Dr Frank Gunzburg: How to Survive an Affair Review: Scam or Legit?

Dr Frank Gunzburg relaunched his online, hit sensation “How to Survive an Affair” program recently.

I called him personally to receive a copy to review for you.

I want to provide you a fair overview of his guide to decide on your own if it what you are looking for to help you and your spouse heal from the affair.

“How to Survive and Affair” is much simpler to read than some of the other programs I’ve reviewed. It provides some real-life examples from his practice of how other affair stricken couples succeeded to create a stronger emotional bond than before.

The guide suggests specific action to take rather than just ask that you read and take a passive approach to healing. “How to Survive an Affair” also provides a thoroughly laid out plan for the Cheating Spouse.

This comprehensive guide covers more angles than most guides I’ve seen and I find it much simpler and easy to understand. But none is perfect and I will mention some of the items that I wish Dr. Gunzburg had included.

Continue reading to find out the frequent questions and answers this guide provides on how to survive an affair.

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Overview of How to Survive an Affair by Dr Frank Gunzburg


How to Survive an Affair


Dr Frank Gunzburg; Licensed Psychologist with a Doctorate at Baltimore Marriage Counseling with over 40 years of experience saving marriages. (https://marriage-counselor-doctor.com/)

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180 Page PDF

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Money-back Guarantee

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Brief Description

How to Survive an Affair offers a 3-phase system for couples to mend the emotional damage and restore the mistrust between each other in order to renew the love they once felt.

Dr Frank Gunzburg’s system offers one unique feature not found in many other survive affair guides: instruction for the cheating spouse on how to earn the trust of his/her partner.

Here are the 3 Phases found in How to Survive an Affair. (I reworded them):

  1. Healing as Individuals: Sorting Out the Feelings of Pain, Resentment, Confusion and Uncertainty about the Future; Steps for the Cheating Spouse to Restore Trust
  2. Couple Therapy: How to Identify and Resolve the Underlying Damaging Issues
  3. Rebuilt Relationship: Negotiating a Rebuilt Relationship Based on a Renewed Sense of Trust

Included Free Bonuses

Bonus 1. What to Do If You’ve Been Cheated On: How to Pick Up The Pieces After You’ve Been Ripped Apart by an Affair

Bonus 2: How to Save Your Relationship if You’ve Cheated on Your Spouse: Seven Critical Actions You MUST Take to Avoid the Devastation of a Break-Up or a Divorce

Overall Score


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Who Benefits from “How to Survive an Affair” by Dr Frank Gunzburg

  • For the Betrayed Spouse who wants to start using tried-and-proven marriage repair techniques today.
  • For you if you do not want to risk the situation worsening and your spouse getting more emotionally attached to the other person by waiting to use Dr Frank Gunzburg ‘s tested system.
  • For someone who realizes that the passing of time will not heal the marriage on its own.
  • For the Betrayed Spouse who wants the details of the affair.
  • For the Cheating Partner who feels remorse for the actions they chose to take to start the affair.
  • For the Cheating Partner who truly wants to stay married to their spouse, repair the damage AND end the relationship with their lover.

Who Does NOT Benefit “How to Survive an Affair” by Dr Frank Gunzburg

  • For a married couple whose relationship suffers from violence.
  • For the Cheating Partner who shows complete indifference and serial cheats.
  • If you fear attempting to take action and feel like you have time to wait.
  • For you the Betrayed Spouse who feels that your spouse will realize on their own that they made a mistake and will end their affair. Then hope that they take action on their own.
  • Not for the Cheating Partner who does NOT want to end the relationship with their lover and deep down does not want to stay married to their spouse. (This may take time to ponder to make a final decision).

PROs and CONs of “How to Survive an Affair” by Dr Frank Gunzburg

No guide is perfect and How to Survive an Affair is no different. I found a few changes that could improve this guide, but overall I feel that Dr Gunzburg ‘s product will answer the majority of the questions that you have to help you heal and rebuild love in your marriage.


  • Includes instruction for both the Betrayed Spouse and Cheating Spouse to heal as individuals and to repair the relationship.
  • Provides a section with detailed tips geared towards the Betraying Spouse on how to deal with their guilt while following specific steps to rebuild the trust in with their partner.
  • Also provides the Cheating Spouse a game plan how to end the relationship with their lover.
  • Includes an organized and easy-to-follow Table of Contents to make it easier to refer back to specific sections in the guide for review
  • Includes an introductory bullet point list before each section to prepare you to learn what’s coming next. Many relationship guides tend to jump too fast from one section to the next.
  • Includes summaries at the end of each section for a concise review of what you just read.
  • Outlines how to construct a Relationship Contract to preserve your renewed relationship and to protect your marriage in the future from another affair.
  • Many sections begin with real-life situations that happened to Dr Frank Gunzburg’s patients (with made-up names of course). These stories illustrate ways real people handled defeating the affair.


  • As a former cheater and also someone who has had a relationship with a married woman, I feel the guide should provide a more thorough system for the Cheating Spouse to dig deep into their own feelings and find answers how the affair happened.
  • Many of the phrases and terms sound very similar. You must read the guide from beginning to end a few times within a reasonably short time to fully take advantage and benefit from the guide. (In all fairness most relationship book I read contain many similar terms. It’s easy to get confused on the systems within the systems).
  • (continued from previous point) I needed answers for myself to determine if I was a serial cheater or if the affairs I was involved in were instead based on circumstances. If I desired healthy relationships in the future it was necessary for me to identify any problems that I was causing for myself.

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Top 10 Questions How to Survive an Affair Answers

How to Survive an Affair covers all the basic infidelity survival issues and a variety of problems not usually covered in other guides by other marriage counselors and therapists.

1. “Does this mean the relationship is over?”

(Starting on page 13) Dr Frank Gunzburg provides a list (Nine Shockwaves: The Nine Most Common Questions) which covers many of the questions associated with how the Betrayed Spouse can handle the initial shock of discovering their partner’s affair. Number 9 deals specifically with this question.

2. “How do I stop hurting?”

(On page 22) you will find a section on healthy ways to deal with your emotions.

3.  “How can I overcome obsessive thoughts about his/her affair?”

(Pages 27-32) How to Survive an Affair provides a process to practice every time a sad thought consumes you and reminds you of a painful memory you’d prefer to forget. This 3-step process will help you challenge the reality of the thought to determine if you are creating a belief that is not true and then change replace it with another thought that makes more sense.

4. (For the Cheating Partner). “How can I end the affair once and for all with my lover?”

(On page 50) Dr Gunzburg equips you with 6 critical keys to end the relationship with your lover. Expect your girlfriend/boyfriend to suffer from loss of your affection and companionship. They will continue to contact you as they struggle with the belief you do not have feelings for them anymore.

5. (For the Cheating Spouse). “How do I deal with the withdrawal I feel of giving up my lover?”

(On page 51) You may struggle from cheater’s affair withdrawal. But if you truly wish to stay married to your spouse then you may have to get rid of the thing that made you feel good. And here you will find a program how to avoid the temptation to the addictive feelings that you had for your lover and go back to them.

6. “If I decide to take back my cheating spouse, will I even be happy? I mean, how can I get my needs met?”

(On page 62) Have you considered that you have never told your partner what you need? Now it’s time to start clarifying with your spouse what you need from them in order to feel happy. Or do you want to allow your betraying spouse to place a spotlight on filling their voids?

7. (For the Cheating Spouse). “Can I really earn his/her trust back or am I just wasting my time?”

(On page 83) Dr Gunzburg begins to lay out a system to rebuild trust with your ailing spouse. You will learn how to place yourself in your hurt spouse’s position in order to understand how to make them feel secure and confident that you have their best interests in mind.

8. “I want to know how the affair happened and what happened. What details should I ask for?”

(On page 92) Does it really make sense to find out the details? Do you really want to find out if your spouse enjoyed sex more with them than you? Learn what Dr Gunzburg suggests to ask about and what the cheating partner should answer.

9. “I’ve heard that some couples who have gone through infidelity actually strengthen their bond and become happier than ever before. Is that true?”

(On page 96) Follow the 8-step program to reconnect and find love for one another again in How to Survive an Affair. In Step 2 learn ways to avoid confusion which can practically eliminate big fights.

10. “Will they cheat again?”

(On page 123) This part of How to Survive an Affair spells out the 5 things that the Cheating Spouse needs to do to put their spouse at ease so they can trust that they will not cheat again. Trust between you both will fluctuate up and down constantly for a while. This section will provide you step-by-step way to weather the storms.

How to Survive an Affair Summary

By far the most unique feature of Dr Frank Gunzburg’s How to Survive an Affair is that he provides guidance to the cheating partner on how to help his ailing partner to feel confident that the relationship will be safe again.

Most infidelity survival guides I have read only focus on helping the Betrayed Spouse to heal form the pain and how to spot signs that their husband/wife will not cheat again.

Dr Frank Gunzburg uniquely earns the trust of the Cheating Spouse so that they believe in and take his advice on how to take responsibility for the affair and action which will repair the damage they caused.

I do wish Dr Gunzburg offered more help to the Cheating Partner. I would have liked to have seen help on how to examine their own feelings to identify unresolved issues which need repair.

Resolving internal strife helped me determine if I had the potential of serial cheating.

Overall his guide provides some of the most comprehensive suggestions I have read.

[Pay Attention Here] You will need to re-read this guide at least three times in a relatively short time period to fully grasp the entire program in both a big picture sense and all the minute details.

The third time you read How to Survive an Affair take notes then invite your partner to read it.

Another issue I have with this guide is that it does not adequately instruct the Betrayed Spouse how to gauge their spouse’s interest in repairing the damage from the affair and rebuilding the relationship. Nor does it provide guidance on how to effectively invite the Cheating Spouse to even participate in this healing process.

Maybe it’s in here, but I didn’t see it.

You can find an extra-helpful feature of How to Survive an Affair on page 135. Here Dr. Gunzburg outlines his Six Pillars of a Stable Relationship which describes in detail his opinion of how a safe and healthy relationship should look.

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