Top Rated Laptop Backpacks for Under $50

If you depend on your laptop like I do then these economically-priced top rated laptop backpacks for under $100 will save you more headaches, time, money and energy then you know.

Blogging has become more than a way to get over the pain of what caused me to launch and grow this site, it has become a way of life.

Every day I honker down and hammer my fingers over the keys to add something meaningful to someone’s life in the form of a post, Pin, email, poll, downloadable PDF or whatever needs done.

And when you dedicate so much time as I do to hover over a laptop then you tend to seek new places just to change the scenery up a bit.

As you can imagine I have seen my share of the inside of Starbucks.

You know who pays the price for all this moving and traveling around with all the weight of the laptop, other supplies and equipment?

My back, neck, shoulders, forearms and wrists.

I finally decided to toss the laptop shoulder strap bag in exchange for one of the top rated laptop backpacks I could find.

I decided to purchase the Samsonite Prowler ST6 at Best Buy for around $90, but could have gotten it on for $79.99.

But for the purposes of this list of high quality bags I wanted to help fellow aspiring bloggers by pointing out options under $50.

If you can fork out the $80 I highly recommend the Samsonite Prowler ST6, due to its water-resistant, rugged material, spacious storage room, comfortable back support and straps and padded laptop pouch.

Although I do wish it had a USB charging port and anti-theft features.

The list of top rated laptop backpacks for under $50 offers the best of quality and features backed my high Amazon user reviews and will not disappoint.

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Do You Really Need to Invest in Top Rated Laptop Backpacks?

I never knew how important acquiring until I traveled to San Francisco this past summer.

Throughout the week I spent their I trekked through the subways and streets and scaled its infamous hilly terrain.

Logging dozens of miles, passing multiple landmarks I lugged my newly acquired laptop and laptop backpack around.

Multiple compartments housed all my necessary tools, accessories, jacket and extra clothing in order to work and keep me comfortable.

And my back, neck, shoulders, forearms and wrists thanked me for it.

Because despite the 20,000 plus steps and mountainous roads my laptop backpack latched itself comfortably to  the contour of my back and prevented any detection of pain.

I could not have accomplished this during my previous trip to SF with my old strap laptop bag.

That bag inflicted acute, intense pain on my shoulders and neck within minutes- while carrying a fraction of the items I hauled around in my laptop backpack.

Had it rained during my Northern California trip my Samsonite Prowler ST6 water-resistant laptop backpack would have prevented water from water seeping in, and so will the top rated laptop backpacks in this post’s list will.

Rain protection, pain prevention and carriage for vital supplies and tools head the list of reasons why you should research top rated laptop backpacks and invest in one…

…but there are other serious reasons to own one to consider.

Other Problems You Deal with If You Do Not Own a Laptop Backpack

Do you have an idea how much money you can save just by owning one of the high quality top rated laptop backpacks on this list?

Hundreds, perhaps thousands.

How you ask?

By not having to purchase to purchase the most expensive, lightweight, smaller laptops on the market.

As a blogger eventually I will invest in a more expensive, smaller laptop, lightening quick, but for now my newly purchased $750 HP does just fine.

Now, of course, that’s not exactly a drop in the bucket either, but a lot less than the laptops I originally set my eyes on that hovered around $2,500 a piece.

In the beginning of my search for an upgrade to my outdated laptop I sought a small, fast processing computer that I could carry around from coffee shop to coffee shop.

In the end I decided I didn’t want to unload north of the $750 that I invested for something more than good enough for now.

But there was still a problem.

Despite my new laptop’s doubly fast processing speed compared to my old one, it was still big and a bit heavy.

Enter the laptop backpack idea.

My best friend, who helped me choose my laptop, suggested I instead choose from some of the high quality, top rated laptop backpacks on the market.

This alternate suggestion would save me the excess money that I could have purchased an exceedingly expensive Mac or Surface Pro and instead put it towards a better bag than the strap laptop bag I had been using.

That old bag had run its course of inflicting its share of pain on my neck and back for years.

But saving excess money on the highest-end laptops wasn’t the only benefit that a sturdy backpack designed specifically for computers would provide me.

Here are the other benefits a laptop backpack brings me.

List of Benefits of Owning Top Rated Laptop Backpacks

  • Extra storage space for work supplies and equipment like pens, books, mouse, charging cable, etc.
  • Compartments to hold other necessary items like phone, glasses, power bank, headphones, snacks, water bottle, etc
  • Serves multiple functions like work, travel, exercise, going to the beach or pool, hiking, etc
  • Anti-theft protection to safeguard your possessions
  • Weatherproof your possessions from rain while traveling
  • Durable, long-lasting straps and material to bear the weight of your laptop and items to save money in long run so you don’t have to replace your bag often

And these are only the ones I have discovered since purchasing my bag in the last few months.

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Who Should Invest in Top Rated Laptop Backpacks

  • Save money on bag instead of most expense, highest-end, lightest-weight, laptops
  • Anyone who travels with their laptop
  • If you wish to carry essential items for both work and leisure at same time.
  • College and high school students
  • Work travelers
  • Bloggers, Journalists, Writers
  • Hiking
  • Leisure: beach, pool, theme park, hiking

**One thing I would like you to know is that I do receive compensation if you purchase any of these items through my links, but I chose the backpacks that I personally would buy. I want you to save money on a high quality product.

7 Top Rated Laptop Backpacks Under $50

1. Duckmole a-001 Laptop/Notebook Backpack

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The Good

The sleek, minimalist design with combination lock to deter theft and compartment for power bank to recharge your phone on the run

The Bad

Thin laptop padding and cover. Single-line stitching on the straps.

Quick Overview

Dimensions: 5.12 x 12.6 x 19.69 inches
Storage Capacity:  Holds up to 15.6 laptop
Weight (item, shipping): 1.4 lbs
External USB Charging Port: Yes
Multipurpose: Yes
Anti-theft:  No
Water Resistant:  No
Durability: Durable wear-proof nylon and polyester fabric
Accessory Compartments:  Can carry computer, clothes, dv, phone, umbrella, wallet, pens, books and keys, etc
Drink Pockets:  Yes, side net-woven pockets can hold bottles
Strap Durability: Padded s-shaped straps
Colors: Black, Blue, Grey
Amazon Customer Reviews (by stars): 5/5 Stars (120 Reviews as of 10/23/2017)
Price:from $39.99

2. Arfurt Laptop Backpack 15 Inch

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The Good

Durable, made of abrasion and water resistant material with reinforced stitches, anti-theft zipper, metal loop handle for sturdy grip.

The Bad

Compared to other laptop backpacks on this list, has less compartments for storage although main pocket is large and holds up to 15 liters.

Quick Overview

Dimensions: 10.6 x 5.5 x 15.7 inches
Storage Capacity: holds laptops up 15 inches
Weight (item, shipping): 1.5 pounds
External USB Charging Port: No
Multipurpose: Yes
Anti-theft: Yes, metal duel-zippered main compartment
Water Resistant: Yes and anti-scratch durable canvas
Accessory Compartments: Multi-compartment laptop backpack equipped with front pocket organizer, one large compartment with anti-theft zipper for laptop, tablet, separate laptop compartment, book holder, 3 inner pockets for phone, pen, glasses etc.
Comfort (on back, on shoulders): Soft air permeability padding with adjustable shoulder straps makes it light and comfortable
Drink Pockets: No
Strap Durability: Reinforced stitching, sturdy sewing and finished seams for lasting durability and extended life
Colors: Grey
Amazon Customer Reviews (by stars): 5/5 out of 57 reviews (as of 10/23/17)
Price: from $35.99

3. Abaobaoa-001 Laptop Backpack (For Women)

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The Good

Duel front pockets with zippers, duel side pockets for bottles or umbrella,

The Bad

Strange design and location of USB port on strap and dangling cables.

Quick Overview

Dimensions: 18.5 x 13 x 4.7
Storage Capacity: Holds most laptops under 15.6 inches
Weight (item, shipping): lightweight, 1.37 lbs
External USB Charging Port:
Multipurpose: Yes
Anti-theft: No
Water Resistant: No
Material: Tear-resistant, durable nylon fabric
Accessory Compartments: Holds iPhone, iPad and other tablets, pens, keys, wallets, books, clothes, bottle
Drink Pockets: Yes, holds bottles or umbrella
Strap Durability: Padded
Colors: Grey, Blue, Black
Amazon Customer Reviews (by stars): 5/5 stars from 55 reviews (as of 10/23/2017)
Price: from $29.99

4. Sosoon Laptop Backpack, Business Bags with USB Charging Port

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The Good

Quick-access pocket on strap to grab ID, anti-theft zipper, padded straps, sturdy material, light-weight balance design

The Bad

A few Amazon reviews stated that the zipper went bad relatively quick.

Quick Overview

Dimensions: 14″x 5.7″ x 19.5″
Storage Capacity: 20-30 liters, holds laptops up to 15.6 inches
Weight (item, shipping): 1.9 lbs
External USB Charging Port: Yes
Multipurpose: Yes
Anti-theft: Yes, hidden inside zipper on main compartment, difficult for pickpocket to access
Water Resistant: Yes
Material: Tear-resistant and anti-scratch 1680D double-pile polyester
Accessory Compartments: (External Structure) 1*main compartment, 2*front pockets, 2*side pockets, 1*back pocket
(Internal Structure) 1*laptop & iPad pocket, 4*inner pockets, 4 pencil slots
Drink Pockets: Yes
Strap Durability: Shoulder straps have excellent thick breathable mesh padding
Colors: Black
Amazon Customer Reviews (by stars): 4.5/5 from 604 reviews and 103 questions answered (as of 10/23/2017)
Price: from $28.99

5. CrossLandy Extra Large Laptop Business Travel Backpacks for Men Women

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The Good

Comes in multiple colors, more spacious and with more compartments and pockets than other models, laptop pouch has padding for extra cushion protection, includes waterproof cover and pouch for storage, versatile design look to suit multi-purpose uses

The Bad

Heavier than most other laptop backpacks, no external USB port, a review stated that the extra compartments took up space, lacks loop to attach to suitcase and cell phone pocket small- not designed for smart phones.

Quick Overview

Dimensions: 14″ L x 18″ H x 8″D
Storage Capacity: 33 liters, padded sleeve fits up to 15.6 inch laptop secured by a velcro strap. Extended zipper opens to spread 1 inch wider for larger capacity
Weight (item, shipping): 2.2 lbs
External USB Charging Port: No
Multipurpose: Yes, office, business travel, leisure travel, school
Anti-theft: No
Water Resistant: Yes
Material: water resistant and anti-wrinkle polyster, comes with rain cover to prevent water from entering backpack
Accessory Compartments: Main compartment with laptop compartment can hold up to a 15.6 inch laptop; three front zipper pockets with several pouches holds and organizes your pens, cards, cell phone and books; one side pocket for your water bottle
Drink Pockets: Yes
Strap Durability: U-shaped padded mesh shoulder straps work with cross chest strap for better body contour to relieve load stress and aid comfort
Colors: Black, blue, red,
Amazon Customer Reviews (by stars): 4.5/5 of 19 reviews (as of 10/23/2017)
Price:  from $39 

6. CoolBELL 18.4 Inch Laptop, Travel, Hike Water-resistant Backpack

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The Good

Large storage space, holds large laptop, good design for multi-purposes, durable water-resistant material

The Bad 

Some reviews stated poor quality zippers and one mentioned narrow width of compartments

Quick Overview

Dimensions: 19.6 x 13.3 x 9.4 inches
Storage Capacity: fits up to 18.4 inch laptop
Weight (item, shipping): 3.2 lbs
External USB Charging Port:
Multipurpose: Yes, travel, hiking, school, biking, gym
Anti-theft: No
Water Resistant: Yes
Material: Oxford cloth material and waterproof polyester lining provide functions of rain resistant, scratch proof
-Built-in shockproof foam padded protects the laptop or other electronics from being impacted and prevents of accidental drop which ups to 1 meter high
Accessory Compartments: Middle compartment for keeping item like iPad , books, documents; Front compartment with small pockets inside for keeping phone, cards, power bank, power cord; Front pocket with earphone hole for keeping CD, Phones, MP3 etc.
Drink Pockets: Yes
Strap Durability: Pressure dispersion layer strap padding
Colors: Black, grey, purple
Amazon Customer Reviews (by stars): 4.5/5 of 69 reviews and 16 answered questions (as of 10/23/2017)
Price:  from $55.99

7. AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops up to 17-inches

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The Good

Large compartments, multi-purpose functionality and design for both work and leisure, water bottle pouch, lower-back padding, multiple organizational compartments, padded laptop sleeve, left strap pouch for quick access to phone

The Bad

Reviews mentioned poor zipper-pull quality, thin laptop pouch padding, no media port, no small outer pocket

Quick Overview

Dimensions: 15″ x 7″ x 19″
Storage Capacity: holds up to 17 inch laptop, including compartment pouch for tablet
Weight (item, shipping): 2 lbs
External USB Charging Port: No
Multipurpose: Yes, travel, business, gym
Anti-theft: No
Water Resistant: No
Material: Heavy duty nylon fabric
Accessory Compartments: 4 compartments, one for holding tablet in addition to main padded one for the laptop
Drink Pockets: Yes
Strap Durability: Heavily padded shoulder straps
Colors: Black,
Amazon Customer Reviews (by stars): 4.3/5 from 3,193 review and 284 answered questions (as of 10/24/17)
Price: from $29.99

My Top Rated Laptop Backpacks for Under $50 Winner

The Sosoon Laptop Backpack most closely resembles the more expensive black Samsonite Prowler ST6 laptop backpack that I use, BUT it also includes the USB charging port and anti-theft zippers that mine lacks.

It offers spacious storage, plenty of compartments for holding the other items I carry with me from coffee shop to coffee shop, sturdy material, multi-purpose functionality/design and comfortable strap and lower back padding.

I also like the front pocket design for quick access to my phone or small items.

That is my winner, but you may have different tastes in style, color and features.

Any of these top rated laptop backpacks should last, save you money and protect your back, neck and shoulders from unnecessary pain.

My Winner

Sosoon Laptop Backpack



Which features do you desire most in Top Rated Laptop Backpacks?

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