Affair Length Prediction: How Long Will the Affair Last?

You feel the pressure. The clock ticks and time slips away. Can you predict the affair length?

How long will your cheating spouse’s affair last?

You believe that the answer to this question will help you make the decision whether to stay in the marriage or leave.

Not an easy decision to make.

Especially since you live together.

And why should you fight for something that you already have?

Your sharp, intense emotions grip your heart in a stranglehold.

“I love him/her still.”

“We had such beautiful moments together.”

“Our families are tight.”

“How will the kids react if we split?”

All solid questions of course.

But emotions aside your brain taps you on the shoulder to remind you of the importance of making logical decisions.

The consequences  are big and so are the rewards…if you make the correct decisions now.

You must keep a cool head because…

Say or do the wrong things and risk pushing your husband/wife away FOREVER.

On the other hand, keep calm and permit your mind to control the situation (not your heart) and you just might turn your marriage around.

You might even make your marriage stronger and better than ever as other affair survivors have reported.

How Do You Approach a Cheating Spouse?

What do you say to cheating spouse or do?

Where do you begin?

Can you shorten his/her affair length?

Could you even stop the affair now?

You’re trapped in the middle and uncertain where to turn for help.

Luckily such help exists.

Keep reading…

My Recommended Affair Survival Guide to Help You Approach Your Cheating Spouse

I recommend a guide designed by one of my favorite marriage therapists who specializes in infidelity survival for couples.

This affair survival guide could start you in the right direction to feel strong and relieved todaywithin seconds of now.

It’s one of the best guides I’ve come across to determine affair length to help you answer the question, “How long will my spouse’s affair last?”

One of the things I like most about this guide is that it will help you decide to stay or leave the relationship.

It won’t judge you and will wipe away the uncertainty of what to do next.

What Words to Say and Action to Take

In my experience and research each affair is different.

Therefore, the words you use and action you take to approach your cheating spouse will change depending on the circumstances of your spouse’s affair.

And this is where this infidelity survival guide that I will recommend in a second describes different affair situations.

First you identify the affair you believe that your spouse is going through.

Second the guide then reveals the exact words to say to give you the best chance of reconnecting with him/her.

The strategies the marriage therapist teaches place the power and control back in your hands, not the other way around.

You will not beg and plead.

Affair Length Depends on the Situation

Finally, after you identify the type of affair your spouse committed the therapist  then shares his opinion of how long he believes the affair will last OR if your spouse will end up a serial cheater.

If you would like to learn the words and action to take to [reconnect with your spouse], learn the [probability that they will stop cheating] or end up a serial cheater and ultimately [how long the affair will last] then check out the guide.

[⇒Click Here] for more information on the guide.

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Yes, I want to know what to say and do

Or watch the VIDEO to learn more.


Infidelity First Aid Kit
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