[Evan Marc Katz Books] Why He Disappeared VS Believe in Love Review

Perhaps you find it strange that a man conducts a review on Evan Marc Katz books.

After all he’s a dating and relationship coach for women.

But I have a special place in my heart for helping women find true love and romance.

Many of my closest friends are females, including my sister.

I believe when you find true love, your soulmate, someone compatible to your personality, wants and needs, it will set you up for success in all the other areas of your life.

You have the job already.

I’d bet you have the freedom and time to travel and hang out with friends on the weekends. But until you find true love, life just seems incomplete.


And I can emphathize with single women entering their middle ages who struggle to find the right partner.

You don’t want to just date.


You came here because you want companionship, support, romance, kisses, flowers and steak dinners with Cabernet Sauvignon.

What you want is a boyfriend and best friend wrapped up in one package.

Evan Marc Katz books WILL help you find just that.

Overviews of Dating Coach Evan Marc Katz Books Why He Disappeared and Believe in Love


Why He Disappeared
Believe in Love


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Why He Disappeared

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Believe in Love

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Why He Disappeared

  • What You Should Look for in a Man (Audio)
  • How to Empathize with Men (Audio)
  • Understanding Men and Commitment
  • How to Be the Woman of His Dreams (Video)
  • Overcoming Negativity Coaching Call and Q&A Session

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Believe in Love

  • Meeting Men in Real Life (Audio)
  • Flirting (Audio)
  • Staying Cool (Audio)

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Why Are Men So Puzzling?

In my humble opinion, men cause most of the confusion in relationships.

Not always, of course, I’ve written posts on my site here regarding cheating wives. It’s not always the man who stirs up trouble.

But men just don’t make sense at times, ok, yes, a whole lot of times actually!

Most men do not express in words what they feel inside and find it easier to run away or disappear when they don’t get what they want. And their actions only make it more confusing.

I feel that women often seek a deeper connection in relationships. And this is the main reason I created this side-by-side review for these two Evan Marc Katz books.

Men, on the other hand, might know what they like, but not what is good for them.

But here’s the thing.

Men really are simple.

And if single women, perhaps like yourself, only knew the power you had over men then you would find peace of mind. Because when you know the secrets of the male mind you are a deadly woman.

You will make a man chase after you with one simple text…one simple look.

He won’t know what hit him.

Men’s needs are actually few and basic.

Learn those needs. Practice how to show a man that you understand what he wants and that you support him…

…and you will have your pick of quality, desirable men of whom to date.

And that is where Evan Marc Katz books come in.

[Brief Descriptions] of Why He Disappeared and Believe in Love

Why He Disappeared by Evan Marc Katz

This downloadable book gives you detailed insight to understand men better in the dating world.

After you finish you should have a good understanding of what men want in a relationship in each phase of dating: After Your Date, During Your Courtship, From Your Relationship.

In addition to what we men want each step of the way, Evan reveals what makes us change our minds.

Discover why men, who look for long-term relationships, value feelings MORE than women’s looks, what women do for careers, their circle of friends, and any other thing that the majority of women think men want.

Evan points out the one main key to successful dating that gives you more control to invest your emotion and time with the right men; and also helps you avoid more heart ache with the wrong men.

Expect to learn how to filter out men who will cause you heartache and attract the ones who like you for who you are and not try to change you. Evan trains you on becoming a magnet for ready-to-commit, quality men.

Therefore, you will no longer hurt as much if a man decides to stop seeing you because he won’t be someone you would want a relationship with anyway.


why he disappeared review

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Believe in Love by Evan Marc Katz

7 Steps to Letting Go of the Past, Embracing the Present, and Dating with Confidence

You’ve gotten a taste of love and how wonderful it feels to have a relationship.

But it did’t last and here you find yourself in your mid-life without a partner and you begin to wonder if you will find ever-lasting love.

Evan does not want you to give up on finding true love regardless of your circumstances. He will instruct you how to earn the respect that you deserve so that men attempt to earn your love.

Make men qualify for you instead of the other way around. You have the right to meet the man who wants to become your boyfriend and treat you like a lady.

Evan’s book will rid you of any negative feelings you have toward dating and relationships.

After you finish reading it and listening to the bonuses you will feel more confident to find Mr. Right and avoid painful relationships.

You will come out a new women prepared to find true love after he guides you through his 7 Step Action Plan.

Bring an end to your loneliness.


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Who Should Read Why He Disappeared?

  • Women in late 30s, 40s who have experienced men leaving them after a long-term relationship.
  • For single ladies active in dating game, but who either keep meeting the wrong men or the right ones slip away.
  • Single women willing to take action to learn why men pull away by understanding what men with true feelings want.
  • Women who seek true love but fear the roller coaster ride of connecting with a man just to see him walk away shortly after.
  • You should read Why He Disappeared if you are open to learning why you have given your heart to the wrong men.

Who Should Read Believe in Love?

  • Have not actively dated for a while because deep inside hear holds you back.
  • You’ve lost precious years in relationships with men who did not end up committing to marriage.
  • Your distract yourself with work and activities provide you a distraction from the pain of loneliness, but they are not enough.
  • ALL your friends, co-workers and relatives have a partner.
  • Deep inside you are romantic at heart although you hide it.
  • Time slips away, you fear growing old alone.
  • You still have a shot to find your soulmate.
  • You finally reached the breaking point and are flexible to find a compatible man to spend romantic evenings with and open to suggestions how to find a him.

PROs and CONs of Why He Disappeared

  • Research-based advice
  • Case examples from his coaching clients
  • Some online profile coaching tips
  • Understanding the difference between being right vs being rude
  • Simple-to-Understand Sections: Part I- Why He Disappeared During Your First Date; Part II- Why He Disappeared During Courtship; Part III- Why He Disappeared From Your Relationship
  • Difference between what should be VS how men actually think and act
  • His “How to Connect with Men Checklist” on pages 52, 53
  • His “Disconnect Checklist”
  • The advice how to turn a bad date into a good one on page 54 (What happened on his first date with his wife
  • Why he’s nice to you but still disappears on page 65
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages to dating an Alpha Male
  • How to Land an Alpha Male and How to Scare Him Off

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  • Don’t completely agree with a point he makes on page 84 on how he advises to wait to have sex before a man commits. This could backfire since some men are turned on by the challenge of persuading you to have sex and creating the illusion they wish to commit to a relationship.
  • Title, “Why He Disappeared” somewhat misleading despite providing powerful tips to attract and find boyfriend material
  • Book benefits action-oriented women, does not provide passive advice.
  • Intended for women who ready to go on numerous dates before finding Mr Right

PROs and CONs of Believe in Love

  • Successful dating examples from his personal coaching clients.
  • The included workbook which helps boost your confidence to take action both in online dating courtship and the real dating world.
  • The fill-in exercises after important, mind shifting lessons which help you gain a positive mindset that attracts quality men to you.
  • Evan’s concepts and the mindset empower you to take control of your love life which guarantees finding the right guy for you. You cannot help, but believe you will succeed and be happy soon.
  • His truthfulness. No candy coating. Candy coating days are over. That’s what your sympathetic friends were for. Now you are here reading this review. That alone means you are ready to move away from loneliness. You are ready to find your right match.
  • Evan Marc Katz Believe in Love does not allow you to accept second best treatment from men any longer. I can only imagine the positive results his personal coaching would provide.
  • The “Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone” Exercise on pages 209-211 spells out a action-oriented way to find your soul mate.

[Click Here] to Purchase Believe in Love (Redirect to Evan Marc Katz secure site).

  • While I fully believe changing your mindset sets the stage to take action, I would have liked to see more actually tips for what to do on dates and during courtship.
  • I feel the book was longer that needed. It’s good to expand upon your thoughts, but you start to get tired when there’s too much material.
  • I would have liked more advice what to do and less what not to do, but that’s what the bonus books are for.

Why Read Evan Marc Katz Books?

I have the fortune of being on good terms with his team.

They send me free copies of Evan Marc Katz books to review.

I have found a few things that I think he could improve on, but overall I like Evan’s message to women who re-enter the dating world in search of long-lasting love.

Evan says things straight and he puts the power in your hands by revealing what men think, feel, why they say what they say and why they do what they do.

He shares all his secrets so you can learn to better understand men to have quicker, more enjoyable dating resultsfrom a man’s perspective!

And the only way to do that is to stop guessing what men want and learn what we actually do want for long-term relationships.

Follow the advice from these Evan Marc Katz books (and his audios) and you will know how to spot the right man who will treat you the way you want, attract him to you and avoid losing him.

But I want you to choose for yourself.

And that’s why I have created this side-by-side, PROs and CONs Why He Disappeared vs Believe in Love Review.

If you are ready to purchase your copy of either of these Evan Marc Katz books then click the buttons/links below to visit Evan’s secure site to view pricing and download your own copies.

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Best Alternative to Evan Marc Katz Books

Evan Marc Katz books will provide a mindset to help you succeed with understanding men and ultimately finding the man who you will spend the rest of your life with. This mindset is key to feeling confident in your ability to successfully engage with men and enjoy meeting them.

This will radiate a fun, loving vibe that will pull in men to you like a tractor beam.

HOWEVER, I wish that Evan’s books contained more action-oriented dating and relationship tips.

They do, I just wish it were more.

The best face-to-face step-by-step guide to help you flirt and the exact “male-mind-hack” wording for conversation to help you dominate the dating/relationship game is by dating coach James Bauer.

In his newer book “His Secret Obsession” James reveals the One Secret to Draw All His Attention to you- in effect, make him obsess over you.

But again the difference in Bauer’s book is he unlocks the secret wording and shares why they work.

For action-oriented dating tips watch James Bauer’s short video “His Secret Obsession”

If you want to master the art of connecting with men then I would recommend purchasing both Evan Marc Katz books and James Bauer’s “His Secret Obsession”.

They all complement each other.

Consider purchasing one at a time. Test what you’ve learned before purchasing the next one.


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