Attract Your Dream Man: How-to Guide to Find True Love and Future Husband

I’d bet that you’re still wondering how to attract your dream man.

Am I right?

But dream man and future husband aside, you probably have a hard enough time just finding any quality men in your life, right?

Or instead do you struggle to keep a relationship, or get a serious commitment from your boyfriend?

How about putting up with crap you know that you shouldn’t?

Are maybe you are so wrapped up with work, and life in general that you just feel your time to find someone is slipping by?

It’s like every man you meet is a total douche bag? Or they all lie, or never call.

I tell you ladies, this was me. I have been here. It feels lonely and like you are helpless.

Hello, my name is Brook Pittman and I coach women like you who believe they deserve to attract your dream man and finally find true love.

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Let’s Do This Together: A New Strategy to Attract Your Dream Man … and future husband

So, what’s a girl to do? You have done everything you are supposed to, right?

Maybe you have tried playing by “the rules”. Maybe you have gone to the gym, had botox injected, have the lipolaser place on speed dial, been sprayed head to toe with a tan…but still nothing. Can this be more frustrating!?

What if I told you that all of that is beside the point? And that you should not be worried about what you are supposed to do?  In fact, what if told you that instead that I could help guide you toward finding your future husband? I can help you learn how to attract your dream man AND your dream relationship?

Would you be on that opportunity like white on rice? I would be!

If anyone would have told me,
“Hey listen, if you sign up for this, I will show you how to define your dream man, how to attract your dream man and how to create your dream relationship and find your future husband!. “

I would have JUMPED at the chance, and likely knocked that person over in my excitement! You can just show me how to do this? All in one place?

That is right. After you get to certain age, you have already been through a lot of crap and now it’s time to…

…Take Out the Garbage! Time to Become of Quality Man Magnet

You have dealt with all sorts of shitty boyfriends, cheating husbands, lying first dates, bad one night standsan entire gamut of garbage.

But we have learned something, right?

You have. I promise. It might not feel like it, you might just feel depleted. Sad. Lonely. Willing to put up with shit when you deserve the best, just so you have someone to be with.

No matter what your experiences are, you have learned this:

You have learned what you want and DON’T want in a relationship and in a man.  This will define what you want (and don’t want) from a man, from a relationship. With this knowledge, you can attract your dream man. You can find your future husband.

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Changing Your Self-Perception to Attract Your Dream Man

Why? How will that help? Let’s Take this Step-by-Step

1. First and Foremost…We Must Look at How Awesome You Are

Look at all the amazing things you have done in your life. You have worked hard to get where you are. Make yourself a list of all the incredible things you are, and that you have achieved.

Don’t be shy here. Make sure you brag about yourself to yourself😊 Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Now take your favorite points, the ones that really make you smile and put them on post-it notes. Post those babies everywhere, on your mirror, fridge, on your bed.

2. Try to Remember Something You Always Loved to Do, but Have Let Slip by the Wayside

Could be anything, ice skating, scrapbooking, knitting, jogging or yoga. Now, start fitting that hobby into your life again. Let it make you happy.

3. You Need to Reward Yourself for Being You

So, start by giving yourself something special. Do something for you. Get a massage. Go out for a posh dinner. Get your nails done. Do something that you don’t usually do for yourself. Indulge and don’t feel guilty about it. Remind yourself of all the awesome things that define who you are and know that you deserve this indulgence.

You are the badass woman- a woman who deserves awesome shit, a woman who deserves the best

Dating Coach Brook Pittman

4. These First Steps are Going to Make You Start to Shift Your Perception of Yourself

You don’t see a lonely single girl. The broken woman, the divorced woman, the desperate woman. You are the badass woman- a woman who deserves awesome shit, a woman who deserves the best and will not put up with sub-par anymore. Remind yourself of this everyday. Every time you look in the mirror.

5. Now Define the Characteristics of Past Relationships You Liked

Go through your past relationships in your mind. The good and the bad. Write a list of all the good characteristics of the men you have been in relationships with. Now add to that list all of the kinds of characteristics you would like to have in your dream man.

6. Next Define the Characteristics of Past Relationships You Did NOT Like

List all of the characteristics of your exes that you HATED, or didn’t like.

7. Make the List of the Ideal Characteristics to Define Your Dream Man

In order to attract your dream man you must combine the good characteristics and what he will not be. For example, he won’t ever make me feel like shit, but he always gives me genuine and supportive compliments. This will be your future husband!

8. Define the Dream Relationship Too

So, as with the defining of the dream man list, do the same with the dream relationship. List the best and worst aspects of your past relationships, and add in any other great aspects of a relationship you would like.

9. Keep Your Lists with You and Read Them Every Night Before Bed

Want to attract your dream man? Ingrain these lists into you head. Read them every morning when you wake. If you are having a less than awesome day, run for a bathroom break at work, take them out and read them again. Remind yourself of your own awesomeness and how lucky this dream man would be to partner with you in this dream relationship.

“Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows. “ – Tony Robbins

“Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows. “ – Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

Just keep that phrase in mind.

Where Focus goes, energy flows…..keep your focus on your lists, on your dream man, on how it will feel to attract your dream man and, ultimately, to find your future husband.

Do the Exercise Above and … your future husband will find you

Now that you are well-aware of your own badassery, and how amazing you truly are, and how deserving you are, you will be attracting all sorts of amazing people in all areas of your life.  Go out there in the world and be happy. Smile. Walk like you know how much you rock.

People can see how happy you are with yourself. They will feed off your vibes. They will feel your presence. You will be putting out new vibes. You’ll be you. And now you will start to feel confident and happy with yourself- exactly what quality men are attracted to.

Now it will just be a matter of making sure that you don’t just jump right into something with the first guy who pays you any attention. Remember that you are a deserving woman. You don’t need anyone and now can choose who you would like, and who your dream man is. You want to attract your dream man, not your he-will-do man!

Of course, we know that the way we define our dream man on our list, may look different than what we had pictured. Be open to what your requirements might look like. Think outside the box ladies! The way you have been choosing men so far has not worked out, so make sure you look at things through different eyes. Shift your perception.

So, you have found your dream man, now what?

Now you go back to your dream relationship list.

How can you make this a reality?

Find ways to make it your reality. Move things toward your dream man turning into your future husband.

Tell him what you want.

Tell him how to meet your needs.

Let him know what you expect and show him what you will put up with.

You set the bar. From day one you must not let him treat you like you are not important.

Remember how awesome you are?

He should feel the same way.

If you let him feel like it is ok to treat you badly, or like you are not super important, then he will do so.

You show him how to treat you by showing him that you respect and love yourself. That you know your value. If he doesn’t know your value, he is not your future husband.

Go and Get Him!

Ok ladies, now it is time to go and rock this!

Let your bad selves out!

Remember what a catch you are. Remember that you deserve the best.

You deserve to be treated well. Y

ou deserve to have the most wonderful and fulfilling relationship, and you will have it.

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