Extra $100-$500 Monthly: How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners about Your Passion

Learn the basics of how to make money blogging for beginners right here.

Would you like to make money on auto-pilot? Thought about blogging, but not sure what to write about? You’ve come to the right spot. I’ll show you how to make money blogging for beginners, even if you are not an expert in any field, starting from scratch and with no traffic.

If you want to live the dream of a location-free lifestyle you must start somewhere.

Start by learning to earn an extra $100-$500 per month and in three months from today or less (on average).

No this won’t allow you to leave your dreaded job, but it will give you a chance to save and invest money or pay off debt.

And one of the biggest benefits to learning how to make money blogging for beginners is that you can do it from anywhere that you have internet connection.

But of course the biggest benefit of all is that the money you make comes in automatically.

And you can start today with one single published page!

Make Money WITHOUT a Job

In this post on how to make money blogging for beginners, I will show you why you should consider learning how to make money online instead of getting another job.

Break the mindset of trading your time for money where you only earn money after you have agreed to work a set amount of time in exchange for a wage.

There’s a better way.

One where the amount you make grows exponentially.

Now I realize that you came here today because you want to make an additional $100-$500.

And most likely this new stream of income will help you payoff some loans or credit card debt, maybe replace that old TV or even finally take that cruise you’ve dreamed of, but with blogging you have something bigger at your finger tips.

You have the strong possibility of that monthly-autopilot-money outgrowing your full-time job income in the near future.

So I want you to start with $100-$500 per month, but to also think bigger!

Consider what your future holds.

Part-time Job vs Part-time Blog

Let’s be clear on one thing.

If you find yourself in such a desperate situation that you need money yesterday.

Then I would still start a blog today, but also get a part-time job, because you cannot afford to wait even a few months.

You need money right now.

But even dedicating 10-20 hours a week now could create huge results later.

In a job, you work the hours, you get paid, you start again the next shift.

In blogging, you do one thing, one time, and get paid over and over again.

[Job] Static Hourly Pay vs [Blog] Increasing Hourly Pay

The money you earn can grow after each page you create on your blog over time.

This is a major difference between a regular job- salary or hourly.

What do I mean?

Let’s choose any hourly job, doesn’t matter which, and doesn’t matter if you earn tips in it.

Let’s take any average hourly rate- say $15 an hour.

No matter how many hours you work, you still will make $15 an hour.

You still have to physically go to the job and complete the hours before you get paid.

No work, no pay.

In blogging, you can create one page and you won’t have to touch it again, except minor adjustments.

It just keeps making money forever, while the page is up.

This is how passive income works- earning money on autopilot.

Example of Passive Income

Let’s say it takes you 3-5 hours to finish a page.

While that page is live, you will receive commissions over and over- for 3-5 hours of work.

In other words, the hourly rate increases- EVERY TIME YOU GET PAID!

As an example, I wrote a review for a popular dating tips eBook.

I invested around 3-5 hours.

Last I checked I have received $2,000+ and it still grows.

So that makes my hourly rate for that review post currently around $400 per hour and it still increases every time I make a sale.

More on that later.

There are multiple ways to make money blogging for beginners and I will reveal some of them in this post, including the #1 way for beginners to make at least $100-$500 in one month within three months of launching your blog.

But I know what you are thinking.

“What can I write about in a blog? I don’t feel like an expert in anything.”

Expert in Nothing, Passionate about Many Things

Ready for great news?

You do not have to be an expert in anything.

Because one of the best ways to make money blogging for beginners is by referring your visitors to experts who sell the products and they pay you via trackable links.

And once again … the whole system is on auto-pilot.

I literally receive money straight to my bank account or Paypal account.

So what can you write about?

You could either research new interests and learn enough to refer visitors to the experts in those fields or…

…create a blog around things you already enjoy doing or talking about now.

And when you choose this wisely you do two things: you help others solve problems who look for solutions and you help yourself because your blog becomes an addictive money-making hobby.

How do you choose the right one?

Make Money Blogging for Beginners: Benefits of Writing about Your Passion, Hobbies or Interest

As you’ve probably noticed, if you snooped around my blog InfidelityFirstAidKit.com, the subjects of cheating, divorce, dating again and finding new love matter a whole lot to me.

Am I a marriage counselor? No.

What about a dating coach? Nope.

But I love reading and writing about the topics on my blog.

And I do have more than enough experience with them that I can combine research with my own thoughts and opinions to create useful content for my visitors.

Occasionally I will even interview an expert to produce a useful post for my visitors.

And what kind of content am I referring to?

Content that solves problems for my visitors.

Take for example someone who anguishes over finding the truth about whether their spouse is cheating on them.

I have lived the experience and done extra research on it.

From that I have written posts (also referred to as articles in the blogging world) like the following:

Passionate Blog Topic #1: Catch a Cheater

What about when a betrayed spouse wants to understand why her husband/wife cheated and needs help deciding what to do next?

I can help provide insight into what she can expect.

So I have written posts like:

Passionate Blog Topic #2: How to Survive an Affair 

And dating posts?

I personally feel competent enough to write posts that help women understand and connect with men.  Again I combine personal experience with research of other articles written out there.

Here are some of my posts for middle-aged women seeking true love. In each I organized the written content and/or added new ideas that I had not seen anywhere else.

Passionate Blog Topic #3: Dating Tips for Women to Understand Men

And in one case I even interviewed a dating coach from across the world in Australia. I emailed her questions about tips on how women can attract men to them and keep them chasing. That post became Make Him Chase You: Why It Works to Find A Good Boyfriend/Husband Who Truly Loves You.

We connected through Pinterest- one of my two main sources of traffic.

“Great, but how do I pick a blog topic to write on?”, you might wonder to yourself.

Examples of Blogging for Beginners about a Passion or Interest

First, let’s continue to discuss blogging terminology.

We refer to the topics that you build blogs around as niches.

In my case, I have a blog in the relationship niche with more specific niches, called sub-niches, within my blog of affair survival and dating tips for women.

But to make money blogging for beginners you must choose your niche wisely and carefully from the beginning or your blog will not make much money.

Instead you will have just a hobby blog that you build for fun.

The key to make money with a blog is to combine a niche you have passion for and identify solutions or recommendations to solve to your visitors’ problems.

Even a hobby has some sort of problem that needs solved or can offer a recommendation that would help your visitors.

List of Hobby Ideas for Blogs

Wine Lover

  • Wine reviews
  • Winery tour reviews
  • Wine country tour reviews
  • Top Wine Bar reviews
  • Wine accessory suggestions
  • Wine history
  • Food and Wine Pairings
  • Top Wine Review Apps

For more in-depth ideas and sample blogs for wine lovers check out the section of the above-mentioned post I wrote on how wine enthusiasts can create a blog around their passion for wine.

Homemade Beer Brewing

  • Homemade Craft Beer Recipes
  • Beer Brewing Equipment and Accessories Reviews
  • Best Beer of the Month Club Reviews
  • Craft Beer Brewery Tour Reviews
  • History of Beer Bottles and Logos
  • Beer Festival Event Calendars
  • Best Craft Beer Bars in (Name of Location)
  • Best and Worst Beer Tasting Apps

Get more ideas for and sample blogs on beer brewing.

Learn Spanish

  • Spanish Vocabulary for Beginners: First 100 Words
  • Top Online Spanish Courses
  • Online Spanish Tutor Websites
  • How to Master Spanish Verbs
  • Best Spanish Language Schools in the World
  • Spanish Language Apps Reviews
  • Learn Spanish with Music Videos and Lyrics
  • “My Journey to Learn Spanish: What I Have Done and My Progress”

Find more ideas for and sample blogs on how to learn Spanish.

Runner Enthusiasts

  • Calendar of Half and Full Marathon Events
  • Marathon Training Schedule
  • Running GPS Watches
  • Muscle Recovery Supplements
  • Jogging Shoe Reviews
  • Runner Fashion Apparel Reviews and Suggestions
  • Best Jogging Trail Reviews and Suggestions
  • “How Running Changed My Life as a Single Parent”

Discover other in-depth ideas and sample blogs for runner enthusiasts.

Dog Lovers

  • Dog Fan T-shirts and Apparel
  • Top Dog Park Lists in the US
  • Best Dog Friendly Hotels in the World
  • Luxury Dog House Reviews and Pics
  • Top Dog Training School Reviews
  • Puppy Training Videos
  • Dog Breed Characteristic Guides
  • Protecting and Dog Care Guides
  • Puppy and Adult Dog Food Reviews and Guides
  • Dog Friendly GPS Tags

Want more ideas and sample blogs for dog lovers?

Affiliate Marketing: Example of How You Would Solve a Problem or Offer a Recommendation with a Hobby Blog

One of the best techniques to make money blogging for beginners is to help your fellow hobby enthusiasts enrich their experiences by recommending useful products and services.

Choose any hobby niche, like two from the above list- wine lovers or people who dog lovers.

Visitors to a blog in the wine lovers niche look for suggestions on which wines or wine-related products to purchase.

You could refer those visitors to websites that sell these wine gift baskets or wine openers, wine chillers or even to Amazon.com.

For dog lovers, you could write reviews of dog crates or luxury dog houses, organic dog food.  Or write a list post of 10 cool diva dog collars and direct links to the sites that sell them with affiliate programs.

When your visitors make purchases on the websites you send them to you earn an automated commission through their affiliate program that you receive either to your PayPal account or straight to your bank account.

The challenge with hobbies, though, is that the problems associated with them normally are not as urgent or as intense as a blog like mine where the visitor experiences emotional anguish.

Or in the dating niche where people can grow tired of being alone and want to find a partner fast.

Therefore, you must learn how to target the most avid fans of that hobby.

More on Affiliate Programs and Money-Making Passion Niches

“Wait, so how did you say you get paid with affiliate programs again?”

Those websites’ affiliate programs provide you trackable links to place in your blog/website that give you automated credit in the form of commissions for referring visitors who purchase something on their site- in this case Amazon.com or a wine website.

Even take the runner enthusiast example from the list above.

You could review the newest running shoes they purchased and give you the PROs and CONs of them, or any apparel for that matter.

In fact, read the article I wrote a while ago to suggest to midlife wife divorcees to blog as a source of therapy by choosing a blog niche they are passionate about.

But either way, to make money blogging for beginners with affiliate programs you must brainstorm for any and all niches that you have even the most remote interest in.

Then pull out only the niches that people are willing to pay money to purchase products or services that help solve problems they run into.

Typically speaking, choose the niches where there is a deep emotional connection to a problem because then it’s more likely that visitors will pay money to solve it.

And regardless of the fact that you want to help people solve their problems to feel better, you do not have time to work for free.

The 3 Biggest Money-Making Niches

Experience of millions of bloggers and internet marketers alike have discovered that the three biggest money-making niches are in one of the following:

  1. Money

  2. Health

  3. Relationships

List of Examples of Money-Making Niches that Solve Problems


  • How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners
  • Buy and Sell Domain Names
  • How to Invest in Stocks
  • Household Budgeting Tips to Save Money
  • Debt Consolidation or Debt Elimination
  • Compare and Save on Life Insurance Policies
  • Online Real Estate License Classes
  • Make Money Flipping Houses
  • How to Make Money with Online Surveys


  • Diabetic Dessert Recipes
  • Gluten Free Recipes for Kids
  • Home Remedies for Common Illnesses
  • Coconut Oil Benefits
  • Leaky Gut Cure
  • How to Choose Baby Gender
  • How to Remove Toe Nail Fungus
  • Hair Regrowth for Bald Men Over 40
  • Build Muscle Mass Only Working Out 3x Weekly
  • Pilates for Weight Loss


  • Save Your Marriage after an Affair
  • Find True Love after 40
  • Dating Tips for Women Over 30
  • Date Again after Divorce
  • Online Dating Profile Tips for Business Women with No Time
  • Parenting Tips for Single Parents after Divorce
  • Rekindle Romance Tips for Couples Over 50
  • Dating Tips for Single Moms Over 30

3 Ways to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

If you’ve already done some research then you have an idea how to make money blogging, but let’s review. And then I will reveal the one that will help you make $100-$500 the soonest, even with very little traffic.

Here are the three most common ways to make money blogging.

1. Place Advertising on Your Blog

There are a few ways to make money by placing ads on your blog.

Pay Per Click Ads (PPC)

For one of these methods you copy and paste code provided to you in your blog’s pages. You’ve seen these ads, when you visit other blogs. When a visitor clicks on them the blog owner usually receives a few cents up to a few dollars for each click. (No, you cannot trick the system and click them on your own).

Examples of Ad Networks and Platforms

  • Google Adsense
  • Pop Ads
  • Infolinks
  • Media.net
  • Bidvertiser
  • Chitika
  • Share-a-Sale
  • Max Bounty

It does not get any easier than this, but you will not make $100-$500 extra per month with ads without enough traffic.

Furthermore, I would not recommend even placing ads on your blog until you have at least 30 plus posts/pages on your blog and at least 100 plus unique visitors per month. (A unique visitor is a person who visits your site for the first time that month).

I understand that this is the easiest ways to make money blogging for beginners, but hold off until you hit the above-mentioned marks.

In fact, these ad platforms may not even approve your site if your blog is too young.

You need high traffic to make even $100-$500 per month with ads, at least 300 plus unique visitors daily.

In my opinion, ads revenue is not the place to start to make money blogging for beginners, at least not brand new ones.

Charge for Ad Space on Your Blog

Another way to make money with ads is by charging other website owners to place an ad on your blog. The ads placed on your blog lead to their website. You would charge them monthly or annually, whatever you can negotiate.

But you need a lot of traffic to convince someone to pay you money to place an ad on your site.

Even if you have a super focused niche that would target a small select group of people, like private jet or private yacht leasing, I don’t think this will work.

You would need some history of regular even moderate traffic for super focused niches to convince someone to pay you for placing ads on your blog.

2. Selling Your Own Products

Hands down, selling your own products can make you the most money in internet marketing, whether you blog or build an online store (e-Commerce).

Millions of online marketers resell tangible products on Amazon.com and do very well.

But the highest ceiling of revenue comes from selling digital products: online courses, eBooks, audios, videos, etc.

The overhead is much lower than purchasing tangible products to resell, you produce it once and you sell it on autopilot.

Blog visitors download digital products on their own so you do not have inventory to track, you do not pay for shipping nor do you have to deal with the headaches of shipping and delivery problems.

Anyone in the world can purchase a download, but you cannot ship anywhere in the world

And while you could dropship tangible products through Amazon.com on autopilot, it still requires more work and money.

Even if you are not an expert in any one niche, you can co-produce a product with someone who is and market it for them and split the revenue.

3. Affiliate Marketing

And now we circle back to affiliate marketing.

You can make the most money fast with affiliate marketing if you do it right.

This method is not only the main one for how to make money blogging for beginners, but typically the main one also for many full-time bloggers.

The concept is straight forward.

Again, refer visitors to a website that runs an affiliate program.

When your visitors purchase the product you recommend, or another product from this other website, then you earn an automated commission.

In a sense you receive a referral fee for providing the other website a paying customer.

The commission rates vary drastically between digital products and services and physical products.

Physical products typically sell faster than digital ones, but digital products earn high commissions- much higher.

The typical commission rate with digital products or online memberships hovers around a whopping 50%- sometimes higher.

This goes for any niche.

How can companies offer such high commission?

Because of the low production and delivery costs.

And I have’t even told you the best parts of earning affiliate program commissions with digital products and services.

Let’s first take one more glance at the difference between digital and physical products so that you see the same benefits that thousands of other online marketers and bloggers take advantage of.

Digital vs Physical Products: Which Works Best to Make Money Blogging for Beginners … when you have little experience and little traffic?

We’ve touched on this already, but I want to stress the importance of knowing the difference between marketing digital versus physical products.

With physical products you will most likely sell more quantity, but make less money and deal with more work and frustrations.

Comparing apples to apples, between two different successful marketers, one with digital and the other with physical products, the digital marketer has a much higher ceiling and can ultimately make more money.

And the digital marketer has less work since they do not deal with neither the cost nor hassles of inventory, shipping and handling.

Let’s take a look at a side-by-side comparison.

The Good, Bad of Online Selling of [Physical Products]

  • Higher Quantity of Sales due to higher recognition and trust in the products and brands. (More people know exactly what they will receive from the purchase. This can be comforting seeing more sales made, but you will still earn less due to lower profit margins).
  • Easy to Research Hot Selling Items
  • More Items to Choose From
  • Multiple Upsells Available
  • Easier to Grow an Email Subscriber List

  • Higher Production or Resale Costs
  • High Shipping and Handling Costs
  • Hassle of Dealing with Shipping Delays
  • Headaches of Dealing with Breakage and Customer Complaints
  • *Lower Margins
  • *Low Affiliate Commission Rates
  • *Smaller Affiliate Commissions Earned

The Good, Bad of Online Selling of [Digital Products and Services]

  • Low Production Cost
  • Easy to Produce
  • Fast to Produce
  • Low-Cost and Easy Delivery
  • Instantly Delivery for Seller
  • Instant Access for Customer
  • Offer Multiple Formats to Suit Customers Needs (PDF Download, Audio Download, Online Access via Links, Webinar, Online Class, Video, etc.)
  • *High Profit Margins
  • *High Affiliate Commission Rate (typically 50% or higher)
  • *Higher Affiliate Commissions Earned

  • Lower Quantity of Sales Compared to Physical Products
  • Often Times Less Recognizable to Consumers

The bottom line is that you can make more money, easier and faster selling or promoting digital products.

And while you could make the most money selling your own digital products, the learning curve is much longer, which could cost you both time and money.

You are better off starting with affiliate marketing of digital products or services.

And how does this tie into affiliate marketing?

Why does it make sense to make money blogging for beginners to choose affiliate programs of digital products?

Affiliate Marketing: The #1 Way to Make Money Blogging for Beginners Promoting Digital Products Around Your Passions

The Best Reasons to Promote Digital Products and Services for Beginner Bloggers

Quick recap…

Major Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  • Make Money on Autopilot (while you still work a job or if you work at home… even in your sleep while people awake on the other side of the planet visit your blog)
  • Achieve Feasible Commissions of $100-$500 (within the first 3 months of launching your blog)
  • Sell Someone Else’s Products (rather than produce your own)
  • Potentially Replace Your Income and Quit Your Job
  • Help People by Recommending Solutions to their Problems
  • Look Forward to Work on Your Blog Every Day (because you choose the niche that you are passionate about)

…and you could start today

If that sounds good to you then this is how affiliate marketing of digital products benefits you:

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing of Digital Products (what you already know)

  • High Commission Rates of 50% of higher
  • Receive Commissions Straight to Your Bank Account (or PayPal)
  • Instant Access, Instant Gratification for Your Visitors
  • Multiple Formats (Audio, Video, PDF, Online Membership Access, etc)
  • Less Returned Items, Less Refunds than Physical Products

… and the Extra Benefits

  • Recurring Commissions: online courses, coaching, consulting services, membership sites, subscription services offer on-going monthly commissions- for just a sale you make one time!
  • Upsells and Cross-sells- high quality affiliate programs successfully sell the product you refer to your visitors and package it with others (which means additional commissions for the same work for you)
  • Still Earn Commissions for Sales Made in the Future- through tracking code (called cookies) on the websites you refer your visitors, the sale may take place days, weeks or even months after the initial redirect to their site, but you still earn the commission.
  • Free Samples for Review- most affiliate programs will give you free eBooks or free access to their membership site in order to review them
  • Free Samples for Giveaway to Opt-in Visitors to Your Newsletter- some affiliate programs will provide you free small eBooks to offer as an incentive to opt-in your visitors to your email list.
  • Affiliate Links on Opt-in eBook Directed to Landing Page- some affiliate programs even input your affiliate links within the free eBooks for opting-in your visitors to your email list. This gives you another way to produce affiliate sales.

OK, if you’ve come this far then you are sold on the idea of affiliate marketing of digital products, but you want to know ways to actually do it.

3 Types of Blog Posts to Make Money Blogging for Beginners with Affiliate Marketing of Digital Products

Keep something very important in mind.

Write an interesting blog post and people will read it, but in order to convince someone to pay money for something, you must recommend a solution that solves their problem.

And the page (called a “landing page”) that you send them to that sells the affiliate product or service must offer that solution in a way that convinces your visitor that it will get the job done.

All of the following types of blog posts recommend solutions to a problem that shorten the length of time, amount of work. end an emotional pain or eliminate a hassle of some sort.

3 Types of Money-Making Blog Posts

1. Problem-Solution Posts

Show that you understand your visitor’s pain and need. Identify the challenge that prevents the breakthrough to the solution. Reveal the solution. Then recommend the specific tool (the affiliate product or service) that will solve the problem.

You can change the labels for these types in any way that makes you understand them more easily.

In fact, I recommend that you create a template for all three of these types of blog posts in your word processor or even in a simple notepad.

It can look like the following, but keep in mind this would not make up the entire post. I just want to plant the seed of what you want to accomplish with how to make money blogging for beginners with your blog posts.

Example of Problem-Solution Post Template in the Dating Tips for Women Niche

Target Visitor

Woman in her late 20s – mid 40s who just started dating a man within the last 1-3 months.

[The Pain]

She fears that in between their dates that she fears that he will lose interest in her and could stop wanting to see her. She likes him and does not want to lose him.

“Why do you get that sick feeling in your stomach that he will just lose interest in you. The date last Saturday went well, but his bland, emotionally-distant texts and short phone conversations make you nervous. Why does he seem so bored during the week? Should you worry? What can you do to spark some passionate text and phone conversations?

[The Challenge]

Your visitor’s boyfriend encounters much stress and quite frankly may not enjoy texting. After a long day’s work he may want alone time. Quite frankly, he has got a lot on his mind and is distracted. How can she cheer him up while not taking away from his precious alone time?

“Be careful though. You know how stressful his work can get. And the last thing you want to do is to come across clingy and needy. Instead you must find a way to entice him and lure him into text conversations that will relieve him of his stress and allow him to forget about his worries. You can learn how to become his stress reliever and then send him to bed dreaming about you. How does that sound?

[The Solution] 

Your visitor must find a way to make the texts and phone conversations fun, alluring and irresistible.

“But how can you do this? Make the texts fun and playful. Tease him. Ask him seductive questions. Create imaginary situations that he cannot resist playing along with. Ultimately aim to build up his sexual tension to the point he explodes with excitement and itches to see you as soon as possible. Soon the first thing he reaches for won’t be his pillow after work- it’ll be his phone to text you!”

The Recommendation (the specific tool to provide the solution to the problem- the affiliate product)

You’ve got your visitor hooked. She can see that you understand her pain and fears of her boyfriend emotionally drifting away on raft out of sight. Your explanation how to solve it sounds reasonable. She waits for the solution. Give it to her and show her exactly where to click the link that takes her to the affiliate landing page.

“Now there’s only one thing you’ve got to do. Learn how to write the different kinds of texts for the right kinds of situations to pull all of this off. You don’t want to send the wrong text in the wrong situation, do you?

Some texts grab his attention and lure him to respond so you can then follow up with flirty that makes his blood boil. But you don’t want to add to his stress so you must learn to test the waters and know which text to send for each situation.

That’s why I recommend you watch this short 5 minute video on how to text the romance into your relationship and get become the center of his attention. [Click here] to watch the video. Tell me what you think of it.”


The great thing about these problem-solution posts is that you have hundreds of specific problems that you can identify. The handful of affiliate programs you offer can solve these problems. So you don’t need a different program for each problem. By listing out your visitors’ problems and needs ahead of time you provide your self an endless stream of blog posts.

That is exactly what you want in order to make money blogging for beginners.

The next kind of money-making blog post will most likely will comprise of the majority of your posts in your blog and likely the most visited.

2. List Posts 

The most popular kind of post on the web.

Your visitors will love them because these posts are actionable, easy to consume and you know what to expect for length.

They still solve a problem.

No surprises, you know what you get.

And they are easiest to write for people starting out in internet marketing who want to make money blogging for beginners.

What are list posts?

  • 10 Ways to Turn On Your Spouse after the Marriage Gets Stale
  • 15 Texts to Win Your Ex-Boyfriend Back
  • 10 Hacks to Lose 10 Pounds in One Month…without a Diet!
  • 20 Chocolate Gluten-Free Cookie Recipes that Your Kids Won’t Stop Eating
  • 10 Tips to Save $3,000 for Your next Family Vacation in 4 Months…without Getting a Job!

Those are list posts.

And here are the things you find in a list post’s headline:

A Number

The quantity of pieces of content that you will share.

  • tips
  • ways
  • uses
  • texts
  • questions
  • recipes
  • kinds

The Payoff 

What benefit will the reader get from reading the list post

  • “lose 10 pounds”
  • “win your ex-boyfriend back”
  • “turn on spouse after the marriage goes stale”
  • “…recipes kids won’t stop eating”
  • “save money..”

The Time Period 

How long it will take to receive the payoff.

  • one month
  • three month
  • today
  • in less than 10 minutes
  • by the end of the week

The Target Audience 

The exact type of visitor who would benefit from reading your list post

  • a female who misses her ex boyfriend an wants him back
  • someone married whose marriage has gotten boring and who fears their marriage falling apart
  • a mother who wants to make delicious cookies that her kids will like, but who cannot consume gluten and realizes how difficult it is to find recipes that taste great, but satisfy the dietary need
  • someone who wants to lose weight, but hates the rigorous structure of diets
  • a parent who wants to take her family on a vacation, but fears not saving enough money to do it and who also does not want to add to her busy schedule by picking up a job

You can recommend the affiliate product or service to help them achieve the goal.

However, if you offer tips in your post that work to achieve that goal then you must recommend a superior product or service to your tips. Perhaps your affiliate product can help them achieve the goal with less effort or in less time. Whatever the situation, it must create an irresistible convenience for your visitor.

More Ways to Do List Posts

Another way to write list posts while still leaving open the chance to suggest an affiliate product that can help your visitor is by writing the “what” in your post, but suggesting the “how”.

Or list the problems that prevent them from achieving their goal, then recommend something that will help them get over the hump.

  • 10 Ways to Find Out What Pesky Animal Eats Your Tomato Garden ===> Suggest a video or eBook that teaches your visitor how to catch them.
  • 10 Reasons He Lost Interest in You ===> Recommend a video or eBook that shares tips how your visitor can get him interested again.
  • 10 Explanations Why You Cannot Lose More than 10 Pounds with Dieting ===> Offer a video, eBook or membership to a site that shows valid ways to lose weight without dieting.
  • 10 Reasons You Fail to Save Money for Vacation and Keep Piling Up Credit Card Debt ===> Suggest an online course that teaches your visitor how to save money and stop wasting it.
  • 10 Reasons You Have Not Made Money Blogging ===> Recommend your favorite blogging course that taught you how to make affiliate sales. (Sounds like something I might suggest here in this post!)


These are the easiest posts to write for you if you want to make money blogging for beginners. And they will also get you the most traffic to your site.

Still identify a problem that your visitor needs to solve. Brainstorm a jot down all the problems that your target visitor experiences and write headlines first, before writing the list post.

Write multiple list posts for the same problem.

But I would highly recommend sending the majority of your visitors to the next kind of post first, before sending them directly to your affiliate’s landing page.

The next kind of post will be your main money makers and the ones that make you the $100-$500 fastest in the first three months.

3. Product Reviews

Hands down, product reviews of your digital products is the easiest and best way to make money blogging for beginners of any of your types of blog posts.

I once received my first sale from a product review within a week and half of publishing a product review post to my blog.

I had sent LESS than 10 clicks to the affiliate landing page.

Product review posts work!

In fact, here’s the free course how to write product reviews on blogs that I took to learn what to do.

They will not attract as much traffic as the previously mentioned posts, but product review posts attract visitors who have already considered purchasing the product or service that you review.

Product review posts receive many of the visitors from your other kinds of posts.

Google, and the other search engines, like when you produce internal links within your blog.

It looks less spammy that way.

What kinds of digital products and services could you review?

Tons, an endless list.

Types of Digital Products and Reviews

  • EBooks
  • Online Courses
  • Online Tools (keyword generators, landing page creators, resume creator, dating sites, business services sites)
  • Videos

Consider mixing internal links from other posts to your product reviews and direct links to affiliate landing pages.

For example, you can recommend your affiliate product reviews as solutions from your problem-solution posts, or from your list posts.

Create a few different kinds of templates for your product review posts.

That way it will make it easier to complete multiple reviews because then you will not run into “writer’s block” figuring out what to put in your review.

What could you include in a product you?

Consider this next list.

Sections for Your Product Review Posts

  • Your Story (the connection you have to the product, how it helped you, how it helped someone you know or simply, how it will help them)
  • Name of Creator and Author
  • Duration or Length of Product
  • Format
  • PROs and CONs
  • Who the Product or Service is For
  • Who It is Not For
  • Top 10 Things You Like About the Product or Service
  • Top 10 Things You Would Like to Improve
  • An Alternative Product or Service You Would Recommend

Have fun with review posts and include the sections that you want. Above I have given you suggestions.

However, I would at least do the PROs and CONs and the Who’s It For and Not For sections.

Two keys that I have discovered with reviews are include your negative opinions and give them a glimpse of the product (at least through your words or with screenshots).

Honest negative opinions create trust and build up your credibility.

They show that you have an honest opinion and that you wish to help your visitor solve a problem, not just sell them.

Your number one purpose of your blog is to help your viewers solve a problem.

If you just try to sell them then they will not come back or buy.

And in the review posts realize that they want an inside look at the product before buying it.

And one more very important you must include.

The Call-to-Action (CTA)

Do not assume that your viewers know where to click or how to get the product you review.

Tell them where to click.

And offer at least three different CTAs in your product review posts.

The lack of CTAs is one the major ways how not to make money blogging for beginners.

Many beginners fear asking for the sale and do not include enough CTAs.

Neil Patel, internet marketing guru, changes the words in his CTAs on the same page.

And also includes strong CTAs like “click here” or “download here”.

Viewers respond to different CTA wording, colors and locations.

But I know the one question you are asking yourself right now.

How to Get Free Access to Digital Products to Review

How do you get the products and services to review?

Do you have to buy them?

Sometimes yes, you need to buy them, but MOST of the time you do not.

Once you have a blog you put yourself in position to attract buying customers to send to affiliate landing pages.

Because of that, you can help make money for the websites who run the affiliate programs.

So you simply email the affiliate program manager or team to ask for free copies or access.

Any affiliate program displays their contact information.

Email them and explain that you would like to review their product. Ask them to send you a free copy (or password to access membership site).

Explain how their product will benefit your viewers.

Don’t even mention that you have a new site and no traffic. They may not even ask.

In some cases, they may not oblige you with free access, but in most cases they will.

I have had a few turn me down because they lacked the vision of how my blog could help them get buying customers.

Then I simply went to their competitors.

Sometimes you can do a trial period to test out the product. Just fill in your review template as you go, and then do not buy the product after the trial period ends.

Again, you can take the same free course I took how to make money blogging for beginners with product reviews on Wealthy Affiliate. In one of the lessons they show you how to successfully request and receive free digital products to review.

[Click Here] to start your free Wealthy Affiliate account and then take their 10 Step Affiliate Bootcamp.

Review the Product, (Do Not Fake It): Authenticity Earns Trust and Credibility

Buy It – ONLY if You Have to

One thing is crucial to make money blogging for beginners and that is, you must review the product if you wish to make regular sales.

If you do not review and test the product or service then your viewers can tell and they will not take your advice.

And do not fear buying the product if need be, it will earn the money back later with sales.

That sale I mentioned earlier that I made withing a week and a half, I bought that book.

And I have made back my money a hundred times over.

Here’s Why You Don’t Want to Trick the System and Ask for Refund

Of course, a trick could be to purchase the product, or pay for the service, review it, and then return it.

But I would keep it because you can find micro-problems later for which to write a post.

Now that you have a much better idea about how to make money blogging for beginners, you could start right now, but I highly recommend doing what all of us have done, who have built money-making blogs: take a course (or two) before you start.

I lost years of time jumping in before taking a course.

And I would like to recommend three that I have personally tried.

Yes, they are affiliate products that I promote, but they each have made a huge impact on my success both making affiliate commissions and helping my viewers feel better and solve their problems.

Take Blogging and Affiliate Program Courses: Learn How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

Fastest Track to Affiliate Commissions

(Don’t Skip this Step)

If you are dead serious about learning how to make money blogging for beginners then take my advice- take an online blogging affiliate marketing course.

This one step will change everything for you like these did for me below.

I highly recommend that you purchase and take at least one basic course from the list below on how to build a money-making blog before you start.

And even if you have already launched your blog, then I would recommend that you take one of these courses even more because you now have experience and the course will make more sense.

Each online affiliate marketing blogging course has it’s own unique features and benefits that the others don’t have.

My 3 Online Affiliate Marketing Blogging Course Recommendations to Learn Basics of How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

Either in part, or completely, I give credit for these three affiliate marketing courses to change my blogging career.

They assisted me to take my blog from just a source of education for my visitors to a income generating machine that will allow me to help people with something I am passionate about on a full-time basis.

1. AffiloBlueprint by Affilorama

A step-by-step, complete online affiliate marketing course about how to make money blogging for beginners (and advanced affiliate marketers too).

Mark Ling founded AffiloBlueprint out of necessity to find a better way to make more money and gain freedom.

Mark and his team packaged all the techniques he learned to reach a full-time income which he know teaches to hundreds of thousands of students across the globe.

Learn from the initial beginning steps how to set up a blog and choose your niche up to how to promote your blog to attract traffic.

Easy-to-follow, organized interface and learn at your own pace.

This well-known, reasonably-priced course opened up my eyes to some new ways on how to attract more free traffic.

Affilorama even includes a support forum and free membership that teaches you many of the useful basics.

[Snapshot] “AffiloBluepint” Blogging Course PROs and CONs

  • Free Membership
  • Inexpensive (especially for the large quantity of features you receive)
  • Complete Step-by-Step Course: (website design, how to build traffic, how to write blog posts, and more)
  • Watch Videos- benefits visual and audio learners
  • Private Member Forum for Questions and Answers
  • Real-time Support Staff
  • Lifetime Access
  • [For Advanced Affiliate Marketers] Learn PPC marketing and methods to grow email list

  • Videos Mostly Audio Instruction
  • Doesn’t Teach to Use Pinterest for Traffic (Major Source of Thousands of Current Bloggers’ Traffic)
  • Could go in more depth about how to write blog posts and the variation of blog post types.

Learn Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals

Start Your AffiloBlueprint Course Today!

 Don’t waste time making mistakes. Learn the right way.

Affiloblueprint: how to make money blogging for beginners

“Yes, Show Me More Information on This Course!”

Start [FREE] AffiloBlueprint Membership Today

2. Pro-Blogging Secrets by Efficient Blogging

Here’s my favorite blogging course.

Of the three online blogging courses I recommend here, I benefited most from Pro-Blogging Secrets by Efficient Blogger.

Most beginner bloggers can relate to Bob Lotich.

Bob has lived the blogger dream.

After losing his job to economic cutbacks, Bob decided not to look for another job and focused 100% of his efforts into his small blog called PFChristian.com (now SeedTime.com), which he offered tips how to improve personal finances based on Christian values.

SeedTime.com now boasts over a million unique visitors a day!

Eventually Bob decided to teach a course on what he learned and show his viewers what he did to make money blogging for beginners.

Thus, he launched EfficientBlogging.com and showcased his course Pro-Blogger Secrets.

3 Courses in One

Bob packages and reveals all his traffic growing and monetizing (money-making techniques) that he mastered into Pro-Blogger Secrets.

Pro-Blogger Secrets teaches current part-time bloggers how to increase traffic and earnings to rise to full-time status, and how to make money blogging for beginners who want the fast track to earn their first affiliate commissions.

The course accomplishes this through three step-by-step tutorial videos which Bob personally appears and provides instruction. Bob’s videos come with screenshots instead of just listening to him talk.

Here are the three courses:

[For Beginners] Start Your WordPress Blog Now

Step-by-step tutorial videos for beginners to teach you the basics of the number one blog platform WordPress and how to set up and launch your blog.

If you have never run your own blog this will save you months of headaches of making mistakes and re-doing everything.

[Money-Making Strategies] Pro-Blogging Secrets- (the main course)

Bob’s strategies to grow traffic and increase earnings in lightning speed that he implemented on his own first blog after he got fired from his job.

Even if you have run your own blog before, like I had, this course will highlight the strategies you have missed to monetize your blog and prevent more lost time.

Bob shares the one secret that most bloggers: “Should I invest more time into promoting my posts or creating more?”

[Grow Traffic] Pinterest Traffic Secrets

This course alone will bring more success to you if you already have experience blogging, or prevent YEARS of lost time for beginners.

The Pinterest Traffic Secrets Bob graciously reveals DOUBLED my traffic in a few short months!

If you would like to learn the easiest and best way to grow social media traffic then take this course!

No, online blogging course is perfect, each contains lessons that the others do not.

But Pro-Blogging Secrets taught me strategies I did not even know existed.

Ultimately, Bob Lotich’s course taught me how to DOUBLE my traffic and TRIPLE my earnings…

… and they’re still going up!

In another post I will go into more details about how to build traffic with Pinterest, but I highly recommend taking this course. Without significant traffic it will impede your growth to learn how to make money blogging for beginners.

[Click Here] to learn more about these 3 courses.

[Snapshot] “Pro-Blogging Secrets” Course PROs and CONs

  • Finally, a course for how to make money blogging for beginners with examples from a niche other than internet marketing!
  • Videos with screenshots to make learning easy and fun
  • Lesson summaries in text below each video to help you find fast what you want to review.
  • Records progress of completion- start where you left off and learn at your own pace
  • Detailed monetizing and email marketing sections- better than other courses I’ve seen.
  • Reveals the #1 FREE tool to create professional graphics (HINT: I use the same one.)
  • How, where and when to place Ads on your blog.
  • The best places for FREE or inexpensive images.
  • Lifetime access.

  • Log in confusion. Sometimes I have to log in twice to access the courses.
  • I like video instruction, but would like the alternative of text with screenshots.
  • Would have liked additional real-life monetizing and content creation examples with wealth, health or relationship niches.
  • No FREE Membership or Trial

Start Mastering Traffic Growth and Money-Making Blogging Techniques Today!

Learn Blogging with NON-Internet Marketing Niche Examples

Pro-blogging Secrets: how to make money blogging for beginners

“Show Me More Information about Pro-Blogging Secrets”

[Click Here] if you would like to learn blogging with non-internet marketing examples.

3. Affiliate Bootcamp by Wealthy Affiliate

While I credit Bob Lotich’s “Pro-Blogging Secrets” and “Pinterest Traffic Secrets” to turn around my money-making success in blogging, Wealthy Affiliate’s “Affiliate Bootcamp” got the ball rolling for me.

“Affiliate Bootcamp” taught me the number one way to make money blogging for beginners to both routinely earn money and quickly- how to create product reviews.

I applied the lessons taught in this course to write money-making product reviews and it earned me a commission within 9 days of publishing a live post and with less than 10 views! (In case you’re wondering, that’s fast!)

The best part of Wealthy Affiliate’s “Affiliate Bootcamp” is it’s free.

But I gladly would have paid money for it.

[Click Here] to start FREE “Affiliate Bootcamp”.

Premium Support, Education and Tools Package

If you are someone who would like someone to take you by the hand and show you every step of the way then Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership could suite your needs.

The Premium Membership offers multiple affiliate-designed courses to enhance and speed up your learning of how to make money blogging for beginners (and advanced techniques).

In addition to the numerous courses, what separates Wealthy Affiliate from the competition, including my favorite, Pro-Blogging Secrets, is the elite support via live chat, member forums, question and answer sessions, private messaging and email.

Another major unique is the access to fellow member’s training and the opportunity to network with them to gain traffic or social shares to your blog.

The Premium Membership does boast 2 free websites and hosting, but I am not a fan of that.

I only believe in self-hosting and premium themes, which you get neither with Wealthy Affiliate.

But you will absolutely learn to make money blogging for beginners with their Premium Membership just from their online education and support.

Just One Catch…(AND a Discount)

The Premium Wealthy Affiliate Membership offers great value and you will learn to succeed, BUT it is expensive.

Not expensive upfront, but rather it requires a current monthly membership investment of $49.

I don’t believe in monthly expenses unless it’s a tool I uses to grow my site like keyword generators, hosting, landing page creator or email marketing service.

After a few months of the membership I learned more than enough to add to my current experience and grow my blog.

Maybe in the future I will purchase the Premium Membership again solely for the access to network with other members and create my own training courses.

If you would like the ultimate in support and affiliate marketing training then you could try out the free Affiliate Bootcamp course first or purchase the first month of the Premium Membership for just $19.

Let’s now look at the good and bad of Wealthy Affiliate…

[Snapshot] “Wealthy Affiliate- Premium MembershipPROs and CONs

  • FREE Course “Affiliate Bootcamp” will teach you the most dependable way to make money blogging for beginners- how to create money-making product reviews.
  • Top-of-the-Line support via live chat, emails, Q and A sessions, member forums.
  • More expert blogging and affiliate marketing courses to take than you could handle.
  • Network with fellow members to gain traffic and social shares
  • Quick response to private messaging and emailed questions
  • Create ]paid for] training courses after 3 months of membership to earn extra income

  • Expensive monthly fee
  • Believe included hosting and 2 free websites not as useful as purchasing self-hosting and premium WordPress themes
  • Includes the only keyword generator I regularly use (Jaaxy), but the free version not very helpful, must upgrade in order to get the good version (or purchase it separately like I did).
  • Courses and support extremely useful, but you must devote a lot of hours to learning in the beginning or the Premium Membership fees will go to waste.

Take Advantage of the Best Online Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Education and Support Anywhere

[Start Today… get the First Month Discounted for just $19]

Wealthy Affiliate: how to make money blogging for beginners

Yes, I Want to Test Premium Access for $19

(OR) [Click Here] to Start “Affiliate Bootcamp” for FREE Now!

I cannot stress the importance of learning the basics of how to make money blogging for beginners.

Study the foundation of how to build a website and basic blogging strategy to make money online before you launch your site.

I wish I had taken more online blogging courses before I launched InfidelityFirstAidKit.com.

It could have saved me years of time, headaches and not making any money doing things the wrong way.

And I could have produced even more useful content for my visitors.

Take my advice, take an online blogging course. The ones I recommend above will teach you how to start earning affiliate commissions within your first three months possibly days or even weeks.

Keep in mind the majority of people who launch their own blogs never even make $100 or even a cent before they give up.

…because they don’t learn the basics of how to make money blogging for beginners.

Besides taking online blogging and affiliate marketing courses, the other must-do I recommend is to start with the following basic services and tools.

3 Basic, Must-Have, Essential Tools and Service to Make Money Blogging for Beginners Platform, Theme

Do These…Save Years of Lost Income

You will receive lots of advice on the internet of what to do and what not to do.

And which services and tools to purchase and which free ones to take advantage of.

Base your decisions based of what you choose to pay for on what makes most sense for your situation.

In the beginning do not pay for too many online tools or services because you will not have enough experience on how to use them.

Instead you will just lose money.

Wait until you gain more experience and start making regular money first.

For now only pay for the necessary ones.

Like these…

1. Domain Name and Hosting

2 Types of Hosting: Free Hosting vs Self-Hosting (Paid For)

One of the arguments you will run into is whether to pay for self-hosting or to just get free hosting.

Hosting allows your blog to run on a server. It saves all your files, images and code that enables visitors to view your pages.

No hosting, no blog.

But free hosting that comes with free-turn-key website builders like WordPress.com (NOT the same as WordPress.org), Weebly, Wix, ProBlogger, Tumblr, Medium and more, also comes with sizable limitations for serious bloggers who wish to make money (instead of blogging for fun and hobby).

Downsides of Free Hosting and Free Website Builders

  • Ugly domain name (URL, name of your site).

With free hosting you must attach unsightly extensions that promote the host of your blog like thenameofyourblog.wordpress.com or myblog.weebly.com, myfirstblog.wixsite.com)

These URLs do not look attractive and rarely rise to top of Google search results which, of course, limits traffic to your blog.

  • Slow page load speed due limited bandwidth and numerous ads to help pay for your free hosting.
  • Extremely limited storage for images and downloadable files
  • You CANNOT earn PPC advertisement money.
  • Limited access to security features. (By the way, if you end up choosing WordPress.org to create your blog, then install the free version of the WordFence plug-in to protect your site.)
  • Limited compatible plug-ins (similar to apps, features you can add to your blog)
  • Limited themes, which means limited attractive design and included features.

These just make up a few disadvantages of using free hosting.

Anyone who is serious about learning the fundamentals of how to make money blogging for beginners (yes, even the beginners) should consider paying for self-hosting from the get-go.

Why You Need Self-Hosting

Take a look at the list above of downsides for free hosting.

None of those limitations apply to self hosting your own blog.

You maintain complete control over it.

The benefits of purchasing hosting outweigh the only benefit of free hosting- free.

And that is not even a real concern when you purchase your own because hosting does not cost much.

In fact, through BlueHost, the one I use, I’ve got a discount rate of just $3.95 per month for one year (you do pay the whole year at one time).

That’s only $47.40 for the year.

This also includes a free domain name that lasts one year, like the one I purchased, InfidelityFirstAidKit.com

And while you could upgrade to include other services like I did, don’t do it, at least not for your first blog and not probably for the first year.

Take your time learning how to run and make money on your blog first before you purchase any fancy services or internet marketing tools.

Why I Like Bluehost

You can choose from many different good hosting services, Bluehost is one of many, but I have no reason to change.

Bluehost has always provided me quick, friendly and top-notch service.

They will even help you install WordPress to launch your blog.

Do not hire someone to do it- you’ll just waste your money.

After I had a grasp on how to run my blog I decided to add more protective services in case of an emergency like automatic back-up. (Keep in mind you can manually back up your blog by saving to your hard drive or a cloud).

I even purchased unlimited hosting so that I could add other sites.

You won’t go wrong with Bluehost, but I have also heard good things about HostGator

Take Advantage of $3.95 per Month Hosting…

… and a Free Domain Name

[Discount] BlueHost 

[Discount] Host Gator $2.75 (per month) Hatchling Plan

Or you can take advantage of this special offer Host Gator let me extend to you [$2.75 per month for 36 months]

Again, I haven’t personally used HostGator, like I do BlueHost, but I’ve read how other satisfied bloggers have used HostGator for years.

The discount allows lasts for the first 36 months and then renews at $5.95 per month (which is still good), but realize you pay the whole 36 months upfront in one shot.

And now it’s time to choose your blog platform.

Blog Platform: Why Choose WordPress.org?

Most bloggers use WordPress.org (again… “.org” NOT .com” for blogs) because of it’s versatility.

With WordPress.org you have thousands of plug-ins to choose from in your WordPress dashboard to add more features.

With plug-ins you can add user-friendly and useful features such as:

  • Polls
  • Link Redirection
  • Table Makers
  • Website Security
  • Feedback forms
  • Call-out Boxes
  • Comment systems
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Page Creator
  • And many more…

Here’s a screenshot of my dashboard with plug-ins…

Choose WordPress.org Dashboard Screenshot with Plug-ins: make money blogging for beginners


You may not know what any of these mean yet, but I personally use all of these kinds of plug-ins.

They make my blog more useful to my viewers and make my life easier to connect with them.

[Download] WordPress.org then choose your theme…

Choose Your Blog Theme

You can certainly choose a free theme, but why would you?

Design matters.

If you want to learn the basics of how to make money blogging for beginners then pay for premium theme like I did.

Keep in mind that the blog theme and your blog design are one of the same.

Good design earns trust due to its professional look and it allows you to highlight your most important features like email sign-up box, Google AdSense, blog post thumbnail images, etc.

And when you choose self-hosting and WordPress.org you open the doors to hundreds of personalized themes.

Some themes are more image-based, others are better for text and yet others are more suitable for a combination of images and text.

Like mine.

Re-Hub Theme: My Current WordPress Theme

Choose Blog Theme (Re-hub by Themeforest) Make Money Blogging for Beginners

I can change what appears in my sidebar based on which posts my viewers land on.

My relationship demands a design more suitable for space to explain concepts and advice with text, but a cooking blog or, let’s say, a blog for dog training would tell their stories better with images and video.

The theme you choose will depend on your niche.

And one of the best places to shop for WordPress.org themes is Themeforest

Some themes support affiliate marketing better.

In the case of InfidelityFirstAidKit.com’s theme- Re-Hub I can change the format of the post to provide review capabilities like star ratings and rating label capabilities.

Plus Re-hub supports customization for features I find useful like interchangeable sidebars depending on which posts my viewers visit.

Here’s the Theme I Use for InfidelityFirstAidKit.com: Re-Hub

Rehub Theme: make money blogging for beginners

Click to Choose from Various Themeforest Themes

The choices for themes is overwhelming, but in the end I chose Re-hub.

And while I may choose to change my theme, to keep things interesting, I have been more than pleased with Re-hub.

Summary: How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners 

Blogging for Pure Fun vs Passion and Business

Millions of people across the globe blog for fun.

They share their experiences about their hobbies, whether how to play the guitar, their love for dogs or how running keeps them healthy and pushes them to physically challenge themselves.

And they do it just to pass the time by, nothing else.

But yet others find a way to turn their hobby into an income-generating business by offering recommendations via affiliate programs, all while enjoying their passion for their engaging hobby.

They earn money through affiliate commissions by referring their visitors to purchase products or services that enhance their overall enjoyment in their experience in their respective hobbies.

Make Money Solving Problems Discussing Topics in Your Passionate Interests

You can make money, or just have fun, blogging about your hobbies, or you can also blog about topics you’re passionate about with the purpose of solving problems for your visitors.

In my case, here on InfidelityFirstAidKit.com, I seek to help others recover from the pain of experiencing an affair and to also help others find true love.

Discussing relationships, feelings and emotions are a passion of mine.

I enjoy empowering myself and other people to overcome their relationship challenges and thus refer my visitors to qualified experts who can provide them beneficial service via an eBook, video or personal coaching.

And while, helping others (and myself) with relationship problems, I have learned techniques how to help people learn how to make money blogging for beginners.

Most Important Steps to Start a Blog and Beginning to Make Money

I designed this post to do more than just provide you with the basics of finding a niche, domain, theme and platform.

My goal was to move you a few more steps down the path of learning how to make money blogging for beginners. Primarily, I set out to steer you clear of the mistakes I made of simply creating a bunch of interesting posts, but not finding a way to receive compensation.

Creating a blog involves a huge investment of time, especially in the beginning.

But if you focus on the essentials of recommending useful solutions to your visitors problems you will provide them a great service.

They will write you and thank you and take you up on your advice.

Focus on your visitors’ needs and I promise you that things will get easier and make more sense soon enough.

[Write to Me]: Want to Learn More How to Make Money Blogging about Your Passions and Interests?…just Not Sure How

What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge in Learning How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners?

(Leave your comment below.)

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

How do you feel about this topic? (I do NOT Approve Spam- example: referrals to phone spy hackers)

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