable when you approach them while they are online spending time with their online partner.

In fact take note of the following behavior that could be a flag of an online affair AFTER you approach them while they are “working” over the internet.

  • Do they openly confess to what they are doing while online?
  • Do they become defensive or upset at you if your disturb them?
  • Do they act surprised and leave the page they are on as you get near the tablet or computer?
  • A quick change in their mood as you approach them while on the computer is an indication they are doing something they are not comfortable you knowing about.

Online Affair Warning 2: Change in Home Life and Sleep Patterns

Internet usage increases sharply late at night opening the opportunity for an online affair to start more easily.  So  watch for a regular pattern of getting up in the middle of the night or much earlier in the morning than they normally do. This could point towards them visiting dating websites or directly interacting with a secret online partner. This change in sleep partner will distant them from you and affect your lives together. This will leave less time for intimacy or time to communicate as they hustle off to engage in a possible secret online affair.

Online Affair Warning 3: Decline in Household Chores

A sudden decline in household chores may occur if your partner indulges in more time on the internet. Weeds and grass that need cut more often, dirty dishes and trash around the kitchen that pile up, simple maintenance and repairs that go ignored could be sacrificed in favor of more time to spend with their online partner. This drop in time spent toward their household chores may be a sign in a change of their priorities as they give less value towards your relationship with them. Their decision to increase their time online could result in less time spent around the house and investment in time in your relationship. These are just a few of the major indicators of an online affair.

Advanced Tip to Catch Your Spouse in an Online Affair

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