Don’t Hire a Dating Coach Until You Read This! [Alternate Choice to Find BF Faster]

Should you finally just do it and hire a dating coach?

Or is there another alternative to find love FASTER?

In this post we will look at the PROs and CONs of whether it makes sense for you to hire a dating coach, just read more dating advice books or try a new dating program.

But are you even ready to date again?

If you’ve faced break up or divorce then perhaps you still need time to heal.

However, if not, and you just want to end your long episode of living the single life, then maybe it’s time to end the misery.

Grieve First After Divorce and Break Up Before You Date Again

Women who receive dating advice from a professional dating coach can learn some invaluable techniques that tend to find a boyfriend faster,.

But I highly recommend that you heal first after divorce or break up.

Do not skip this step and start dating again before you are ready.

Trust me.

It feels like the right thing to do after one relationship ends.

But filling the void created when ending one relationship by starting a new one too soon will not solve your sadness and disappointment.

It can instead cause more frustration and headaches.

Make sure you handle your divorce issues properly rather than simply sweeping them under the rug.

[If you still do not feel ready to date after divorce then please read my interview with life coach and motivational speaker Pamela Elaine Nichols.]

However, if you have not dealt with break up or divorce recently and find yourself in position to date again then maybe these next problems sound familiar.

Tired of the Same Men Problems?

Since you arrived at this post then I imagine that you’ve grown tired of those long, lonely nights watching TV by yourself.

And you’ve watched your friends go out with their husbands or boyfriends. Enough is enough.

Any dates you do happen to get from time-to-time totally bomb.

Name it, you’ve met them: creeps, dud first dates, horn balls, non-commital men, married, few email responses to your online dating profiles or just disappear.

And it just makes you wonder:

Why can I not find Mr. Right?

Why Not You?

You wonder what the other women have that you don’t.

I mean, let’s face it, you’re a catch.

You’re pretty, intelligent, career-minded, decisive, see yourself as romantic, fun and perhaps even trendy.

In many ways you even think to yourself that you have more to offer than most.

But still single after all this time, and you have begun to lose confidence that you will ever find a man with whom you will truly bond.

Hell, you thought you met him, but that bombed too and now you lost more time.

And at this point, you’re not even sure you know what you want anymore, just what you don’t want.

But don’t beat yourself up too hard because, bottom line is some women just get lucky- they’re in the right place at the right time, but…

Do You Really Want to WAIT and HOPE You GET LUCKY by being at the right place at the right time?

And that brings us back to why you should hire a dating coach…

  • End these torturous lonely nights
  • Start landing MORE dates…
  • …FUN dates…
  • …with handsome, interesting, QUALITY MEN…
  • …FIND your next BOYFRIEND faster…

…but WHY hire a dating coach, what can they do for you, that dating advice for women books cannot?

Of course, don’t expect magic.

Even the best and most experienced dating coaches who help successful, single, busy women like you cannot promise to take you from single to taken over night.

So what can they do?

Let’s look at the PROs and CONs of whether to hire a dating coach instead of just reading dating advice books.

PROs and CONS to Hire a Dating Coach…

  • Learn to Attract Quality Men who you like
  • Go on FUN FIRST Dates and Get Second Dates
  • ENJOY dating and learn how to CONTROL the DATING PROCESS
  • MAINTAIN HEALTHY BOUNDERIES with men and handle sexual situations that make men respect you
  • UNDERSTAND what he thinks and why he does what he does
  • Know how to confidently TELL HIM WHAT YOU WANT and how to please you
  • CHOOSE the RIGHT MEN and identify the one’s who waste your time
  • FIND TRUE LOVE once and for all

  • Find True Love Overnight
  • Completely Avoid Dud Dates
  • Know Exactly What to Say in Every Situation
  • Eliminate All Nervous Jitters When Meeting a Guy You Like
  • You Must Go on the Dates to Find the Right Guy for You
  • Expensive (at least if you have not hit the breaking point yet and want to speed up finding true love).

But maybe you are not ready to find true love.

Perhaps you’d rather just read a few more dating books and try things on yor own.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

For the right person who does not fear taking action, dating books work.

So who would benefit from hiring a dating coach and who should just take advice from dating books?

Who’s Ready to Hire a Dating Coach

  • You, if you, believe in true love and that with some help you will find the right guy *who brings the best out of you.
  • Willing to ways to attract the right men to them (AKA the right man for you).
  • For the single lady who wants to find time for dating and relationships in her busy life.
  • Open-minded women who will put aside their superficial perfect man checklist and open their hearts for the one who will move them emotionally.
  • For the ladies who want to open their hearts to the right man and make themselves vunerable to love’s most treasured experience.
  • You’re active in dating game, but you either keep meeting the wrong men, or the right ones slip away.
  • You finally reached the breaking point and are flexible to find a compatible man to spend romantic evenings with and open to suggestions how to find a him.
  • WANT A BLUEPRINT TO ATTRACT THE TOP 10% of quality men.

Who’s NOT Ready to Hire a Dating Coach

  • Do not want to actually go on the dates, expect to avoid dating all together to jump straight to enjoying true love.
  • You have not hit the breaking point yet, where you cannot stand to be alone.
  • Still have suitable options of men courting you.
  • If you value anything else other than love and relationships right now and regularly break plans with any dates you do get invited on.
  • Dealing with the emotional effects of break up, divorce or infidelity still. I recommend grieving first (from experience).
  • You’d rather just read a dating advice book for now, rather than pay the money to hire a dating coach.

[Learn to Understand Men better. Check out this new and unique, self-paced, online date coaching program.]

NOT READY to Hire a Dating Coach?…

…but want to learn to Understand Men better?

…then these are my viewers two most popular dating advice books…

1. Why He Disappeared by Evan Marc Katz

Numerous women who visit my site swear by Evan Marc Katz and every month a few of them end up hiring Evan as their personal dating coach.

Evan boasts over 10 million blog viewers a year and helps thousands of women find husbands…even after they go single for many years!

“Why He Disappeared” will help you with the following:

  • Understand why men choose just to date versus desire a relationship
  • What truly makes men happy with women…
  • …and what makes them run away.

[Click Here] for my detailed PROs and CONs review of Why He Disappeared by Evan Marc Katz to get a glimpse of what the book provides.

2. His Secret Obsession by James Bauer

The other most popular book of my viewers that I recommend is “His Secret Obsession” by James Bauer.

This actionable book helps thousands of both single and committed women learn what drives a man to see someone as his dream woman.

I whole-heartedly agree with Jame’s insight into how we as men want to feel like a woman’s protector, provider and hero.

While yes, you either have the chemistry and compatibility with a man or not, “His Secret Obsession” will help you identify what makes a man chase you and if you are “the One” he is looking for.

[Click Here] for my detailed review of “His Secret Obsession” by James Bauer.

Want Something New? [Online Dating Program for Women]

Want to Hire a Dating Coach, But Not Ready to Pay Thousands of Dollars?

Try “Love U” Instead.

If you would like to speed things up to find your next boyfriend or possible future husband, but you do not want to pay thousands of dollars for personal love training.

Then try something more affordable.

And I found the next best thing…

“Love U” by Evan Marc Katz.

This program allows you to learn from Evan Marc Katz’ personal dating coaching program in a capsualted format that you can access whenever you want or schedule allows.

What Is Evan Marc Katz’ Love U?

“Love U” is a meticulously crafted curriculum designed by dating coach Evan Marc Katz himself with 6 different video modules that each last 4-5 weeks.

[Video Modules]

The comprehensive video modules cover a long list of topics on how to achieve successful results in dating men and enjoy it such as:

  • How to let go of past relationships to open your heart to finding new love.
  • Identify and conquer the fears that keep you from meeting new men.
  • Why you go after men who break your heart and how to start meeting the ones who will make you feel appreciated.
  • How to effectively flirt with men and have fun with it.
  • Confidently tell men what you want…and get it.

Interactive Exercises

Each week download an action-oriented exercise to get you results faster.

Multi-format Lessons

Watch, listen or read each lesson. Download video transcripts or listen to the audio version.


In addition to the core “Love U” program that gives you:

  • 26 weeks of intensive dating coach videos to help you understand men and find love
  • 26 weeks of exercises that help you put your lessons into action
  • 26 weeks audio to listen while you are on the go
  • 26 weeks of PDFs to read when you’d rather go straight to a specific point

…Evan also includes:

5 Top Recorded Coaching Calls

  • Moving On
  • Unmet Expectations
  • Men and Money
  • How to Make Him Fall in Love with You
  • What Men Want

Top Selling eBook “Why He Disappeared”

One of the most downloaded dating books for women on the internet and most purchased dating book from my viewers.

If you’d like the same benefits to hire a dating coach, but in a more affordable format that you can access whenever your schedule allows that consider “Love U” by Evan Marc Katz.

Some of my viewers who have taken this course have enjoyed Evan’s style and training so much that they even enrolled in his personal coaching program after.

However, most of Evan’s satisified clients have discovered that “Love U” provides more than enough advanced dating advice to help you find the love of your life.

In fact, view some of his happy clients say about “Love U”:

“Love U” Testimonials

  • Evan taught me that I was the prize to be sought after! Now we are almost at 6 months and already talking of a future together. -Sue Q.
  • Through Evan’s calls and guidance, I realized that dating is about making better choices. In six months with Evan, I have learned so much about boundaries, patience, and accountability in dating. I am now engaged to the love of my life! -Olga S.
  • I’m getting married next week. My guy teases me on how I “took the course” on how to meet a guy and keep him interested. He should only really know how much work that took and all the things I learned from you. So glad I found you. -Linda S.
  • Within a few months I met the most amazing man. We are together now about a year and talking about moving in together. -Marisa C.
  • Take the time to learn and understand the knowledge Evan is presenting here, and I believe you, too, will find the man who will love you forever. -Lynn V.

[Watch Short Video] Read More Details of the “Love U” Dating Program by Evan Marc Katz…

…to See If It Is Right For You

Love U date coaching program by Evan Marc Katz

“Yes, I Want More “Love U” Details”





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