Text Your Ex Back Review: Guide to Win Back Ex…(or just a scam?)

Will Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back course/eBook actually help you win back your ex back, or is it just full of fluff to take your money?

If you took his Text the Romance Back (or read the eBook version) then you know how good the material was and so; therefore, could expect the same level of quality in his follow up version Text Your Ex Back.

And after reviewing both myself, I can tell you that it won’t disappoint.

Two major objectives differentiate Text Your Ex Back versus Text the Romance Back.

1. Self-Preparation

Before you set sail on your ex-seeking voyage you must consider why you want your ex back, and what you want to happen with them. Without fully investing in this part of the program you could end up achieving something you regret later.

Remember the expression, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it?”

2. Approaching and Handling Your Ex’s Feelings

And this second part is extremely important before jumping into the actual text messaging training.

After you decide what you want to accomplish with your ex then you must learn the strategies how to plot out how you will accomplish that goal and then take action. The situation between you two will likely feel a bit awkward for one or both of you. So you must tread water lightly.

You will learn how to strategically test the emotional waters of how your ex feels about you before choosing how to proceed.

Whether he or she experiences jubilation to hear from you or pain.

But one of Michael Fiore’s concept will ultimately put the power in your hands to win back your ex regardless if he or she holds any kind of grudge towards you.

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Michael Fiore Quote to Live By:

“Hate is not the opposite of Love- indifference is.”

Dating/Relationship Coach Michael Fiore

“Hate is not the opposite of Love- indifference is.” -Dating/Relationship Coach Michael Fiore

Remember that.

Negative feelings can be turned into positive ones.

Strong negative feelings often times mean your ex still cares.

Michael will show you how to redirect negative feelings to happy ones or to rekindle the happy ones that your ex still feels.

Either way you need to learn how to re-start the conversation with your ex and how to test the emotional waters in order to know how to proceed.

Micheal Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back will show you how to do all that…

…even including when your ex sends you an angry message like, “Wait. You mean that after all that happened to us you suddenly want to mend the wounds and try again. Are you crazy? Do you know how badly I hurt from all that??!!”

Yes, you will even learn how to turn that kind of text message around.


Overview of Text Your Ex Back


Michael Fiore's Text Your Ex Back Review

What Is Text Your Ex Back?

A texting course to learn how to re-ignite romance with your ex and land a date with them again.


Dating, Relationship Coach Mike Fiore

His Other Popular Courses/eBooks

Text the Romance Back  (Read my review here)

Capture His Heart


  • Member Website (Access from post-purchase email)
  • eBook (Downloadable from Member Access site.)
  • MP3 Audios

You receive access to the member site and from there you can download the PDF version and listen to the audios.


Text Your Ex Back Bonus Content

  • 100 Ready-to-Use Texts
  • Facebook Romance Secrets (how to get closer with the man or woman in your life).
  • Infidelity Buster
  • Instant Forgiveness

Upgraded Packages

(*I Bought the Platinum and they include the following):

  • Text the Romance Back
  • Enhanced Text the Romance Back Video Series
  • Romance on a Budget
  • Why We Cheat
  • Enhanced Text the Romance Back Video Series


$47 for main title

Upgrade offer will appear after initial purchase attempt with pricing.

Money Back Guarantee

60 Day Money Back “No Questions Asked” Guarantee by Contacting Clickbank.com’s Customer Service via phone or Online Form

My Score of Text Your Ex Back

The powerful texting strategies, text message formulas and copy-and-paste texts sealed in this course deserve your attention if you are serious about winning your ex back.

How else do you plan to contact your ex other than texting or FB messaging?

The main course and bonus material will provide you more texting ninja weapons than you need.

I’ve used these techniques for years and can attest that they work.

The greatest asset that Michael Fiore’s course/eBook Text Your Ex Back gives you is that it will teach you how to win back his/her affection regardless of the situation between you two.

Yes, no matter how they feel about you right now: angry, sad, jealous or even in the case they want to jump right back into a relationship with you, but you wisely understand the importance of taking it slower and under control.

I purchased the upgraded Platinum plan for a discounted break and am more than happy with the contents included.

Therefore, if you want the most bang for your buck then I would recommend upgrading too.

You will get the opportunity to upgrade to the discounted package after you start the purchase process. It will appear a pop up.

Remember if you are not happy with your purchase you can get your money back within 60 days of purchase by contacting Clickbank.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Clickbank’s customer service phone number which anyone, anywhere in the world can call.

My Score


⇒[Click Here] to watch Micheal Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back Presentation.

Michael Fiore's Text Your Ex Back Review

“Yes, I Want to Purchase Text Your Ex Back”

How Text Your Ex Back Works

Rekindling romance with an ex boyfriend/husband, girlfriend/wife requires more finesse. Sensitive feelings swirl between the both of you so the strategies between Michael Fiore’s Text the Romance Back and Text Your Ex Back do not mirror each other.

The majority of the course (or eBook if you download the PDF version) comprises of techniques how to test the waters for mutual interest and to slowly work towards re-sparking attraction.

Therefore, you will not see any text conversation examples until more than halfway into the course.

If you jump ahead then you will learn the lessons out of order and risk scaring or turning him/her off for good.

Michael asks that you take the course in the correct sequence how he designed it- from beginning to end.

After you finish then you can jump around sections and even tap into the encapsulated version in the Bonus content that lists several example texts per text classification.

In the attraction generating sections Michael separates his advice designed to win back men and women.

The strategies change depending on which gender the texts are meant for.

Text Your Ex Back even prepares you with strategies to know what to text based on his/her responses.

These responses vary from no response, positive or negative response.

Either way you must know how to respond to what they write you so you can channel the conversation to the eventual date-arranging text.

michael fiore text your ex back review

Text Your Ex Back Examples…

…and how they win your ex back

Michael Fiore’s strategies in Text Your Ex Back instruct you how to reignite the connection with your ex and gauge his/her interest with neutrally emotional texts to start.

After you begin to sense mutual interest in reconnecting Michael shows you how to create attraction text messages and then how to make a date to see each other.

Text Judo

Learn how to harness your ex’s emotions towards you whether they’re angry, upset or happy and producing them into a positive outcome. This is not a type of text, rather a strategy to test the emotional waters and bring up old memories in order to draw your ex back to you. Text Judo comprises of all the classifications of texts taught in Text Your Ex Back. In this module Michael lays out a sequential formula of the different texts to follow in order to win your ex back.

This module helps prepare you with an arsenal of texts customized to the stories that you lived with your ex.

Michael sends

Across the Bow Texts (Conversation Starters)

  • “I just saw something incredible that reminded me of something that happened to us. I can’t stop laughing.” (Random Memory)
  • “A new sushi restaurant opened up over on Sandlake Rd. Food was phenomenal. Prices were good too. Thought you’d want to know since you love sushi so much.” (Random Memory)
  • “Just remembered a joke you said once when we dined out. I still laugh at it. I loved your sense of humor.” (Random Compliment)

Across the Bow texts are designed to start the conversation with a positive mood, but do not expect anything in return yet.

Michael reveals a couple types of Across the Bow text formulas you can choose from to start the re-connection:

  • The Random Memory
  • The Random Compliment
  • A combination of both

This empowers you to craft various types of creative, customized texts on your own.

Relationship Texts (In the Prepping the Soil module)

  • “Do you remember how it felt the first time we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and looked back at the city? I’ll never forget that big sparkling gleam in your eye as you smiled- breathtaking!”
  • “Just saw the funniest looking costume. I couldn’t stop laughing because it reminded me of that time you and I went to that Halloween party and we wore those goofy hamburger and hot dog costumes.”
  • “Ill never forget that time we snuck into the elevator at work for a quick kiss, then tried to pretend nothing happened when the doors opened and Jenny was standing there. The pure thrill of playing with fire. Hahaha!”
  • “I never told you this, but the first time we gazed into each other’s eyes at the California Grill I felt shock waves from head to toe. I though I was going to shoot up to the ceiling like a rocket.”

These texts aim to incorporate emotional language to stimulate positive memories of past relationship experiences. In many cases even if your ex tries to resist they will not be able to.

The wording of the text breaks through his/her resistance.

They will visualize the memory even if they try not to.

Green-Eyed Monster Texts

“I saw a movie with a guy friend from work last night. I think you would like it. You should see it.”
“Remember that steak restaurant we went to in Winter Park? I took a friend there last weekend. It reminded me of you a lot.”

Green-eyed Monster Texts (GEM for short) devilishly (but subtly) feed on jealousy to trick your ex into responding.

Michael explains why jealousy becomes a powerful emotion to get your ex to miss you. Furthermore, he shares when to tap into these kinds of texts and what not to do in order to avoid disaster.

Intimacy Booster Texts (Planting the Seeds Module)

  • “Hello Melanie, I know how important passing that real estate exam meant for you. I know next time you will pass it no problem. I believe in you. Let me know if you would like any help explaining something. (In this case you are a real estate agent who could offer advice to pass the state exam).
  • “Bob I heard saw in FB that Astro (his German Shepherd) passed away. I couldn’t hold back the tears when I read that. I miss him already. The three of us spent good times in the park together.”
  • “Sue, I wish your mom the best of luck with that surgery. She was always such a nice lady to me. I miss her. Keep me updated please.”

Similar to Green-Eyed Monster Texts, the design of the texts from this module is to subtly and subconsciously yearn for your love again.

Furthermore, they will come to the realization that they can’t live without you.

Attraction Texts (Reaping the Harvest)

In this module you will learn the various kinds of Attraction Texts to finally reach your end goal- a date!

You hit your ex with a one-two-punch strategy first a Curiosity Text then follow up with a Sexy Story Text.

Check out these Text Your Ex Back examples:

The Curiosity Text

  • “I was thinking about something…”
  • “You’ll probably never guess.”

If you took Michael Fiore’s the Text the Romance Back course then you remember Bait Questions.

These are examples of those.

They are designed to get your ex’s attention to set them up for the Sexy Story Texts.

The Sexy Story Text

After a Curiosity Text…

Your Ex: “What were you thinking about?”

You: “About the elevator at work you attacked me in.:

Your Ex: “You mean the elevator you attacked ME in?”

You: “I just couldn’t resist. I’ll never forget the soft fragrance of your neck as I kissed the base of it as you moaned.”

Your Ex: “And my hands firmly planted on your chest. Ooh, I’m so turned on.”

You: “Sorry at work. Boss is calling me. TTYL.”

Michael will teach you how to create vivid word pictures that turn your ex on and make you irresistible.

But the biggest key to this module is learning the difference in strategy between texting men versus texting women.

The sequence changes and you must learn the first modules that lead up to actual texting modules or you risk major disappointment.

Who Should Try Out Text Your Ex Back Strategies

  • Either women or men who wish to win their ex back via text messaging.
  • For you if your ex still has jealous feelings towards you.
  • Get a date with your ex even if your ex hates your guts right now.
  • Win his/her heart back if the relationship ended poorly.
  • Or even rekindle the romance with your ex if you both were perfect for each other, but for whatever reason the timing was bad.

Who Should Try Something Else

  • Not for someone in a committed relationship. Text the Romance Back would suit you better.
  • You want to manipulate your ex because you hated losing him/her, and you want to get revenge.
  • Your intentions are evil in anyway.
  • A booty call is the only thing you want.
  • You’re a desperate person who will take any love right now.
  • Your confidence level has hit the floor and the only way to lift your spirits is by luring your ex back.
  • If your ex displays complete indifference emotions towards you.

These do not describe a valid reason to create a long-lasting and loving healthy relationship.

[Sneak Peek] into Text Your Ex Back (with Screenshots)

I know that you would feel more comfortable investing your hard-earned money and time on a product that will create results, but also one you can first get a glimpse of.

So here I will provide you with some screenshots from my Member site access.

Remember you will have a user name and password to login to the Text Your Ex Back site.

From there you will have the option to download the PDF versions of the modules or listen to the audios.

Two Table of Contents

Choose which module to jump to at any time by choosing between two different menus, either from the main one or the drop down one from the top menu bar.

More Than One Tables of Contents for User-Friendly Quick Access of Any Module

text your ex back by michael fiore

Multiple Versions of the Text Your Ex Back Program at Your Fingertips

Video, PDFs, Audios and Online Text

text your ex back review

Bonus Content: 100 Ready-to-Use Texts

Copy and Paste These Texts…just change out the names

text your ex back review


What I Like About Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back

  • Each section offers a variety of formats to learn from (video, PDF download and the online text version).
  • For the online version you also have access to a supplemental PDF worksheet that aides learning the main course material.
  • I personally love the online text because I can scroll down to what I want to read. It removes extra steps and I don’t have to stop and go through the video.
  • But the video does offer a way to listen on the go while in the car.
  • Some of the sections begin with interesting real-life stories that you can relate to.
  • And Michael displays his texting mastery through entire text conversation examples between two people and includes how the text initiator feels and thinks before contacting their ex partner.
  • The Text Your Ex Back Bonus Content. (Especially “100 Ready-to-Use Texts”) Access copy-and-paste texts and formulas.

What I Do Not Like

  • Not enough text examples in the main course. For this, you look at the bonus content, “100 Ready-to-Use Texts”.
  • Text Your Ex Back contained more theory and concepts and not as much straight text message examples as Mike’s Text the Romance Back has in the feature product.
  • The sample text messages do not begin until the sixth module because of all the prepping modules that precede. In my opinion that’s more theory and concepts than necessary to start the program off with.

My Summary of Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back and Score

Just when you thought your long lost love was gone forever you reached for your phone…

…and cast out a text…

…that would capture her heart again…

…and to your surprise…

…it worked!

The text strategies to win back your ex girlfriend/wife, boyfriend/husband do work.

No one can avoid reading a text, it piques your curiosity to the point you have no choice but to look.

And when you do you have no way to resist visualizing whatever picture words the text creates in your head.

If you follow dating coach Michael Fiore’s sequential modules and complete the exercises in his digital workbooks you will learn techniques to not only get his or her attention, but have them reminisce about the good ‘ole days you shared together.

And in the end you will both desire to see each other face-to-face again.

Now don’t expect miracles.

You should only unlock these secrets if your intentions are healthy and reasonable.

At first you will need to use the Text Your Ex Back strategies to gauge how available he/she is and where they stand emotionally with you.

Remember that indifference means it’s over, but anger and hate can be turned around.

While there’s no guarantee, in the very least you will learn ninja texting skills that will capture the heart of some poor unsuspecting soul.

With just their digits or via FB messaging you will turn yourself into a digital Cupid.

I can vouch for these techniques because I have used them personally for years.

Alternative to Text Your Ex Back

Try Text the Romance Back Instead…

If you believe that your ex shows complete indifference to you. Maybe she abandoned you like my ex did.

I don’t think that Text Your Ex Back will work. You will most likely find out soon enough that he/she flat out does not want anything to do with you and has moved on with their life.

And likewise you should move on too.

Therefore, for you I would instead recommend that you try out Text the Romance Back.

You never know when you will run into your next girlfriend or boyfriend.

And the only way to get to know them is via some sort of text messaging.

It’s also the fastest and easiest way to capture someone’s heart.

Tap into the power of text messaging to win their affection before meeting up for a date.

Read my review of Text the Romance Back…

…or watch Michael Fiore’s video when he starred on TV to present the program.


*Ready to Start Learning How to Text Your Ex Back?…*

Grab Your Access to the Program and eBook Now!

Text Your Ex Back Review“Yes, I Want to Purchase Text Your Ex Back”






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