Funny, Cheesy and Cute Pick Up Lines for Girls to Grab His Attention

What pick up lines for girls actually work to turn him on and make him chase you?

Or should you just wait for him to make a move?

Let’s face it, you don’t want to come across desperate.

You simply want to send him a message that you’re interested and to invite him to come talk to you and hopefully ask you out.

And that’s where my list of pick up lines for girls to use on guys that work will come in handy.

“But I Can’t Wait Any Longer?”

If you wait any longer for him to make a move then you risk losing your chance.

He might find someone else or you probably will just fall to pieces.

You’ve waited too long.

And you can’t take the pent-up tension any longer.

Time to make a move.

Whether you see him once sitting across the table in a coffee shop or seated next to you in the subway or he’s the hot co-worker down from the office down the hall, these cute pick up lines will work to take things to the next level.

But you want to send the right signal that grabs his attention, invites him to continue the conversation with you, gets him to respect you and makes him chase you.

But how do you phrase your pick up lines?

What turns him on and what turns him off?

Solution: Understanding Men and Their Needs

You have one problem.

And don’t forget it.

We have choices just like you do.

And I understand you are picky.

But believe it or not…

…so are we.

Yes, we may flirt with many women, but not all of them. And we will only show true interest in those who show interest back. But most won’t even get that chance because we see things that scare us away.

Why take the risk when we can find another girl who is just as friendly and fun?

Want to stop waiting for something to happen with him?

Then learn to understand his fears of approaching women. Maybe he is just shy at first until he gets to know you.

Give him a reason to know you. Break the ice, break the tension.

Learn what holds him back and then use these magical pick up lines for girls that put you at the center of his attention.

Secret Male Mind Hack

Men’s Dilemma

Consider what we go through when we ask you out.

Us men love the hunt and the feeling we receive when we flirt with you, and when you like and flirt with us back.

Unfortunately, for you, chances are, we will choose not to engage in flirting with you, even when we find you super attractive.

Why not though? You are cute, friendly and probably would talk with us, and even go on a date with us.

But we won’t because we don’t want to take the risk.

You don’t show any sign that you want us to advance.

Give Us a Sign

If we do not feel that we have at least a decent chance of earning your approval then we would prefer to save our efforts for someone else.

And we could find another girl to flirt with.

In many cases, she might even be less physically attractive and not quite as fun.

But she gave us a sign, a stamp of approval.

She smiles, laughs at our jokes, looks us in the eye, pays us cute compliments and even lightly touches us on the arm or any of these flirty body language moves.

Therefore, we chose the safer route and went after her instead.

In other words, you scare off more men than you realize even if on accident.

You don’t mean to, but even the smallest thing can turn us away.

Show us a sign that you like us.

Grant us permission to advance.

The Emotional Roller Coaster Ride of Asking You Out

Why Should We Take the Risk?

Men deal with direct rejection more than you do.

The roller coaster ride we go through to simply ask you out can cause us much stress.

First, we get out our hopes up when we spot you and like you enough to consider taking the risk to face your rejection.

Then we hope that you’re single and available.

Our first subtle advances attempt to test the emotional waters.

Can we get you to smile or laugh?

Do we take a risk and ask you out?

Should we ask permission to contact you later via text or social media?

The whole time we cannot help to like you more than when we first saw you as we build up the hope that you will say “yes”.

The desire to get close to you increases as a result of envisioning what it’d be like if you liked us back.

We then create a strategy to succeed in winning your affection and hopefully landing a date.

And when you don’t like us back and say “no”, whether subtly or straight forward, it crushes our hearts.

Romantic Text Messages to Turn Him On

Why Not Flirt with Him First (this time)?

Learn to become comfortable with making the first move when he doesn’t.

Yes, I agree.

Men should make the first move.

But, that won’t always happen.

Even for the bravest men.

So I’ll fill you in on some male mind hacks.

In my opinion, the best way to flirt with us is through flirtatious body language, but another effective approach is with cute pick up lines that charm us, turn us on and leave no doubt that you like us.

But what pick up lines for girls work to get a man to take it to the next level?

Choose from this variety of categorized pick up lines for girls.

Pick Up Lines for Girls to Use on Guys that Make Him Chase You

…that will lead to date!

Innocent, Cute Pick Up Lines for Girls to Make Him Blush

No, guy can resist turning red from one of these. Yes, we love when you compliment our physical assets. Find something innocent to compliment like his eyes, smile or laugh.

  • Could you tell me what color your eyes are? I don’t want to stare.
  • Are those eyes you have, or diamonds?
  • I thought only stars shined at night, until I saw your eyes.
  • I’m sorry. Does it intimidate you when I stare at your eyes?
  • I thought angels had wings. Where are yours?

Funny and Cheesy Pick Up Lines for Girls to Make Him Laugh

We want fun and easy-going girls who do not bring drama to our lives. Say something funny to catch our attention. Using humor let’s you off the hook when saying something a little risky. But we find risky super sexy! So try one of these.

  • Do you have an extra bandage? I cut my knee falling for you.
  • No, that wasn’t thunder sweetie. That was my heart-pounding.
  • Excuse me. I need to step outside for a second to get some fresh air because your smile takes my breath away.
  • I guess I didn’t need to put on make up today because you make me blush.
  • Can I borrow your net? Because you give me butterflies.
  • I’d say God bless you, but it looks like he already did.
  • Did you bring any fruit for lunch today? (His response- “No.”) Then can I have a date instead?
  • I was never good at math, but can I have your number?

Unique Pick Up Lines for Girls to Show Him How Gutsy You Are

The goal is to grab our attention, so say something out of the ordinary that he wouldn’t expect. I especially love the Hershey Kiss one. I’ve used it on girls.

  • That’s funny my phone’s GPS keeps directing me to you.
  • Excuse me, but I have some bad news. I have to break up with you. But would you like a second chance?
  • You wanna kiss? Here, take two. (Drop one Hershey Kiss in his hands. When he asks, “Where’s the other?”, tell him you can’t give it to him here. He’ll get it later, then wink, turn and walk away.)
  • Excuse me. You owe me a drink. (His response- “Why?”) Because I dropped mine when I looked at you.
  • I’m here. So now that you got your princess, let’s go find your white horse and head for the castle.

Confident Pick Up Lines for Girls to Give Him Butterflies

Confident women excite every man on the planet. It doesn’t matter who you are, say these with power and you will make any of us shutter. I personally can tell you that I would absolutely ask you out just from you using one of these pick up lines.

  • I may not be the best-looking girl, but I am not afraid to look at handsome men.
  • Would it offend you if I told you how much I liked your smile?
  • Would you find it intimidating if I hit on you?
  • Was that my imagination or did your heart just skip a beat?
  • Ok, here I am. So make your other two wishes now.

Ballsy Call-to Action Pick Up Lines to Get a Date with Him

Once you know he likes you these will instantly work. Watch him swallow his tongue right in front of you from pure shock and excitement.

  • So when are we going to (name of place)?
  • Ok, so you now have permission to hit on me.
  • When did you say you were going to buy me a drink?
  • Ready to play Truth or Dare? I dare you to give me your number.
  • Can you read minds? What time am I thinking about right now when you’ll pick me up tomorrow?
  • Or another version: Let’s play ‘Guess what’. Guess what time you’re picking me up tomorrow.
  • Can I give you a kiss? (He pauses with a shocked look). Here take two.  (Drop one Hershey Kiss in his hands and then change your final response to the Hershey Kiss pick up line from above). I’ll give you the other when you take me out Saturday.

Bad Pick Up Lines to Turn Him Off or Sexy Ones to Get Laid

Aren’t many bad pick up lines for girls to use on guys. We find it super hot when a girl makes a move on us. We just want you to grant us the green light to advance.

But do not go too strong before you have any kind of hunch that we like you.

That could backfire.

And if you are looking to find a boyfriend then do not go too sexy. You will send him the wrong signal about you, even if he is outgoing.

Bottom line is if the pick up line would make him feel bad about himself or give off the wrong impression then steer clear of using it.

Unless you are a super confident girl and want to get lucky tonight!

Then by all means, go ahead.

  • Hey, can I take a picture with you? I want to make my ex jealous.
  • Is that a beer can in your pocket? (He responds: “No, why?”) Because I’d like to drink it. (Or) Because I’d like to tap it.
  • Can we share an Uber to your place?
  • I didn’t put in my contacts today. So, can I read your t-shirt Braille instead?
  • Are you hard or just playing Hard-to-Get?
  • Knock, knock. (His response- “Who’s there?”). Come in, I need you inside me.

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