Text the Romance Back 2.0 Review: Mike Fiore Full of S— or Text Guru?

Will Text the Romance Back inject life into your relationship (or soon-to-be relationship) with a few short text messages?


Will it turn-up the heat for singles returning to the dating scene TOO?


(The Text the Romance Back 2.0 version contains new material for singles and divorcees who wish to attract a new mate).

Do the strategies taught by dating coach guru Mike Fiore even work for text-phobes who seem allergic to texting?


Bottom-line: Does Text the Romance Back live up to the internet craze?

Yes, yes, yes!

Well before I even purchased my own copy of Mike’s course, I had already practiced many of his concepts.

And let’s just say they work like a charm.

Flirtatious texts should make it fun for both you and the other person.

As Mike says, texting offers a sort of “Romantic Channel” in which you can tune into practically at any time.

Texting offers many benefits over face-to-face contact or phone conversations- even emails.

Watch Video of Text the Romance Back creator Mike Fiore on TV discuss why his unique program works.



[List] of Text Message Advantages Over Face-to-Face and Phone Conversations

  • The concepts taught by Mike Fiore in Text the Romance Back will benefit you in the following ways.
  • Gives you more time and clear mind to come up with the most effective words. Does not put you on the spot.
  • Less is more. Short text messages avoid clutter words. They come across more sincere, romantic and down-right cuter.
  • Option to revise before you hit send. Phrasing counts.
  • Send and receive at any time. Even a busy executive can view a text while in a meeting.
  • Less intrusive and less time consuming than phone calls and sifting through and opening up emails.
  • Private. No one hears the conversation around you.
  • Eliminates urgency of response. You can respond at your own convenience.
  • Even shy people feel comfortable texting.
  • They WILL read EVERY text. No one can resist.
  • Acceptable form of communication with someone you just met. Facebook or text messaging come across less offensive than calling someone you just met at work, at a coffee shop or bar.
  • And my favorite…they create intense curiosity bait to make someone you like chase you, desire you and make you irresistible…at any given time!

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Text the Romance Back Review Snapshot


Text the Romance Back 2.0


Dating, Relationship Coach Mike Fiore

His Other Popular Courses/eBooks

Text Your Ex Back

Capture His Heart


  • Member Website (Access from post-purchase email)
  • eBook (Downloadable from post-purchase email)


Text the Romance Back Cookbook

Upgrade Package Bonuses (*I Bought the Platinum and they include the following):

  • Text Your Ex Back
  • Romance on a Budget
  • Instant Forgiveness
  • Why We Cheat
  • Enhanced Text the Romance Back Video Series


$47 for main title

Upgrade will appear after initial purchase attempt with pricing.

Money Back Guarantee

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My Experience with Text the Romance Back 2.0

I purchased the Upgraded Package and couldn’t be more pleased. I now have a romantic texting mastery course at my fingertips at all times on my phone (the eBook version) and on my laptop (the online course).

I’ve used these texts and concepts for years and never amazes me how easy they work.

I provide screenshots of my online course experience below in this detailed review.

Once Mike Fiore’s word-for-word texts and flirtatious texting concepts sink in and become a natural part of you then you will only need a way to communicate with a girl/guy via text, FB (or another form of chat) to capture his/her heart.

I personally do not think you need to read this whole review.

You should purchase your own copy through the links on this page and start putting Mike’s ready-to-send texts today.

BUT…I created this PROs/CONs review to help you decide for yourself to purchase or not (or to upgrade to a more advanced package).


My Score


[CLICK HERE] to Watch Mike Fiore’s Appearance on TV and Video Presentation of Text the Romance Back


text the romance back review

Who Should Read Text the Romance Back

  • If you are in a committed relationship and want to re-ignite the romance because things have gone stale.
  • If one of the two in a relationship has time constraints, like work or kids, that limit free time.
  • Singles who just started seeing someone who want flirting tips to attract the other person to them to get more dates.
  • You find yourself back into the dating game and want to avoid flirting mistakes you mad in the past.
  • Course designed for both women and men.

Who Should Not Buy Text the Romance Back

  • If you verbally abuse your partner/spouse and want to manipulate them to do what you want.
  • If your partner/spouse verbally abuses you and you hope to have a change of heart and treat you well. Text the Romance Back will not help you fix an abusive person.
  • This course will not help you if you do not plan on taking action from what you learn.

PROs and CONs of Text the Romance Back

  • View in two different versions: 1) Website version with hyperlinks table of contents. This allows you to jump around at ease from one section to another from any device. I did not view in from my phone, preferred my laptop. 2) Downloadable PDF version. If you wish to read it from your tablet or phone while on a break at work or the subway or bus, or during a flight this version comes in handy.
  • The website version displays super quick, response time when clicking on the menus and switching to a different page. This saves me gobs of time to search for points I’ve read.
  • Ready-to-go, word-for-word texts you can paste into your phone to send. These professional, time-tested texts work great if you do not feel comfortable writing your own…
  • …but Mike also teaches the psychology behind each text message classification for you to draft your own texts.
  • [Bonus] Text the Romance Cookbook included with the main title. This helpful, shortcut resource drops all the copy-and-paste text messages from the course, plus more, so you can access them quickly and send them off.
  • User-friendly navigation for the online version with two menus both sidebar and top menu.
  • Text the Romance Back offers advice for both men and women, as well as singles who just started seeing someone or just met someone they like. This allows you to take advantage of the course if situations change for you. It also provides a good understanding of how the opposite side feels so you can acquire patience, eliminate stress and frustration and send more effective texts.
  • [Upgraded Extra Bonuses] I took advantage of the Text the Romance Back Upgrade package offer. I highly recommend you do the same. Now I have access to dating coach Mike Fiore’s video series and four other courses Romance on a Budget, Instant Forgiveness, Why We Cheat and the usually sold separate course Text Your Ex Back.

  • Not enough in-depth instruction to warn you of what words could get you in trouble. Although, Mike does heed one BIG warning- do not fight over text. Keep texting as a “Romantic Channel”
  • To break up the monotony of just reading the material I would like to have seen screenshots of text conversations or even short video clips. This could elevate the benefit and value of the online course versus the PDF version.
  • To follow-up with the four-week course, I think offering chapters of how to text in different circumstances would offer a great “at-your-finger-tip” resource. Or place it in a bonus course included in the package. For example, how and what to text for singles who just met someone: “How to Ask Him/Her Out on First Date”.

Ready to Purchase Text the Romance Back?

Text the Romance Back 2.0
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[Checklist] 10 Things that Top Dating Courses/Guides Should Have

Each dating course and eBook touches on subjects in their own unique way. They say it in a different way and they provide insight on how your partner might feel or interpret your messages and actions.

However, the best, most complete dating and relationship courses should include the core basics which I list below as a minimum.

The most important element starts off my list…

1. Does the Course/eBook Actually Solve the Problem It Claims to?

Some courses do not explicitly spell out what they claim to solve. Others do but break off into so many tangents you get lost and tangled up in the confusing concepts.

Author Mike Fiore of Text the Romance Back claims to help you learn how to proactively create a stronger romantic bond through cute, curiosity-inducing, romantic and often times flirtatious text messages.

And does he hit the mark?


And as you read my thorough, detailed review below you will find out quickly that even after just minutes you can put his lessons to use right away from day one.

Mike designed the course for both women and men, and for people in committed relationships, daters or for even those who just met someone they like.

Text the Romance Back will even work on someone who despises texting.

Yes, you read that right.

You will learn how to take a relationship that has turned temporarily stale, routine, yawn fest into a steamy, mind-blowing, can’t-wait-to-see you-and-touch-you relationship in a matter of weeks if not days, perhaps even hours or minutes.

There’s a reason Mike has appeared on various TV shows and has converted thousands upon thousands of happy customers.

2. Tips to Achieve Dating Success in Various Situations/Relationship Stages

Text the Romance Back takes a unique approach of sharing tips for both males and females and in different relationship stages.

The tips found on the member site help couples who need a boost in their romantic lives and for singles seeking a new relationship.

Advice for couples help those to rekindle the romance who have lost the spark and those engaged in long distance relationships.

Text the Romance Back helps singles wishing to spark romance all through flirtatious texting strategies.

3. How to Avoid Heartache

A quality dating/relationship course or guide should include suggestions how to avoid (or at least limit) experiencing heartbreak.

Mike Fiore does differentiate how to properly text men versus women. While you cannot over generalize genders, his experience as a dating coach has shown him that men and women tend to react differently to the wording and timing of texts.

He heeds some warnings on what not to do, but I don’t feel like he has done it enough.

Then again, a course on texting stresses the importance of action to take rather than overdosing you on theories and aligning you with the right mindsets.

But at least Mike interjects some advice to help you prevent texting the wrong thing in the wrong situation to scare off or offend the person you like.

Re-aligning, mindset guides offer much valuable insight. Action alone will not help since you must understand the other person’s point of view.

For women dating men I suggest dating coach Evan Marc Katz’ “Why He Disappeared” or “Believe in Love” (enter the links to your reviews)

4. Easy-to-Follow Table of Contents with Hyperlinks

Do not overlook the importance of an easy-to-follow Table of Contents. Later when you wish to jump to specific sections of the course you want the TOC to contain quickly recognizable header descriptions or you will lose valuable time looking for specific lessons.

I prefer sub-menus to differentiate one similarly sounding point from another.

The website version of Text the Romance Back course displays two menus, a top menu and a sidebar menu, depending if you have entered a section already or start from the home page.

This makes navigation much easier.

Grab Your [Free Copy] of “3 Magic Texts…that will change your romantic life” by Mike Fiore

Text the Romance Back Free Download

Top Menu of Online Course Version


text the romance back table of contents

Text the Romance Back Table of Contents with Hyperlinks (online course from Members Page)


Sidebar Menu of Online Course Version

Text the Romance Back sidebar menu

Text the Romance Back sidebar menu

5. Easy-to-Differentiate One Point Another

I have reviewed my share of courses and eBooks. The authors often attempt to get overly creative by inventing names for dating concepts in which they wish to brand their own style.

This creates confusion when you go back to review and you mix one concept up with another.

The names Mike gives to his different classifications of texts does not confuse the student.

Furthermore, his relaxed, conversational language and tone create a more enjoyable and interesting read.

They have fairly self-explanatory names such as Appreciation Texts. You can figure out from that name that he means texts that show your appreciation towards someone.

Furthermore, Mike Fiore designed his 4-week course for you to follow in sequence and use it in real-life situations on your current partner or someone you like and want a deeper connection with.

Because of this, you should not jump around and get confused which steps to take next until you’ve taken the course first all the way through.

Each step corresponds to a different type of text message starting with Appreciation Texts which do not illicit a response. Instead they allow the person to whom you send to warm up to you.

6. Actionable Advice

You seek to improve your love life, no matter if you currently have a partner or not. Either way you went out looking for ways to make something happen.

Theory and concepts will improve your ability to understand and fully grasp the lessons.

But many dating and relationship eBooks do not offer enough actionable advice.

Reading just one section alone should equip you with one action step that you could immediately put in motion.

Text the Romance Back surpasses any dating or relationship eBook/course I have come across so far that offers immediate actions steps.

But then again what else would you expect from a how-to text course?

It will only take you minutes to read Week One and immediately after you can begin to copy various ready-made texts to send to him/her.

7. Interesting, Relevant Stories

Each section both in the 4-week program and the Long Distance and I Am Single sections open with or include real-life stories told in the third person.

The stories detail two different viewpoints:

Viewpoint 1) How the student of the Text the Romance Back course felt and what they thought as they text the other person.

Viewpoint 2) The other way around, how the person receiving the texts from the student of the Text the Romance Back course.

Check out these examples. Since I cannot copy and paste the actual story word-for-word I will have to describe the scenario of the stories.

Man Receiving Text from Woman

In the Sensual Compliment Texts, Mike details a short introductory story to this section of a man at a bar watching a sports game. The Sensual Compliment Text he receives from the girl he recently met turns him on so much that he already wants to leave in the middle of the game and meet up with her.

Woman Receiving Text from Man

A lady sits at the DMV stressed out over waiting forever and the thought of the new ugly photo they will place on her driver’s license. Suddenly she receives a Relationship Time Machine Text from her apparent boyfriend or husband.

He takes her back to their first date in the message, describes how she looked and the details how it made him feel leading up to their first kiss. The cute text drains her of all her stress while she re-focuses her attention on him as her heart skips a beat and her energy-level rises.

In some parts of the Text the Romance Back course Mike gives you a short back-and-forth interaction similar to this one here between a husband and wife. The husband is away on a business trip.

Sample Portion of a Digital Foreplay Text Conversation for Business Trip

Susan: “I just don’t think I can handle… :(!

Bob: “Handle what?”

Susan: “Another moment without wiping my soft hands down your bare chest and then grasping the back of your head and pressing your moist lips onto mine. Please hurry up and come back from your trip. I have something waiting for you. ;).”

Bob cannot resist the urge to reply to the curiosity statement Susan sends.

He worries that something bothers her.

I guess he got a little hot and bothered himself after he reply. I’d bet he needed a quick break to cool off from the work at hand.

Get Him to Respond to Your Irresistible Texts…

[DOWNLOAD] Your Copy of Text the Romance Back 

8. Easy-to-Follow Organization

The Text the Romance Back four-week course follows a sequential order by design. The organization is meant to build your skills for each text category and to warm your partner up to your new romantic text style.

An introductory section that precedes the weekly chapters describes who the course is designed for and gives a detailed explanation why texting works to rekindle romance (or start it with someone new).

It also advises on a strategy to use with boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives/daters who do not like texting.

After this then you begin the main part of the course.

Each week Mike introduces you to his different text classifications, when to use them, why they work and how to write them.

In Week One they enjoy your sudden attention and admiration. At this point they are not used to receiving any sensual texts. By the end of the course, their heart races and they cannot stop thinking about you.

Of course, after mastering the course you should jump around and apply each type of text depending on the situation.

View the different text classifications here next.

Text the Romance Back: The Text Classifications

Each classification of text in this online course serves a different purpose and is meant for different scenarios.

Think of these different classifications like tools.

You don’t use a hammer for screws and vice versa you do not use a screwdriver for nails.

In the same way, you do not use a Bait Question when instead you should send an Appreciation Text.

The Bait Question text intends to receive a response while the Appreciation Text induces the other person to feel romantic about you and “appreciate” your thoughtfulness without asking for a reply.

Each text classification contains a list of word-for-word, cut-and-paste text messages that you can send.

View the different categories of texts in the Text the Romance Back course below.

  • Appreciation Texts
  • Sensual Compliment Texts
  • Curiosity Magnets
  • Bait Questions
  • Relationship Time Machine
  • Text Massage
  • Private Whispers
  • Digital Foreplay

Text the Romance Back 2.0

Text Classifications

Text the Romance Back text classifications

Text the Romance Back text classifications (online course from Members Page)

Sample Text Conversations from Text the Romance Back

If you want a sample of the kinds of text conversations to expect in the Text the Romance Back course then view the ones I’ve included below. I did not take them word-for-word from the course, but they are very similar. I do not include the text classifications next to the sample text conversations as it won’t do justice to the course.

Remember Mike designed Text the Romance Back for you to take in a specific order and learn the core concepts at the beginning of each section for better understanding. This protects you from overwhelming the other person or coming across looking weird.

Husband Showing Appreciation to His Busy Wife at Her Job

Husband: “So I got to thinking…”

Wife: “Busy day at work honey. Thinking about what?”

Husband: “How much I appreciate how hard you work and yet find time for the kids and me. You’re a great mom and wife.”

Wife: “Wow. I appreciate that so much. Thank you! Kiss.”

Husband: “When you get home tonight I have a little surprise for you that I’ve planned for a while. Good luck guessing what it is…. See ya tonight hon.”

Woman Teasing the Man She Started Dating a Month Ago

Her: “Hmmm. If you were here right now I think I might… 😉

Him: “What is it?”

Her: “Grab you by the arms and pull you in so I could do something.”

Him: “Do what sweetie???”

Her: “Smell you and plant a soft kiss on your tender neck. You know why?”

Him: “:) Why??!!”

Her: “I love the way you taste.”

All the text conversations taught in Text the Romance Back aim to create a fun, romantic interaction- a sort of game of flirtatious back-and-forth banter.

Imagine how you could spice up your partner’s day.

How-to Respond to their Replies (or Lack of Reply) Strategies

After instructing you on how to craft each category of text, Mike Fiore follows it up with strategies on how to respond to their replies back to you (or lack of reply).

In other words, in the case when you do not receive a reply, you wouldn’t want to panic and begin sending a barrage of texts hoping to light some spark under the person.

Mike designed strategies for both women or men and apply them at the right situation.

Here is a sample list of Mike’s reply strategies in the Appreciation Texts section:

  • If he doesn’t respond at all . . .
  • When he responds positively . . .
  • If he responds negatively . . .
  • When you don’t get a response (from her) . . .
  • If she says “This doesn’t sound like you”
  • When she responds negatively . . .

Learn how to create Curiosity Magnets, Bait Questions and Digital Foreplay texts…

[Click Here] to watch Mike Fiore’s presentation.


9. Sticks to Points of the Course

In many courses and eBooks I have reviewed the authors/creators tend to stuff their material with too many concepts and theories.

They begin one of their points and then go off on tangents in an attempt to further explain what they want to teach you.

In some cases, they even repeat the same points several times throughout the book/course. As long as it does not stall the flow of the course and bore you to sleep I agree with repeating to help the lessons sink it so you can truly learn them inside and out.

However, sometimes they overdo it. I wish they’d just get straight to the point. I only have so much patience and time to read the material.

Text the Romance Back gets straight to the point, thankfully.

Every lesson packs a punch briefly with short core concept descriptions followed by sample text conversations.

You will not get bored hacking your way through heaps of repetitive fluff.

10. Extra Materials to Aid Ease of Learning

Each section includes MP3 audio which accompany the text. And depending on if you purchase upgrades or not, you can access bonus complementary courses in both the side and top menu bars.

I can access a video series and courses normally sold separately like “Text Your Ex Back” since I purchased an upgrade.

Check out the screenshot below of my dashboard.

Yours could look different depending on the package you purchase.

*NOTE: You will NOT see the Upgrade packages until after you begin the order process. The upgrade offer will pop up on its own. You can reject or accept it.

Video Series I Got with Upgraded Package



Text the Romance Back Platinum Upgrade Package Mike Fiore Video Series

Text the Romance Back Platinum Upgrade Package Mike Fiore Video Series

9.5 Total Score
Review Criteria Scores

Program Solves the Problem It Claims To
Dating Tips in Various Situations/Dating Stages
Tips on What NOT to Do in Order to Avoid Mistakes
User-Friendly Table of Contents with Hyperlinks
Easy-to-Understand, Non-confusing Points
Offers Actionable Advice
Interesting Relevant Stories
Good Organization
Author/Creator Sticks to the Point, No Fluff
Extra Materials to Facilitate Learning
User Rating: No Ratings Yet!

My Top 10 Favorite Features from Text the Romance Back

Now I present to you my opinion on the items and benefits stood out to me in Mike Fiore’s course. What made it worth me paying with my own money for both the main title course for $47 and then upgrading for $67.

1. Core Concepts Section

Mike outlines the best mindsets to live by in order to benefit best from his program such as it not being your responsibility to “make your partner happy”.

He explains what he means by this and how it helps you stay connected without causing fights under “Core Concept 3: It’s Not Your Job to Make Your Partner Happy”

2. Power Words

Mike reiterates throughout his course the importance of two powerful words to interject into your texts. You will find one mention of them in the introduction under Text Massage, where he refers to them as the “dual canons of text sensuality”.

3. Works for Men and Women, Couples, Singles Re-entering Dating Scene

I find it beneficial that Text the Romance Back helps practically anyone to succeed in increasing the level in romance. Both singles and couples can take advantage of Mike Fiore’s strategies- even for long-distance couples.

4. Cut-and-Paste, Word-for-Word Text Messages

Mike gives you both the concepts to create your own texts and also sample text messages that you can copy verbatim into your phone.

5. Response Strategy

In the event your partner (or the person you started seeing) doesn’t not reply Mike details a strategy on both what to think about it so you can manage any disappointment or jumping to conclusions. But more importantly he advises on an actual text reply strategy for when he/she does not respond in the way you anticipated.

6. How to Text Someone Who Does Not Like Texting

Not everyone enjoys frantically, hacking away at their small phone’s keyboard expending a lot of energy and time. And still despite that tough challenge to overcome, Text the Romance Back has a strategy to still succeed (Week One, Appreciation Texts section).

7. Easy-to-Navigate Dashboard

I particularly enjoy the online Text the Romance Back version due to the ease and speed of navigation. I can jump around from section to section or go back to review something I previously read. It gets very frustrating when reading an eBook to scroll for several minutes to find something I wanted to review. Sometimes I cannot even find it.

8. Downloadable eBook Version Included

Yes, while I do prefer the online version, I would not use it on my phone. And if I don’t have internet connection I would not have the option to view it at all. Having the PDF version available helps when I just want to sit at the table, riding the subway or while stuck at a traffic light to read it bits and pieces on my phone. Plus, I can easily take screenshots on my phone and refer back to them.

9. Smiley Face, Ellipsis

These two symbols play a key role in turning a boring text conversation into a more saucy, flirtatious one. Check out the purpose they serve in Curiosity Magnets in Week Two.

10. [Bonus] The Text the Romance Back Cookbook

Digital Romance Inc includes adds this resource in the package when you purchase the main course. It supplies a list of all the sample texts into one spot, organized by text classification. If you want to copy-and-paste all the various texts from the main course then you’ll want to utilize the Cookbook often. Download the PDF version to your phone for easy, quick access.

[Summary] of Mike Fiore’s Text the Romance Back

Is This a Scam, is Mike Full of S— or is he a Relationship, Texting Genius?

I personally have been using the online course version to send texts to a woman I have known for a while. And despite the fact she prefers phone calls, she cannot resist responding to the texts that I send her.

I find Curiosity Magnets and Bait Questions receive responses pretty much every time.

You do have to watch yourself sending the wrong texts to a girl (or guy) too early in a relationship.

Also do not jump full-blown flirt mode on your partner if they are not used to those sort of texts coming from you.

You will not receive the response you expect.

That is why you should take the course in the proper sequence from Week 1 all the way to Week 4 before jumping around.

The Text Massage and Digital Foreplay have worked wonders for me in previous relationships.

Once you feel like a Romantic Text Boss all you need is his/her number and your fingers will create magic.

I promise.

Text the Romance Back earns a solid 9.5!

The highest I have ever rated any relationship course/eBook.

Become a Romantic Texting King/Queen today…


Text Your Way to Romance Today!

Download Both Versions of Text the Romance Back for the Price of One (online course and eBook)

Order from Clickbank’s Secure Site Below ( the Red Button)

Text the Romance Back 2.0

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