[Free] Dr. Huizenga Coaching: [Review] of Infidelity Recovery Center Level 1

Little did I know that infidelity coach Dr. Huizenga ‘s tips would save me.

I sat at the kitchen table frantically searching for online affair recovery coaching tips while she peacefully slept in our bedroom.

My marriage would end a little over a year later.

Severely depressed over what I had just discovered on my laptop screen, I frantically Googled for the best affair healing advice available.

All the horror stories I’d read and movies I’d seen came to reality on my screen right before my eyes.

“Can this really be happening to me after everything I did for her?”

I came across infidelity and marriage coach Dr. Bob Huizenga’s “Break Free from the Affair” and “Save Your Marriage” and without blinking an eye clicked “purchase” and dove right into the lessons.

Those first few hours saved my life. 

They saved my emotional well-being.

Without Dr. Huizenga’s guidance I don’t know where I’d be today.

I survived and now a few years later have my own blog to help rescue you.

My Affair Recovery [vs] Yours

Now in my case affair recovery meant saving my sanity and re-routing my life after the bombshell discovery.

My now ex-wife had cheated yet a second time.

The phone records revealed she not only contacted him again, but even spent several days with him in NYC where he lived.

She lied.

Instead of flying straight back home to visit her family, she flew the exact opposite direction to see him first.

If you know my story then you know that she eventually simply left.

She exhibited many insecure personality traits which prompted me to write my most viewed post on this site regarding serial cheater traits.

Your affair recovery could lead to saving your marriage instead.

And if it doesn’t, at least you can save yourself from drowning in self-pity, finding new inner peace and way to discover happiness once again like I did.

Lucky for you Dr. Huizenga recently created a new Infidelity Recovery Center that you can access for free in the next few minutes.

But first I’ll provide you with an inside peek with screen shots.

Overview of Dr. Huizenga’s Infidelity Recovery Center– Free Intro Level One

dr. huizenga 's affair recovery center free level one


• Dr. Huizenga, Infidelity and Marriage Coach for Individuals and Couples
• Author of “Break Free from the Affair”, “Save Your Marriage: 3 Easy Love Laws”
• Has worked with hundreds of couples and thousands of individuals experiencing individual and marital problems (such as affairs)
• Membership Site, access via username and password
• Mobile Friendly

Contents of Level 1: Free Introductory Level

1. Common Questions Answered by Dr. Huizenga Module

• Who is Dr. Bob Huizenga?
• Are you safe?
• Should I share these modules with my spouse?

2. Free Downloads

• 7 Types of Affairs Cheat Sheet
• Cheater, Cheater, Affair Repeater
Q&A with Dr. Huizenga (PDF)
• Overcome Barriers to Resolving Your Crisis
• Resolution of Your Marital Crisis

3. Q & A Sessions

• Listen and watch the live Q & A Sessions (videos and audios)
• Listen to Dr. Huizenga Discuss the Lead Topic
• Preview Questions Asked During the Session
• Download the Audio of the Session to Your Listening Device

4. Infidelity IQ Questionnaire (PDF)


The next level in the IRC includes access to Dr. Huizenga’s 48-Hour Infidelity Boot Camp which normally sells separately and now conveniently includes both levels 1 and 2 together to study in one spot.

Here’s what it includes

Level 2: 48 Hour Infidelity Boot Camp (plus includes Level 1)
• Welcome to 48 Hour Infidelity Boot Camp
• Getting the Most Out of the Boot Camp (Video)
• Let’s Keep Connected (Video)
• Begin to Identify your Type of Affair (Video)
• 14 Ways to Calm Yourself (PDF)
• Are You Making One (or ALL) of the 6 Killer Mistakes? (PDF)
• Identifying the Changes you are Making Now (PDF)
• Evaluating Boot Camp: Questions to Ask Yourself (PDF)

My Opinion and Score of Level 1

The Free Introductory Level 1 of the Dr. H’s IRC exceeded my expectations of what you normally receive for free on relationship websites.

Normally you opt-in for one free eBook or PDF, in this case you receive much more which you can extract from three different sub-modules.

Theses sub-modules include the following:

  • 13 Webinar Videos of Recorded Live Affair Recovery Q and A Sessions
  • 2 PDF Questionnaires to self-assess your physical and emotional safety.
  • 5 PDF Downloads one which includes a compilation of emails answered and addressed personally by Dr. Robert Huizenga.
  • the Infidelity IQ questionnaire to test how much you understand affair stats, how they happen and how they affect your daily life going forward

But the best sub-module of Level One by far is the video and audio Q and A sessions. This is an enhanced version of the PDF download mentioned above.

These audios and videos, which you can listen or watch from any device- even on your phone while on the go, were recorded from live webinars he conducted with visitors to his website.

No Cost High Quality Gift to Affair Survivors

To put together all these recordings and downloads took a lot of long hours so it shocks me that Dr. Huizenga offers this module for free.

He could easily charge $50 plus for this and I would have bought it.

Instead he gift wraps it for you at no cost.

The videos reveal the raw feelings of visitors like you who either just discovered the devastating news of your spouse’s affair or of a serial cheater who cannot stop breaking your heart.

You hear them spill their emotional guts out to Dr. Huizenga as he calmly, but firmly offers his no non-sense advice as the rest of the webinar attendees listen in.

Absolutely worth subscribing to this Level.

My Score: 10/10

[Click Here] to access the Free Level of the Infidelity Recovery Center.

(*Instructions: You will redirect to Dr. Huizenga’s safe website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to click the “Access Button” like this…

infidelity recovery center review

[Sneak Peek] What Does the Free Introductory Level One Include?

Now let’s take a deeper look at this free module.

I’ll split it up by sub-modules and provide screenshots.

Click on any of my links here in this post to grab your own free access and start reading the PDFs from your phone or laptop, or listen and watch the audios and videos.

For the full review of the Infidelity Recovery Center click here.

IRC Level One: Welcome Module

The Welcome Module introduces you to Dr. Huizenga and to his two questionnaires to help you determine if you should consider leaving the marriage based on physical or emotional abuse.

Click the welcome module square and then view the sub-modules below it.

I included closeup screenshots of the two questionnaires in the collage image here…

dr. huizenga 's affair recovery center coaching tips

Answer the “yes” and “no” questions and then depending on the number of “yeses” you answered Dr. H reveals if you should seek safety over staying in the marriage. The first section of questions determines how unsafe you feel. The second section focuses on how your spouse mistreats you.

IRC Level One: Free Downloads Module

Here you can access the free PDF downloads including to the two that most useful ones “the 7 Types of Affairs Cheat Sheet” and the “Q and A with Dr. Huizenga” as shown in the image here…

dr. huizenga 's level one affair recovery center free downloads

Besides the two free downloads in the image above the module also includes:

  • “Cheater, Cheater, Affair Repeater”: lists many common and uncommon signs of a cheating spouse and introduces you to Dr. H’s seven kinds of affairs.
  • “Overcome Barriers to Resolving Your Crisis”: it includes three common barriers you must overcome in order to keep focused on rebuilding trust in the relationship instead of falling into temptation to emotionally fall apart.
  • “Resolution of Your Marital Crisis”: how infidelity coaching teaches you to create a support system and healthy new mindset that injects you with the power and confidence that you need to strongly confront your spouse.


Take Me to My Level one [Free Membership]

[Click Here] to Access Free Membership (Scroll down to bottom of next page)

IRC Level One: Q and A Sessions Module

And now onto the best free affair recovery gift you can find anywhere on the web.

When you access your free Infidelity Recovery Center membership in the next few minutes you will grab access to recorded live webinars with Dr. Huizenga directly answering panicked and desperate visitor’s questions.

Many of the same questions you seek answers to right now you can hear Dr. Huizenga discuss with his webinar participants.

BEWARE: these are real people whose spouses are cheating on them right now who speaking in these sessions. You will actually hear them talking!

All together you will access in a few short minutes to 13, yes 13, FREE recorded affair recovery recorded Q and A sessions!

Here’s how the Q and A Sessions module looks…

dr. huizenga 's affair recovery center free q and recorded video sessions

Start Watching Q and A Recorded Video Sessions: Get Free Level One Membership Access Right Now!

[Click Here] to start watching these videos right now. Scroll down to the bottom of the next page then press the “Access” button as shown in the image here below…

dr. huizenga 's affair recovery center review

IRC Level One: Infidelity IQ Quiz Module

In the final module of Dr. Huizenga’s free online affair recovery resource you can take a quiz of your understanding of extramarital affairs.

Simply click into the button, answer the questions and hit the blue “Submit” button at the bottom of the quiz as shown in the image here…

dr. huizenga 's affair recovery center infidelity IQ quiz

While the Infidelity Recovery Center Level One grants free access it has some faults, but not enough to avoid using.

So now onto what I like and don’t like.

The Good: What I Like Most

Absolutely what I like most is the recorded Q and A Sessions module. As someone who has experienced the horror of discovering your spouse is cheating on you I want answers to my biggest fears.

It also helps that I see how others going through the same experience handle the situation.

I also found some valuable affair recovery tips to build up self-esteem and empower yourself to face your cheating spouse in the free downloads module.

As regretfully someone who has also cheated on a former spouse I remember how predictable my spouse reacted to the affair discovery.

The worst thing to do is beg and shower the cheater with merciful requests.

Contrary to what you might believe it only pushes the cheating spouse away.

The downloads provide counter-intuitive advice that will catch your cheating spouse off-guard and make them feel like the one with the problem- as they should.

But you will find life-changing, paradigm-shifting advice in the “Welcome” module with the two questionnaires.

They will shift you away from the typical default thinking that you caused the affair and that your life has no hope anymore and the desire to hide from the world in shame and pity.

The exercise of filling out he questionnaires will start the self-healing affair recovery process by energizing you with confidence. You will also begin to stop feeling needy towards you spouse.

You will soon discover the danger of depending on your unpredictable spouse to live happy and how you can adopt a new way of thinking.

The Bad: What I Didn’t Like

I don’t have many items to put here, but nothing is perfect even when free.

Investing time is more valuable than investing money and it better be good even if you don’t spend money on it.

A few glitches came up while dissecting the Level One modules of Dr. Huizenga’s online affair recovery hub.

Once I entered a module I sometimes couldn’t get back to the main menu without logging out and back in again.

Also the aforementioned questionnaires came from Dr. Huizenga’s “Save Your Marriage” eBook. I wish a few other mindshifting exercises from that eBook appeared in the IRC Level One.

They could help inject instant confidence and provide more hope that everything will be fine.

And if not those specific exercises more that could help someone in the first initial stages of the affair discovery phase.

More emergency-I-just-discovered-the-affair tips would have helped, but then again that is the job of the Level 2 48-Hour Infidelity Bootcamp of the Infidelity Recovery Center.

Brief Summary

The Free Introductory Level One of Dr. Huizenga’s Infidelity Recovery Center will set you on the path to restoring your confidence.

It will also provide you a strategy to save your marriage if that’s your ultimate goal after considering your options.

You can access level 1’s online tools (as well as all the levels) conveniently on your phone too.

Listen to both the videos and audios through your car’s Bluetooth on the way to work or while running errands.

This first level will serve as a springboard to a more complete affair recovery system starting with Level 2’s 48-Hour Infidelity Bootcamp.

But the advice and answers found in the videos, audios and PDFs contain valuable affair recovery advice that could easily come with a cost, however, for some reasons Dr, H decided to offer it for free.

And that’s why I gave it a score of 10/10.

Access the Free Introductory Level One Now

Start Watching the Videos and Reading the PDFs in Seconds…

dr. huizenga 's infidelity recovery center review

Yes, I Want to Start Free Membership Now

Take me to the page to access my free membership.

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