Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool: Why I Chose Jaaxy for My Niche Blog

In this post I share why an online keyword generator is the one must-use tool for small sites and why I chose the Jaaxy keyword research tool.

You decided to start a blog about something you feel passionate about, but you do not feel confident, however, in how you will get traffic to your site.


Right now you do not want to spend money on advertising.

Instead you set your sight where most new bloggers or new niche blog owners do- on SEO.

Perhaps you do not yet know much about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

But you do know that is has something to do with people finding you in Google search results.

I know that you want simple answers and tips how to bring FREE traffic to your small niche blog without driving yourself crazy with link building systems.

In that case look no further than an easy-to-use online keyword generator.

It’s the only tool I recommend that you pay for right now.

Do not pay for landing page creators, email list builders or any other other internet marketing tool…at least for now.

You can use many of these online tools for free to start, but…

…I do NOT recommend doing keyword research for free unless you know exactly what you are doing.

“Why Not Just Use a Free Online Keyword Generator?”

Sure you can learn SEO from scratch by reading dozens of free articles and use free keyword research tools like the Google Keyword Planner.

Even the most saavy internet marketers who know SEO inside-and-out prefer using an online keyword research tools.

It allows you to find the best keywords to help you rank higher in Google sooner.

The price of learning how to conduct keyword research for free instead of finding an affordable paid-for online keyword generator is years of headache and little traffic.

In my case the Jaaxy keyword research tool is very simple to use.

It tells me the probability that a keyword phrase will land my new posts on the first page of Google using percentages 0-100% and how much monthly traffic I should expect just from that phrase.

These are the two main reasons that the best keyword search tool for me is Jaaxy.com.

Plus the Jaaxy Pro Level membership is still affordable at $49 compared to other keyword tools like Semrush, Long Tail Pro, Moz.

Much more affordable than the Pinterest ads I pay for.

You do not have to choose the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool to build regular organic search engine traffic to your small niche site, but…

…you must choose one online keyword generator.

Paid-for Tool…Daily Free Organic Traffic

So let’s clear one thing up before going any further.

What I suggest in this post is paying for a tool to help you find keywords to input into the posts on your small niche blog.

And the objective of this is to help you rankyour posts on the first page of Google quickly and then stay there so you can receive consistent free organic traffic.

Do not pay for advertising (Facebook, Pinterest, Google, etc) OR any other internet marketing tool- yet!

I want to keep this post simple without going into long-winded explanations of data and overwhelming analytical jargon and endless data charts.

So let’s assume you know the importance of ranking on the first page of Google, but want to know how and the tool to help you do it.

And with that I will answer the main question in your head right now.

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“Can I Rank My Small Niche Blog on the First Page of Google?”

Yes, you can.

The Jaaxy keyword research tool has made the job much easier for me to rank numerous posts onto the first page of Google or at least the first three pages and climbing.

My once small niche blog about personal relationship tragedy for a while would only pull in less than 10 daily views and less than 5 unique visitors.

Now largely due to the help of the Jaaxy keyword research tool  my relationship niche blog pulls in over 300 unique visitors a day plus 700 plus daily views.

I will show you some of the rankings here with screen shots.

And then further down on this page you can watch a video and look at screen shots how to conduct keyword research with Jaaxy.com.

Plus I provide some tips how to implement some SEO strategies to start bringing new traffic to your blog now.

You cannot afford to go another day without using an online keyword generator like Jaaxy.com.

My Small Niche Blog Ranked on the First Page of Google

Look at one of many of the terms I rank for on Google Page One.

This one here comes from the dating and relationship niche.

It took me only a couple weeks to rank this high after publishing the post.

the jaaxy keyword research tool

Scroll down further to see how I used the Jaaxy keyword research tool to help me find this phrase.

SEO Features and Benefits

of the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Search Tab

Jaaxy places all its SEO features under the “Search Tab”.

Multiple sub tabs appear from left to right underneath the Search Tab: Keyword, Alphabet Soup, Saved Lists, Search History, Search Analysis, Affiliate Programs, Brainstorm.

In these sub tabs you will find data on anything from single-word keywords and long tail keyword phrases, random related keyword phrases to suggested keywords in alphabetical order.

This tab offers the one benefit alone which allows me to compete with bigger sites by ranking me multiple times on the first page of Google or at least the second or third pages.


Let’s just focus on the Keyword sub tab and its columns.

See here for yourself in this screenshot!

the jaaxy keyword tool review

Cross reference the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool screen shot of the “Search” tab functions above with their descriptions below.


Conduct your long tail keyword phrase searches here. Jaaxy will produce a list of related keywords to the specific keywords or phrase you conducted. Jaaxy PRO Level members can conduct two simultaneous searches. Enterprise Level members can conduct 5 keyword searches at the same time.

2. Average

This columns indicates the average amount of people (not visits) searching for this term per month in the major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.

3. Traffic

This column estimates how many times you could expect visitors to click through to your site if you achieve Google Page One ranking for that specific keyword phrase.

4. QSR

Here you can research the approximate number of competing sites who use the exact keyword phrase. The lower the competition, the better.  Under 400 is good, ideally closer to 100 or lower is the best.

5. KQI

The KQI column takes into account the algorithms that affect SEO and indicates if you should optimize that phrase or not. A green light indicates a good phrase to optimize because you have a good chance of ranking on the first page of Google. A yellow light means an average chance of ranking. Red means don’t bother- the phrase is too competitive.

6. SEO

The SEO column within the Search tab measures competition more precisely than the colors from KQI. Here see what your percentage chance of ranking on the first page of Google are on a scale of 1-100. The closer to 100, the higher the likelihood you will rank on Google Page One.

7. Domain

Identify which available domains you can buy without the painstaking research for the same information in a domain registry like GoDaddy.com or BlueHost.com. For authority niche sites a keyword-rich URL can help improve rankings in the major search engines or at least increase clickthrough rate.

8. Related

Unearth more related keywords. I don’t think this is much different than the keywords listed in the first column, but it could reveal some keyword phrases you didn’t know existed.

9. Brainstorm

Find keyword phrases that begin with each letter of the alphabet. When you feel stuck looking for new ideas then Brainstorm helps you find hidden gem keyword phrases.

Sample Longtail Keyword Phrase I Used Jaaxy to Help Me Find

This is the keyword phrase you saw above that I ranked on the First Page of Google.

Look at the screenshot below here.

I look for the best combination of High Traffic, Low Competition to help me create a post around.

Before I search for the keywords to optimize on my post I choose the topic.

Then I look for the phrase that gives me the best chance to rank.

the jaaxy keyword research tool


[Video] How to Conduct Keyword Searches with the Jaaxy Keyword ResearchTool

Watch the video below for a quick visual guide how to find low competition, high traffic long tail keyword phrases. I conduct several keyword phrase searches every week with the Jaaxy keyword research tool’s “Search” tab functions.

The data displays in an easy-to-read layout. This online keyword generator uncovers numerous related phrases to help you find to help you rank your posts higher in Google.

(***To watch in HD QUALITY, open video to “full screen” view then click the settings wheel at the bottom and adjust to HD)


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Keyword Phrases to Rank Your Small Niche Blogs on Google Page One

The Jaaxy Keyword tool helps me find longtail keyword phrases fast that help me rank my small niche blog.

It generates keyword phrases related to the ones I input into the phrase box.

In this section I conduct research for small niche blogs that have nothing to do with my own.

You can do the same for your blog.

The keyword searches below are similar to the ones you will research for your own blog.

No matter the niche you work in, Jaaxy.com will help you find narrowed down searches- in less than 10 seconds!

Check out below how I searched for handmade jewelry.

Break down the phrases as much as you can while still scoring high like this search for handmade jewelry below.

Longtail Keyword Phrases on Jaaxy.com for Small Niche Blogs

1. Mens Handmade Jewelry the jaaxy keyword tool


2. Dog GPS Collar

Now look at three versions of a keyword phrase for dog collars.

Dog owners fear losing their runaway dogs. GPS collars solve that problem.

Two of these phrases add “buyer intent” keywords: “reviews” and “Garmin” (brand name).

When someone searches reviews on a product, preferably a brand name, it means they are more likely to buy.

The deeper you dig for more precise keyword phrases the lower the traffic you will receive, BUT… the better the traffic.

One of my dating review pages gets low traffic every month, but routinely brings in around $200 monthly- sometimes more.

Keep in mind I created that review in a couple of hours and it brings in new commissions month-after-mont


the jaaxy keyword tool


3. Survival Gear/Doomsday Survival Gear

Some of the best converting niches are the ones that deal with extreme circumstances.

The doomsday niche attracts an audience that share a similar fanatical fear- the fear to stay alive in the event of a catastrophic event.

The search below is just one route to take inputting the word “military” in it.

If I added on a brand name and/or the word “reviews” then I could net a small, spend hungry audience licking their chops to make a purchase.

See the images below.

the jaaxy keyword tool



PROs & CONs of the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

  • Automatic updates to new keyword results and optimal working conditioned site
  • Provides  (Pro Level membership) valuable keyword competition data fast
  • Produces more than sufficient related keyword data including how to beat your competition
  • Save searches to refer to the data later in order to find more long tail keyword phrases
  • Spot keyword phrases worth optimizing for and the phrases you should avoid
  • Easy to read display, not confusing and overwhelming like Google Keyword Planner (especially the Enterprise Level membership)
  • Offers training videos which are easy to understand and helpful to learn how to use the Search tab and its columns

  • Pro level slow vs Enterprise Level, but fast enough.
  • Keyword search includes some keyword phrases that you would never optimize for.
  • Pro level and Free version must manually click each search result
  • If you mistype a word in the Pro Level Membership then Jaaxy does not correct it then you lose time waiting for the tool to bring back data on the misspelled word.

Who Should Use the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

  • Blogger with a small niche site who does not want to spend money on Facebook or Pinterest ads and prefers regular daily organic search engine traffic.
  • Blogger who’s now gone from beginner to intermediate and understands how to integrate SEO into their traffic growth strategy. They’d prefer to use a keyword research tool that’s easy-to-use and that points out low competition, high traffic phrases (show image of QSR) more emphatically than Google Keyword Tool
  • Internet marketer who doesn’t have patience (like me 🙂 ) who wants to save time finding more quality keyword phrases faster.
  • Small teams or businesses would benefit better from the Enterprise Level due to faster processing speed and the larger amounts of data displayed.

Who Should Use Another Online Keyword Generator

  • Not the best tool for internet marketers who use PPC campaigns to build email lists or grow their social media reach. Jaaxy doesn’t display keyword cost per click. The Google Keyword Planner is better for this.
  • The Pro Level would not meet the standards for a full-time marketer. Enterprise conducts up to five searches at a time and is much faster. Enterprise Level costs more at $49 per month.
  • The data is an average and does not show month-by-month results, so if you run a seasonal niche site then I don’t know if this is the best keyword research tool for you.
  • I’m not so sure the Jaaxy keyword tool suits local based keyword research results for small businesses seeking more sales leads. You may consider the Google Keyword Planner instead. Jaaxy does a good enough job for local search, I’ve used it before to help a friend.


7 Reasons Why I Chose the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

  1. Quick, Precise Results.  Jaaxy shows me how likely keyword phrases will rank on the first page of Google. The Google Keyword Planner only shows keyword phrases competition level in “low”, “medium” or “high”.
  2.  Additional Keyword Phrases. After I conduct a search on a keyword phrase Jaaxy.com brings back additional ones that I could optimize. Most of them I never would have thought of.
  3. Narrow The Broad Searches Fast. Long-tail keyword phrases are the best to optimize for small niche blogs. Jaaxy let’s you click into any of the phrases under the search tab to discover more narrowed down results.
  4. Saved Searches. When I need to review keyword phrases I’ve already researched Jaaxy.com allows me to pull them back up in list form. This comes in handy when I create new posts in the future.
  5. Simultaneous Searches. It can take a few seconds for Jaaxy to pull up the results for a keyword phrase. It helps to switch to another sub tab to start another search at the same time.
  6. Web-based. I can access the Jaaxy keyword research tool from any device. I sometimes do not have my laptop with me. If my computer ever broke then I can access all the lists I already researched.
  7. Free Trial, No Credit Card.

Pricing by Month

FREE/ Test Out Jaaxy.com for FREE (No Credit Card Required)

  • 30 Keyword Searches
  • Manual Keyword Competition Data
  • Slow Calculation Speed

[Click Here] Take Me to FREE Jaaxy Membership

Pro/$49 per month [Save 89.04 monthly for Annual Membership]

  • Unlimited Keyword Searches
  • Instant Competition Data Results
  • Fast Calculation Speed

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Enterprise/$99 per month [Save $15.75 monthly for Annual Membership]

  • Unlimited Keyword Searches
  • Instant Competition Results
  • Sort and Organize the Results
  • 5x Faster Calculation Speed

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Summary: My Final Thoughts on the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

I do not know how I created posts and reviews without a user-friendly online keyword generator like Jaaxy.com.

The Google Keyword Planner served its purpose for a bit, but Jaaxy makes life much easier.

I may not know the technicalities of how it works, but all I know is that I rank many of my posts and reviews fast and stay on Google Page One.

This brings me free organic traffic month after month.

As a part-time blogger I do not have the luxury of time, therefore, I usually work in spurts.

Because of that I need to find high ranking, low competition keyword phrases fast.

After running through the free trial period I felt satisfied and decided to upgrade to PRO level.

Now I cut down on my research time and save several hours each time I write a new post and review.

Conduct 30 Free Keyword Searches for Free…Right Here Below!

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