Online Dating Sites Reviews Guide: Midlife Divorce Recovery

How can an online dating sites reviews guide help men and women like you recovering from a midlife divorce (or even infidelity) speed up the process of finding your next partner?

online dating sites reviewsHello everyone again. This is Orlando and today I wish to tell you about a website that offers an online dating sites reviews directory I recently came across that might help both you and me find true love a bit quicker.

As some of you know a few weeks ago I traveled out to Southern California to attend a cousin’s wedding. What a beautiful setting; the ocean, the mountains, the flowers on the tables and wedding cake, the bride and groom staring into each other’s eyes daydreaming about their future vacations, date nights out to dinner and cuddling on the couch watching their favorite romantic comedy.

It brought a tear to my eye watching the two of them, BUT not for the right reason.

Will I ever live this experience again?

Why do I even have to find someone again? I already found someone. Now she’s gone. I’m divorced and now it’s time to start all over.

Why did she leave?

Midlife Divorce Recovery Struggles- Ugh!

I don’t know about you, but going through midlife divorce and having someone cheat and abandon you makes it difficult to believe in relationships and certainly trust in other people.

I still struggle with the idea of having to meet new women- I thought I already found the woman of my dreams, so it’s hard to forget her. But like it or not, time is ticking, I’m not getting any younger and I’m tired of feeling alone. (And watching other people’s weddings!).

Truth is I never “dated”. I met someone I liked at work or in some natural setting somewhere. We hit it off, exchanged phone numbers or invited each other to become Facebook friends. Then chatted back and forth a few times. Met up on a few dates. Liked each other even more. Kept going out, then decided we really only wanted to see each other and no one else.

The thought of meeting someone under the circumstances of both of us checking each other out to see if we would like to enter a relationship seems weird to me. What is this, an interview? Am an actor?

I can just see me now at a dinner table with someone I met from some dating site meant for midlife divorced men and women when suddenly a movie directory shouts out from the kitchen, “Orlando’s Quest for Love, take one- Action!”online dating sites reviews

Again, I’m not getting younger and I don’t want to be alone. I miss companionship. Time to move on.

And as I was saying, I came across this online dating sites reviews directory  that other midlife divorced men and women use to help them sift through the endless list of dating sites in order to find the best one for their own personal needs.

I guess dating sites aren’t met to be “one size fits all”.

Well, the benefits of owning a website allow me to contact other websites and get help quickly. I contacted requesting an online interview to find out how their visitors going through midlife divorce recovery use their site to help them find a compatible partner faster. Ryan Daly, their expert on the online dating sites reviews section (they offer other directories for many services besides dating too), replied to my questions within one day.

Interview with An Online Dating Sites Reviews Guide/Directory

1.  Ryan how could help both men and women struggling with midlife divorce recovery?

Part of recovering from divorce is getting back to dating again, which in this decade means online dating. Twenty percent of couples in a recent survey were in a committed relationship that started online, and according to the Pew Research Center, 59% of Americans now consider online dating a good way to meet people. ConsumerAffairs offers resources to help consumers find out which online dating service is best for them.

2.  Both me and many of my visitors lived the painful experience of a cheating spouse. But we wish to move on and find a new partner who will appreciate who we are, but it’s difficult for us to trust that someone else won’t cheat on us again. How can your site help us?

In addition to our online dating guide, we’ve also got a helpful guide to help choose a background check provider. Nobody wants to believe that they’ll be lied to, but the ugly truth is that as many as 54% of people who date online complained that they encountered false or misleading profile information. Running a background check is a basic way to establish a base level of verified trust.

 3.  Dating is scary for anyone divorced to start all over again. How do you recommend we choose from the long list of divorced dating sites? What differentiates your online dating sites reviews from other review websites?

We believe that knowledge is power. Rather than trusting sites to be honest in their advertising, use the hundreds of thousands of reviews we have on our site to make an informed decision. What sets our site apart is its review verification process. We have a team of actual human beings whose job it is to screen and verify every review that goes on our site.

4.  Do you offer or recommend any resources specifically for midlife divorced men dating? How about specifically for midlife divorced women dating in their late 30s, 40s or 50s?

With more than 1,500 websites ranging from mainstream services like or OkCupid to extremely specific niche dating sites like, the social network/dating site for cat lovers only, online dating is a $2.1 billion industry. So there’s something for everyone.


I don’t know if you are ready to enter the dating scene again. Everyone’s midlife divorce recovery timeline is different. In fact, here, read this helpful article I found regarding when to start dating again after divorce by dating coach for women over 40 Ronnie Ann Ryan.

The two things that stood out to me on online dating sites guide are the numerous visitor reviews of each dating site and the fidelity dating site (page 2) on their directory for any of us who experienced infidelity in past relationships. Although I’m a little disappointed no one has left a review for the fidelity dating site yet.

Here’s the link to online dating sites reviews guide if you’d like to check it out yourself.

Your Opinion Needed

What’s the best, most trusted online dating site for men and women going through midlife divorce recovery in your opinion?

Please tell me below where it says “Leave Reply“. I will respond within 24-48 hours.

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