7 Cheating Spouse Secrets to Hide Evidence

Your cheating spouse is a pro at hiding evidence.

He (or she) found a way to live a second life right under your nose and you never saw it coming.

So I’ll let you in on a few secrets as a former cheater and someone who dated a married woman…

In order for a cheater to stay in a secret relationship they’ve got to first find ways to communicate in secrecy.

Then carefully plan ahead for creative ways to spend time with each other. They cannot afford to leave room for error.

Wanna know how your cheating spouse thinks- how they cover their tracks? Get a better understanding how a cheater thinks.

This will lead to catching your double-dipping “sweetheart”.

Just like spies cheaters live secretive, second lives full of lies and uncertainty.

Seen any spy movies lately? You can be like a CIA agent who catches your cheating spouse in your trap, but let’s first discover a little about how a cheater thinks.

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7 Ways A Cheating Spouse Hides Secrets

I can unfortunately tell you from experience both as a former cheater and betrayed spouse that cheaters depend on

Cheating Spouse Secrets

How can you find hidden evidence of your cheating spouse?

privacy and unpredictable patterns.

Without a regular work or recreational pattern your cheating spouse can easily make excuses to “run errands” or work overtime”.

And if he or she can prevent you from invading their privacy then you they will successfully send and receive messages to their secret lover.

If you already suspect foul play then look for these unpredictable patterns and odd behavior to seek privacy like locking themselves in rooms or leaving the house for regular long walks.

1. Your Cheating Spouse Needs to Work a Job with an UNPREDICTABLE Schedule

Patterns spell danger to a cheater. In order to get away with their lies they must take advantage of unpredictability. If their daily routines are not the same, then it’s much easier to visit their girlfriend or boyfriend on the side.

2. Send Messages From Their Work Email

A smart cheater leaves no tracks at home and what better place for your cheating spouse to communicate with their lover than from work where their spouse cannot access her files (unless of course his or her spouse works there too).

3. Send Messages From Bathroom

A favorite excuse to hide and find some privacy in which to contact their lover. This can also be done from any locked up area around the home or even walking outside.

4. Inconsistent Cell Phone Patterns

Not only calling at different times of the day, but more importantly when your cheating spouse answers your calls in varying patterns (answering right away, answering on the second try or not answering at all) makes it harder to detect when they are hiding from their spouse or simply not able to answer the phone.

5. Running Extra Errands

Who would suspect that a quick run to the mall or supermarket actually is a quick rendezvous with their lover. Any amount of time with their girlfriend or boyfriend is valuable.

6. Dangerous Friends

Friends of theirs you do not know are potentially relationship hazards when they come from the wrong crowd who does NOT value or respect relationships. If they are single or have loyalty issues than rest assured they will not think twice about getting your cheating spouse into trouble to have a good time.

7. Code Names and Code Talk

Using a code name on your spouse’s user ID and making up secret code words and phrases can help the two communicate messages between each other without you even understanding what they mean even if you read them. You would have no idea who is contacting your spouse especially if they used a name from the opposite sex.

How would you know your cheating spouse is receiving a call from the “Other Person” when the name that appeared as last caller was not really some guy named Mike, but instead Jennifer? These are just 7 ways cheaters can hide their tracks, but of course, there are many more.


Junk Mail Envelopes

Pass written letters hidden inside business or junk mail envelopes. Your cheating spouse can stash lover letters in a envelope that looks like it contains business literature.

Now see how you can catch your cheating spouse.

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