Guys Mixed Signals: 10 Signs Guy Not into You

Can you decode guys mixed signals?

I guess not. That’s why you clicked through to read my post.

But if you can’t then we will wreck havoc on your heart.

Why are we so mean?

Find the answers at the end of this post.

But the real problem comes when you can’t just let go and move onto the next guy.

“But he has everything on my checklist of the perfect guy,” you whine.

So Why Stick Around?

Because you like him, you can’t get him out of your head AND he has shown signs of liking you.

Sure about that?

“Yes,” you answer me.

Let me guess.

Your story goes something like this:

You’ve texted back and forth and maybe even gone out a few times.

Some days you live in the clouds, everything goes right.

He texts first.

Flirts with you. Says you have a cute smile.

Hugs you in public.

Asks you questions.

BUT other days he seems distant.

Something Seems Wrong

You want to go out, but he doesn’t take action.

The agony of the anxiety of wanting someone who may or may not want you back.

I know the feeling all too well as a man.

Women send mixed signals too.

It’s frustrating, painful and I want you to avoid it at the earliest sign of trouble.

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Decoding Guys Mixed Signals

10 Signs He’s Not Interested in You

You may just need to accept what your gut instinct tells you.

Because no one sign here will provide you a definitive answer.

Multiple guys mixed signals, however, should suffice.

Is it time to move on?

Take a look…

1. Makes Little or No Effort to See You

Excuses, excuses. Rather than tell you straight up that he doesn’t want to see you he tells you he’s dealing with family problems, has got to work or any other random reasons why he cannot go out with you.

2. He Does NOT Ask You Questions about You

Any conversations seem one-sided. You do all the asking. He answers, but does not show any interest in learning more about you.

3. Does NOT Text You First

At least he is polite to respond to your texts. He might even reply fairly quickly to all of your texts, BUT he never sends you the first message.

4. He Does NOT Touch You or Get Close

When a guy likes you, he will consistently come within close proximity. Expect him to lightly touch your forearm, shoulder or back. When he does neither then it should make you wonder just how interested he is.

5. Responds Late to Majority of Your Texts

Guys that like you respond FAST. We rejoice when you acknowledge us. We want to accelerate the courting process so we can ask you out as soon as possible. So why do you suppose the majority of his text responses come super late?

6. Displays Uninterested Body Language

Body language experts claim that when you like someone you turn your body towards them (toes, torso, face, shoulders). You show genuine joy in seeing them which includes a smile and wide-open eyes. Uninterested body language communicates the opposite. What direction do he face when around you? Does he point away? Does he seem anxious to leave (almost all the time)?

7. Talks About Other Women He Likes, Finds Attractive

Personally, I find this rude even when I don’t like a girl. You basically say, “You are not attractive.” If he talks about other women in front of you then why would you want an immature man?

8. Breaks Plans, Does NOT Reschedule

Even when he has made plans, more often than not, he weasels his way out of them- always with an excuse. Do you really want someone unreliable?

9. His Friends Come First…Always

He never has time for you because of his precious friends. May I remind you of the number one topic guys talk about together? Girls, of course. So if girls are the number 1, 2 and 3 things on our minds then why wouldn’t he bend over backwards to see you when he’s got you?

10. Short Texts and Short Phone Calls

He responds, BUT with brief, uninterested messages and conversations. You pawn his behavior off as shyness around girls. Then why does he seem outgoing around other girls?

Why Does He Do It?

Guys mixed signals come down to a few simple explanations. Why do we show interest in you in some ways and none in yet others?

  1. Too Afraid to Say “No”. We either do not want to see you hurt or just want to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of rejecting you.
  2. Enjoy the Attention. Even when we do not like a girl, we like how it feels to be adored. Who doesn’t? We just do not want to get too close.

Most likely it’s both.

Any Guys Mixed Signals Missing from My List? 

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